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  1. perhaps others can devise the next ruse and thereby avoid a pitfall we almost tarzan vined over til the donkey kong barrel bashed us into the mario mushrooms. I'm quite sure there is a healthy mouse hole out there with a few devilish rabble rousing roosters of ruckus. Let's see what machiavellian trope is offered up as well as who may be the unlucky participants
  2. As I meander along picking sprouts hearing the creaking of the trees as they sway, I also ponder as well. Of those thoughts, came "Player Impact on another Player" and "Open Note to Wurmians" To round out the Trilogy I had recently been ruminating about chat. I suspect more are in their own bubble now inside alliance chats or discord chats or simply not chatty but silently read along. This could be the reason so few actually participate in server chat or the Global (GL) chat. As the participation dropped, PingPong and I, had begun to fictionally manufacture scenarios and motives and plots done by one to the other as a way to create more activity and fun to read and hopefully others join in on. Effort was also made to pull others in to elevate inclusion and being part of something bigger than self. We'd have a blast in seeing what each would come up with as the next feigned drama accusation or scheme of havoc on the other. All the while doing this in GL chat, we'd be laughing in pm's if we got a good burn in on the other. I'd threaten him with transcendentalism and other lexicon finds. He'd invariably close with a calvin and hobbs wisdom, where he could always on quick recall find one to fit the situation. Like any good thing, there is a closing time. We may have exhausted the scheme/schtick/banter for a few times i'd get a side pm from someone thinking this was a real ongoing fight or sometimes in chat we'd be told to take our fight to pms, misreading and missing the skit of humor set in a sarcastic ever rolling dual. Though unknown, even likely things made their way to mods mistakenly on complaint, thinking we needed intervention. The ridiculous bombastic claims and scenarios of ours were hopefully obvious as fake/fiction. A performed joke fails or is less funny if it has to be explained. As ping is far more beloved and me not so much, the wonder twin power activate will turn him into a skunksnake and me a twinkietoaster as a possible next act. In a time where it is ever riskier to accidentally say the wrong thing that may get misunderstood. more joking and laughter is needed to cut some of the doom tension about. With some regret the poke-a-thon, where ping constantly tried to take a larger share of the "dial-in-phone-a-thon donations" and sell me counterfeit tickets, will come to a close. Despite the Horror near the concession stand, we are thankful the #IAmSilverwolfe march was a huge success and liberated many. We can only wonder what ever happened to Wilca when she was conned into selling me pings first in flight travel package. The prevailing rumor still is strong that she has turned into a Sithe Lord on wild so be careful if your travels bring you that way.
  3. The Fun House will be open after hours as a special one time marquis, this should be interesting. I'll have an elephant ear. I share your thoughts @FranktheTank Maybe Rolf will now have time to do what he really wanted, be a rocker in a band. puff and hit the hippie hammock and reclaim your age of Aquarius and xanadu!!!!! I mentally tip one for you as I draw back on the ez chair and fall in line.
  4. Before I moved from Xanadu, I was part of an amazing alliance that was/is very active and amazingly funny, querky, drama free, and often working on projects with it's bulk of players around Summerholdt and spread across the north coast of Xandu, hence the alliance name of NEXA. olufhairbreaks, aniceset, jackjones i believe are still the contacts , you can't go wrong with this group, it is a rich fun active great experience with resource network
  5. Oh man i'm wicked happy for you Martynas, a big congratz in order!! I can remember when you took upon your cloth tailoring on Deliverance at a deed along the highway lined with oaks past the turn off to puzzle plaza market. You've Done IT!! Look forward to the title you may chose, gonna needle you with fun missives...Arachna-Spindler, string cheese, Glorious Gusseter, silk spinner, Couturier, Mantua-maker....the Dreamweaving is all yours to spin. Have fun, i've been able to witness several marks of your success over time in game and out. Feels extra special.
