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  1. I recognize this set from's lost some ql since it was last polished up..took a real stabbing and mauling I see. A M R O J
  2. 5s for the man. chain set is smexy too.
  3. 4s for the the assless chaps man if you throw in the chain set.
  4. could have bar room brawlers and an underground circuit of that thing we don't mention that is like not the spades, diamonds, or hearts...and let''s say fighting happens there. Gotta do almost nakie cept/w cloth pants in some mma fashion. Let the beat downs begin.
  5. [Plz Remove.] ty

    just topped off another 100 faith priest to graduation. Ty sermon group with special thanks to host Aroma!
  6. I'd guess without knowing med path or tomes or karma between 375-415.
  7. Finding the gobo on the vast lands of xanadu is akin to finding a spawn horse roaming about indy somehwhere. Great sleuthing!! Bringing a tomahawk to the pow wow of the great feathered crown. Thanks for availing again. Have fun all, i'll be trapped in sermon group, my prayers will be with you instead.
  8. [Plz Remove.] ty

    If you act now, you can get a famed sighting of wurm's #2 menace pingpong in alt form. stop in, sermon, offer him a chair.
  9. [Plz Remove.] ty

    Great sermon group here, attendence is great, still room for more as Aroma doing amazing job having both white light and black light priests here giving even more faith game ticks from sermons (double dipping). Highly recommend this as a go to for sermons. The accommodations are amazing with high ql pizzas , water, meditation spots. Many have gotten to 100 faith/graduated and many working their way up quick speed. If you have a priest that just needs to top off to 100 faith that you long put off or starting a new one, Come Today!!! Best one going! ps, with so many priests of all faiths present, easy to find a covert to follower and priest. Best of all Summon Soul porting available!
  10. says one spreading disease. napkins are sanitary.?
  11. +1 That's an amazing idea, I know of a nice warehouse too, with storage capacity of napkins. You can get rose ones, red ones , all the colors. I just rode by it hours ago as a matter of fact. good for unpredictable gushing spills and leaks of hot and cold liquids or salt. For the immersion alone! we did once have rags in the game. That should make a come back.
  12. This is quite unfortunate at a variety of angles none being taking a side of kvk reasons. More along the lines of what @MrGARYsaid, this sets a very dangerous and damaging precedent going forward. The legal issue is more a straw man of no consequence, though i do understand CCAB's position in wanting to avoid getting in that swamp. The only issue that has any real weight, teeth, and meat is the obvious of this being a knee jerk response of a small squabble and kvk toxicity carrying over into being able to then manipulate mgmt of CCAB to remove to avoid potential conflict. To react via specious claims motivated by intent to impune because of personal differences is dangerous. It is the very thing Moderators are supposed to be able to assess and see through and not respond to. This is not a great thing going forward to see happen.
  13. though you were on xana for a while i still think of you as a deli person when i see your posts or name in local etc. Does good to see you still playing.
  14. This was a spectacular makeover..i enjoy riding by it and looks awesome from afar in dramatic statement esp at night when lit, as well as up close. Nice fresh look to it all. Gratz on a job well done.
  15. There's a few things to give thanks for here, first and foremost thy for hosting this event LL and Zoranah, secondly you did a very nice job setting up the location for maximum safety and that was no easy task. Ty for all that effort. Lastly, for all the lag that indy has been having I must say this had to have been a record breaking turn out and i have a potato that is spudding eyes as a computer and the fps were great. So Great work devs on doing whatever you did to be able to have indy tolerate that number of players in local and have it perform normal
  16. though not more typical set of genre's to go to, i was on way to gym and bumped into a band i long forgot about
  17. very well explained , I appreciate that as it gives me some idea in my limited tech mind what has been going on and what to expect. This allows for more understanding and patience..just knowing something. I'm pleased to hear about the move as well, for i've had intermittent route fail connections to heztner more than should be. I'm glad you have chose to find better than the level of service they were was hurting codeclub.
  18. Oo nice, Fg gonna be chop suey hot n gooey , and chop chop potion. Ty for availing and thoughtful about slay time. LL stands for lovah lovah
  19. +1 on the phallynx setup of spear n shield, more pokey stabby. The chariot...well i long wanted a dolphin chariot for single rider speed , would make pvp quite interesting. Instead of bison cart wambulances, the coastguard pickup after people are de-dolphined flailing in the water no stam trying to fight one another. Pve side would be a nice speedy porpoise pedal power pontoon ride.
  20. I too have had this problem a couple of times, each case GM has had to force send me new passwords. I"ve also had it where it shows a reset on some toons but doesn't not list all toons on that said email account also despite the email acount folder showing so in wurm messages sent to it.
  21. I must say the graphics for fruits and berries in the game look great, far better in game than even the pics sugggest. I thought it was good idea but didn't feel super amped til i saw the ripe bright red apples ready, fat oranges, bright zesty lemons, juicy grapes...really nice..ty Dev team for this..truly a nice addition