  6. This is an aweful way to resolve what simply could be resolved and one in a more courteous manner. Given that there is a mine on deed for players and three other public mines off deed, as well as the player creating a relocated mine to replace the one he wanted closed next to him , it then seems the only problem is someone created something and angry that their work is personally altered. The player next to the mine and the other settling there are ok with this. I did this without charge and gave freely of my time and only because this new player seemed eager in wurm, loved the game, i saw them industriously working about quietly as i was helping another try to learn the game of wurm at haven's landing. @Ayes Not that it matters in material to the issue but how would i know to contact you as you suggest i could have? Am I to know the signature of zen is a character of yours? It was actually asked around about to try to find who zen was just as side note. No one in ca help, no one in the area could tell the local players for they didn't know. Lets not lose sight of the forest for the trees here. Intent is to help a new player in hopes they feel encouraged and stay and play. What is not good is to have forum rant postings over things that can be resolved, done so amicably as we are friends yes ayes?, instead of having a public complaint without first trying to discuss via pm, instead making wurm look like an uninviting place. no one was hurt in this process or inconvenienced to my knowing other than the person who made the mine that is not living there. I understand and can empathize with your feelings. I took all reasonable precautions and more so in due diligence. There is no net loss of public mines nor is this an official public mine but is replaced non the less merely having it's entrance moved some 15 or so tiles i believe is what the player is doing. Wurm has long had a great community, lets keep it that way and continue to be constructively supportive of one another.. Part of a sandbox game is that many play in it with their own dreams and goals. Despite advising otherwise, the player had other ideas and has a right to those. This is not our best work by far. certainly not mine yet to receive what amounts to a shame post about a good deed attempt is quite something to think about going forward. I'm sure the area community of players there will use the land as they see fit and adjust and work out problems in their own way, i entrust that to them. This does curtail enthusiasm to offer help again, for even due diligence could not appease one. Truly be well all, though imperfect I try to leave wurm each day a better place than I arrived. People have been good to me I'd like to continue paying it forward. I won't comment any further on this, for me i have nothing more i can offer or add.
  7. I'm not sure if you are addressing that to me ayes or the new player. If to me i'd preferred a pm and i could explain what unfolded for me. It was described as a mine near their place abandoned they wanted to move and could i help. Upon arrival I saw sign said public mine , nice mine door, forges, reinforced walls. Told player this doesn't look right and i'd advise not closing it. I don't want to point a finger at the new player for being new don't always understand all the ramifications of things or what significance something may have. As such i inquired more, player got no answer in ca help, I then asked a cm, the cm could not answer the question and advised i put in a support ticket. The support ticket wasn't answered at first but rerouted to ca help where no answer given so i asked that they first examine the situation before responding to a ticket not inquired about in more detail for there were nuances and details of that mine I had concern about. I had a thought perhaps this was a public resource and perhaps made by someone stewarding haven's landing and thus left alone. I was chastised and moderately berrated for putting in a ticket to ask for clarification. The GM was rather curt to a point of rudeness and made clear this is in public domain it's not under any protection. I was trying to avoid the very thing you are upset about ayes. This is where somehow helping someone goes wrong and makes me not want to or question why do I. I suggested to the player they not and explained why, of things you mentioned. as it is next to their plot i guess they are free to do as the please and i did add just cause you can't dont mean you should. I also know they mean the best and didnt' want to annoy anyone yet they seem steadfast to move it and are creating another entrance nearby not right next to their plot. This turned out to be a crappy situation and somehow after gm ticket you come next day has me wonder as well about something. At any rate you have a right to be upset, i'm sorry your disappointed in my judgment but perhaps you could have talked to me first before judging for yourself my actions. This was not My decision, yet one i followed through on agreeing to help with. Judge that i guess. I pm to discuss it could have been more courteous and you'd have known more than you knew before making that casting opinion. It can also be dug down easily enough and reopened and thus corrected. Happy wurming all, I got sound advice all the way around from bad advice on submitting a ticket to get thrashed by a gm for doing so to no suggestion to do otherwise, to fullfilling players wish. I'm just bad and ty for pointing that out. I certainly won't be returning to assist further and this may very well reshape offering help in the future Either way i'm sorry for i've obviously either done wrong should have known better , in the moment i took all measures i could and thought to do. Sorry to all affected by this. On the good side it can easily be fixed as well. Namaste.
  8. As i'm stopping by to visit you anyway as we discussed i'll bring a nahjo priest to collapse and fix your mine as well. I have some welcome to wurm prezzies as well. Plus your spear to accompany your archer druid warrior wood elf self.
  9. I'm unsure if to post here is for your team only or how it's all gonna come together. If this is not the place to post scream obscenities at me and tell me to leave. Or just do that anyway. At any rate, I'd be interested in joining a team that has a dedicated discord and all are willing to use it and will turbo nerd to some degree but otherwise treat it very fun(non serious) and make for nice team work and support.
  10. Ah this was such great read, I read it twice. Like cornbread sopped into some left gravy on a plate I had to savor again and catch each bit. You truly captured the essence of a wurm i know, started with, remember through out. Much the same as you noted the climate of late being many have concurred that it must be so. One pm I received intimated it may just be cyclical and they've seen it do such before and passes to resume this quirky great place we love. Likely some purging or flushing happens. There are many ways to play and great people out there and things afoot to do, i'm quite happy to hear you are doing just that in a jovial way. It shows also in your chat and each time i've pm'd you about some archeo item you have up for sale. I can tell you are having a good time and that overflows onto others...ty for the time and thoughts here, for it made my day. Logging into wurm I received some challenging news so the ebb n flow , trials and triumphs continue. May your exploring keep you uncovering a bounty or richness in many dimensions!!
  11. At first I wondered if wise to make a post of this kind yet the responses received both here and in pms has assured me I wasn't off course. Some comments I expected, yet I didn't expect many to take time to put down thoughts or the heartfelt pms. That takes more effort, time , and courage, as well as care. I thank you for that. It also affirmed what I suspected to be in that others not only had similiar observations but were in some ways having experiences of this nature as well. This not only gives me the notion that it was a timely post, yet also gives me hope some may change as a result, and or others will be buoyed in knowing they are not alone. Of the good suggestions, I wanted to highlight the general essence of them in that, to take things with a grain of salt, take breaks from time to time from game, and another useful was to turn off GL chat from time to time and only use local, alliance, village tabs to screen out constant complainers or doom deliverers. Their remains good in the community that still holds the helpful, resourceful, cut above the rest players we've come to know of wurm over the years. As the game evolves it's good to know some things remain and unlost. Once again to all that took the time to read, let alone comment , I Thank you.
  12. you devil dog in ur zoom zoom boat i want that hahaha you had arrived and left by the time i got there yet i found one of those black horses with white manes along the way
  13. super nice person, very easy to talk to, quick to get back to me and arrange convenient pickup. Couldn't have asked for better. May your journey be smooth and the wind be always at your back.
  14. As no one wants to read a I'm quitting post (which they usually come back) this is not that type of thing. It's more to say the mood has changed where there is more biting and gnawing than usual. It is also to ofc express my thoughts and feelings about it in hopes for greater tolerance. I think about all the odd lovely quirky or sometimes obnoxious or arrogant behavior I tolerate in players and oddly some are the ones that criticize my manner of speech or thoughts. It's not even about a sensitivity issue as what i've more often seen is the very 'gruff tuff' players put in the same circumstance to not just chin up but instead will act as if a horror not seen in the common hour for centuries ever existed I can own that I'm more verbose than others and trim some back yet any more or silencing myself is to also remove me. This post was made to open a dialogue about a wider discussion on how we treat each and the climate of the game for better change and improvement. Given the responses it is clear my observation is correct there has in fact been a climate change to player interaction so this wasn't in vain. To one player, I try to hardly talk in order to accommodate their self expressed lack of interest in my conversations. Interaction is on an as needed basis of game function and activity to avoid non response or something dismissive that would leave me wondering. To pvp related conversation i'll relegate my thoughts to the sanctuary of my head only, as the candor about epic outcomes and fallout already resulted in some hurt feels and a condemnation/rejection of my expression in a very place free expression was to exist. I will forge forward with amending my words more and perhaps take on the two projects I mentioned earlier above. If the climate persists I'll revisit the notion of pulling out of the game. It is after all only a small number of naysayers and I am aware and have the support of friends made in game. This was also for the others in similar situations that didn't or don't have the same courage to speak up.
  15. First, through this thread, music posts, and more recently the commentary along with the song (which I really like as it gives window into what it is the player likes about it, etc) i've come to really get a sense of such a great open free spirit you are Amadee. Prior, I'd only know you by waving hello as i sailed passed your deed in my ever ending voyages. This has been great, and I celebrate your spirit and great music range, flavors, choices. I love this second song best "Prediction", as it really is so mello and well balanced never disturbing the vibe with a massive rift change. I'd be remiss not to include a wee bit of that it gives me nostalgia flashback... In the projects passed the cracked walkway and dirt grass lawn and torn screen cracked glass window thumps the reggae sound. After entering the dented chipped paint door with hand and foot print stains I see someone has the oven door open to heat the kitchen and dry their wet feet. snot nosed, sticky fingered kids run about bumping the walls, you, dog, and stereo in the other room. The sounds intensify, the incense in the air is heavy , so is the burnt resin on fingertips. The room is only lit by what filters through the rastafarian flag covering the one window and the tiny lights from the equalizer bar on the stereo. Hip knee bounce and slight head bop to the lyrics then refrain syncopation of instruments....... I'm a Buffalo Solier In the heart of America Stolen from Africa, brought to America Said he was fighting on arrival Fighting for survival Said he was a Buffalo Soldier Win the war for America Said he was a, woe yoy yo, woe woe yoy yoy Woe yoy yo yo, yo yo woy yo......
  16. Those look amazing , a great guy as well over the years. I'll kick it off in buying a set of 4 black n yellow and a pair of the black and purple. The crisp colors look hallmark mrCoolman sharp with the finest stitching of Martynas tailoring
  17. As I prefer to be a bit more private in gaming, sharing any real feels isn't always easy or feel wise for me and I also knew it would open up the ability to be trolled further and have any number of things said in that nature of what i've heard along the way. Yes @Spolmit you indeed did perceive correctly and describe a potential dynamic that is closer to my truth, thank you for putting it in such a supportive way, for there are less affirming ways you could have worded the sentiment. Maybe this alone gave this post the greatest of meaning or value when referring to your post @Wiolo. I've noticed a great change in your own writing, expression, calm, and posture. You are far more confident now with a sense of self and self dignity that wasn't there before, you have grown as a person. I did not expect to see a comment from you let alone one of this strength and intentional ownership. It buoys the notion of triumph through perseverance and self work of inner growth. Happy and grown up you sound, it gives me peace for you to see such change as it hints that time was not unkind to you and you've not wallowed or stagnated but elevated yourself. Well done! Thank you also for your very thoughtful and affirming words of humanity. Excelsior!!!
  18. At face value i loved this and took it as a compliment or clever humor poke as i said earlier. Now, to emphasize the ludicrous so others don't truly misread too much into my own postings, think about the following: Did you know sans is french for "without and in print you'll often see a font called sans...for example sans serif. which means without a serif..the extra stylized ink stroke on the end of a vertical letter. comic sans is a type font ofc, but to read this literal is to say my post is without comic or humor. It was just a fun entendre' to muse as well as to illustrate how something of nothing can be taken way out of context.
  19. Thanks for the invite @solmark, I know it is sincere and we have shared mutual respect over time for each. I appreciate your elaboration as well, for I didn't feel you were putting some onus upon me. Instead saying, if you look too close at a situation you can misread it and or mis-apply it. Sometimes an apple rolling off the table is just that. I try not to put much measure on an instance or three for you can't know what is in someones's world. They could have just gotten fired, their grandmother who raised them because they were abandoned by their mom could have just died, maybe someone has a monthly cycle that truly immobilizes them in severity, maybe sleep deprived, maybe mom didn't wash their favorite gaming shirt and it's the big planned day of pvp, perhaps the slushy machine conked out half way through filling a jumbo cup of Tiger's blood and it was the last day of the time limited offer. Any time i'm referencing an incident or behavior, it is something longer standing, ongoing, more than a one off or three ringer, I'd otherwise not post about it for there are predictable patterns in the seemingly unexplained. Sometimes I'm misunderstood for my wording, sometimes i'm misunderstood because it's not convenient for me to be making sense for the other(s) involved. There is also the "gas lighting" effect deployed to undermine credibility as in oh he's just being weird again, sensitive, wut r u talking about, huh, your paranoid! As time passes experience is gained, where one won't then respond to each gush of wind but instead only to larger truths and patterns that emerge. Regardless how people read or don't read this, respond or don't respond, the purpose is to shine some light on some things that are transpiring and how they are impacting me and potentially impacting others or something larger endemic in the game. I'm quite sure i'm not alone in this
  20. T Shirt, Coffee mug, Mouse pad please in this...I'd very much buy atleast one. This by far is a Must! Not only does it apply to wurm and a great insider humor and Lore builder, but it has great universal appeal in a very catchy way to a far wider Audience begging the prospective person to wonder who is this Gurn..what is this Gurn, why are so many talking about Gurn, imagine your internet browswer Trending Gurn. Who is Gurn? is ever as worth as some of these hugely successful advert slogans...." Got milk?", " Taste the Rainbow" , "Who is John Galt?", "I'm Lovin' it" "Have it Your way", "Just Do It", "What can Brown do for You?", "when it Rains it Pours", "Finger Lickin' Good".......
  21. As I was preparing to write, I had to reroute temporarily in seeing your post @Firecat. I see what you did there, very very clever and celebratory. You've done the thing i do with the blocking, font change, etc. It is the most effective and complimentary thing one could do in an authentic way, sense of humor is laughing with the notion it could be a light hearted good sportsmanship trolling, touche' if so. Yes @ArthurHawkwingyou are on point and on the trail. The point of my post is not a woa is me, if it is read that way then perhaps i've failed in my communication. I also realize when posting something this personal and open that one must also be prepared for anything to come this way and be said. It is Interesting how people have interpreted and responded thus far. I don't want to say more , for i don't want to impact it in any way. It is informative and I appreciate the effort people put in to express their own thought or like bump someone's thought to signal yah that. What Is meant to be highlighted here are changes I perceive, that weren't present before over a long cross section of time and then boiling it down further of what it has translated to me. I penned this with the notion this is not unique to me or even about me yet i'm included. People are also going to react differently to the post because we all are somewhat different but also from their own perspective and experiences and personalities. This is what makes it rich and informative. Do remember also that there are as many positive things in the post if not more so than things less than. It is human nature to gravitate to the less than, or complaint and see just that or react to it in whatever ways people do react to such things. If how I express and write is problematic in length or content, etc then it is something I will have to consider for the future, or it may be as simple as it is not you I write for then and for those that get it will percolate and find each other. Water meets it's level each time without fail. What also has been said here and in another post..It's just a game...or is it?! Above all, TY for contributing, I will look forward to seeing more thoughts and perspectives.
  22. I'm almost to my 8th full year of playing wurm. I candidly enjoy it as much today as I did at the start with regard to the features and the endless possibilities of things to do and reasons for places to go. Since joining there have been regular game updates in functionality as well as new features and eye candy that keep me interested. I'm someone that likes to explore all aspects to the game and therefore often in many different places randomly setting upon a task or sometimes just freelance roaming about letting the game take me in a direction or activity. I play the game for entertainment, some escapism, and relaxation. It has been a good value in that regard of what it gives back to me for what I put into it. Over the years I've had encounters that have been joyous and not so joyous. The down experiences are often brief and limited, while joyful moments more regularly populate my hours of play. When playing , often I'll watch netflix, or amazon prime, listen to music, or chat on discord with fellow wurmians. To that end it has been relatively even keel and has afforded me the gifts of meeting some amazing people and building lasting friendships without ever a bump in the road. Over the last 9 or so months, it has been peculiarly different. There seems more tension in the air, players perhaps in heightened angst are chewing on each other more than normal in a community so well known for being far above the gaming average in community kindness, maturity, helpfulness. Moreover, players often socialize in a variety of mediums/manner sharing and making connections of substance where it's not uncommon that people extend beyond the game realm and into parts of their real life and support each other through good and bad. One of the beauties of wurm is that there is no one way or correct way to play it. There is also something for a great variety of play styles and personalities whether it be crafting, exploring and salvaging, combat play against other players, becoming merchants hawking goods for profit, being engineers building networks of roads, bridges, tunnels to connect wurmians to each other across the vast landscape, hunters of meats and hides, or the ultra class of player that wants to skill to the maximum in as many categories possible or amass skill titles for bragging rights. With that said it's hard to imagine where someone doesn't belong other than those that cheat in some manner of the game whether by fraud, mechanics exploit, account theft, or being an extremely toxic player stealing other's joy of playing. It hasn't been until recently, that i'm really finding it harder at times to hold on to that joy of playing and feeling part of and accepted in this community. There has been some ongoing needling at the way in which I speak, the length, the word choice. Sometimes being an independent thinker sharing thoughts that may depart from group mentality has caused ire. Sometimes talking at all is met with complete non response leaving me to question myself as if there is something perhaps wrong in what i'm doing. This oddly has not come in any meaningful way years prior. At times it has me question whether I continue to play or not, not because i don't enjoy the game but that I don't enjoy how I'm made to feel being just me. As I have not changed in any substantive way over the years, I'm of the thinking that this must be either an overall atmosphere change to wurm community or it is related to the company I keep, who and where I socialize. I'm not convinced I'm so different or some aberration. When looking over the years at the wurm community and considering those that have been removed from the game as problem players, I don't see there is any commonality there either. What I am convinced of is there are others in the game either like me or would appreciate my way of being and my style of game play. I'm not solely a pve player nor pvp player, I sometimes dabble in selling some goods and services for the fun/immersion aspect to the game yet by no means any prolific seller in any regard. I tend to just play, doing a little of everything and eventually amassing skill along they way vs any intentional grinding. It keeps me from burnout. I also tend to rather play the game as an exploration of some far away land and derp vs for skill titles or profit selling. I am betwixt. Part of me thinks it best to leave wurm. A greater part of me has plans to consolidate my deeds, disbanding the bulk living in one location. Another endeavor is to make a large scale "hiking" trail around xanadu meant not for prizes or contest other than the contest within yourself. A trail that is meant as an experience of a different kind where what happens along they way organically builds an experience or who you choose to take the journey with and the laughs and predicaments you find yourself in while travelling. If any of what you read speaks to you, I'd like to hear about it, here or in pms. This is just an open ended thought log meant to convey what's on my mind recently and what I hope from it. I'd like to find others to do some activities with that are more aligned in this manner. I've not been super successful, of recent, in venues and activities I've taken part in.
  23. I'm betting the wooly mammoth , Tuktut Tuktut!! clever how you dropped that sound at the end of one of your steams as well. Looking forward to it..perhaps we can have a travoy to store things in and drag behind The partnership with red bubble for wurm insignia a great start. To support efforts I bought some give others an idea , I bought the maps I've lived on, in postcard form and will hand frame them all with some sanded and stained molding. This will make a tasteful assortment on any wall for their size is perfect giving an antiques explorer feel and upon closer inspection how bout that it's maps of wurm. Well Done!!
  24. the shifting sands of change
  25. Well, it's really more cerebral figurative than real. It's conveying the routines of our daily life and exploring our inner voice dialogue to break emotional cycles and search for something more than we are used to, even if that means to purge ourselves of things dear to us. I did like the silky sound of Sade and all her work. This artist cuts in a lil deeper with the same satin and velvet ensconced voice yet has some more power of determination to it, combined with some Lauren Hill or Eryka Badu in terms of sounds and lyrics that have a stronger social and self imperatives.