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  1. this one had me smirk and frown. I suspect as such as well, more to come, can sorta see the volly setup. and yes, your hotel example of simply changing sheets as an overhaul solution was a go to way wurm did many years back. In fairness I have to say over the last 3-4 years though, that hasn't been the case. The devs have been the stars of the show being work horses and thor hammers offering alot of content and fixing many bugs, as well as smoothing the learning curve some for new players by downsizing superfluous repetitive QOL type things. The Devs have changed in posture and product output in a way that transcends previous dev team. So much log jammed before. Non Dev staff on the other hand has languished behind, holding still to old patterns and follies. I had hoped for more there, yet I fear it's endemic to the structure and process of how they form and thusly operate. Lets not forget also the elephant in the room, they all have new master to follow and we cannot know what it's like to have a proxy boss not in touch with game theory or mechanics. That above all is very challenging to work with, often without choice and sent to walk the plank on blind order.
  2. Change is often hard, and always inevitable! One thing that hasn't changed is Staff's inability to effectively communicate. Most often over the years, rift between player base and staff has been in root poor delivery poor communication. When significant changes are in the pipeline, why oh why is this not flushed out prior internally so that players know the what when where and hopefully why. Now some changes won't be popular no matter, and this is one of them. That said so much heartache could have been tempered by explaining it more comprehensively vs the nod-n-wink cloak n dagger smoke n mirrors way of non transparency. It has always been the biggest weakness and downfall in this game, communication. Retro had some good factual stance that is rational in a quantitative way if one doesn't get mired in the feels. I liked best Elentari's post for it says we don't know the motive yet if it's one of our postured beliefs, instead of a strategy based in taking away things to capitalize, why not add features. I've long been a fan of micro transactions as a way to support the game where it seemed financially threadbare. There are many cosmetic and other features people would be willing to pay for that adds to their game experience without feeling ripped off or exploited for coin. People love cosmetic micro transactions that don't hinder or affect mechanics or advantage in the game. why not increase revenue in this positive style, than a strip down of assets style one does in hostile take over of companies, sell off assets to increase short term profits. I don't own traders and have long supported this game monetarily in largess because I like and believe in the game. I've done this willingly, yet also accordingly I cut back my support if my interest wanes commensurately. We all have that choice. Much love to vets and new comers alike. So few older players even around, I feel a stranger in wurm when i do log in randomly and rarely. For the love of Wurm though, please get it together staff management! Learn to communicate effectively and transparently. Most of us have been steadfastly loyal, though not stupidly blind and would enjoy being respectfully treated as such.
  3. on vacation with family for week n half, though sunday still here, guess it's based off Europe sunday. Shop discount doesn't appear available. That's alotta coin wurm will miss and prem time i'll miss. Looks like I just missed the sale whilst away on vacay.
  4. my thoughts placed me into a basement illuminated with black lights and low wattage amber, an overly used sectional sofa well warn lumpy cushions with n a bit of grey grease hue from chips, spilled liquids, and crumbs that have gathered like a parade route along the bottom edges of the cushions. smoke is hanging in the air slightly shifting about like a mystical serpent. The hypnotic base reverberating , vaguely aware a kaleidoscope of titled heads at differing angles with half open mouths laughing about the room. While 4 or so different conversations are going on, for brief moments you feel as though you're watching this from slightly outside your body thinking, what am i doing here, nekminut you see your bro having fun and working his magic mojo spells on a cotton candy lip gloss manx. All the while registering , sub-consciously, the odd mix of malty hops, vanilla bean, leather, citrus shampoo, linen, ash, scuffed sneakers, synthetic, and anticipation swirling the air imprinting on your senses in a memory vault. Even years from now, catching a faint trail of any of these sounds or smells, will jettison you back immediately. Thanks for the free portal.
  5. This is a great place to express yourself, it's still on topic nor trolling. thank you for such a well mannered reply in todays online environment often saturated with combative types for the sake of getting a wind up response. since you mentioned it, how about the dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is when you have conflicting/competing ideas that brings about an uneasiness ito a person so they begin to rationalize away or down play one of those ideas to make the puzzle fit in a tidy box. NOT realizing though, each conflicting idea (dissonance) can both be true at the same time, they don't have to be mutually exclusive. For some people this creates great unsetting feelings (Fear), tend to eee things in a black n white world of all or nothing.. I'm ok with many viewpoints, it doesn't negate the others. There is something great about the democratic process and collective reasoning. It's what people use in working with others to arrive at a general accepted understanding (consensus) amid differing viewpoints. secondly: "Voicing concern about balance is great, coming up with imagined solutions to imagined problems seems kind of silly." I'm sorry you feel that way, My ear and thinking hears it more as hypothesizing and part of the scientific method we use to test theory and arrive at higher understanding. It's a good thing you can be king of all your decisions en finito! One size doesn't fit all for me, i need more room in some areas. Lastly, I have faith in the Dev team, and Especially people like Darklords, Ausimus, Keenen, Ostentatio They are a departure from days of old template in wurm, showing instead great flexibility, responsiveness to player concerns, and willingness to fine tune mechanics to adhere more optimally to objectives 'n goals instead of becoming entrenched. For this I'm ever appreciative to the Dev Team reshape after Rolp moved on. They get things done and have since been putting out great work and new content regularly. I"m excited to see what's to come.
  6. keybind Take ? is that enough to qualify. if not, got nice lockpicking. Purloin til you puke.
  7. so you're worried about people being worried. personally it's good for people to have concern and thinkin critically about new features. sometimes they have unintended consequences devs didn't consider or not a fit for player base. We are human after all. Since this is just announced with scant info which is ok preliminarily, it is within prudent margins that a player think about the feature and how it could play out. Often the player is the best tester. More heads collectively arrive at a better or more comprehensive outcome than few. Please don't characterize that as being *too scared. it seems who may be passing premature judgement is the person worrying about people worrying.
  8. though in scale, ie fewer pvp than pve, the implications of this mechanic to hold more impact on pvp server..more consequence simply because the game is played differently there mechanics wise and motivations include variables not impacted by or dealt with on freedom. protecting and destroying via corruption in and of itself is a bigger motivation on pvp and far less reason at all on pve. As such the mechanics of this feature have farther reaching implications. Clarity will be nice , esp for all those on some form of pvp server. I hear you Pukaria and with you there.
  9. This definitely goes in a new direction unexpected , yet i love the lore building aspect of it, giving the game ever more depth and meaning to the surroundings and functionality. There is a richness about it in the deity realm of wurm, valrei, and wurm lore by giving more content and texture to that aspect of wurm. One of the best passive aspects to this addi(c)tion is it'll reinforce decisions for wurmians to congregate. Group events are much more rewarding than the mechanics of itself but what you leave with beyond the materials or skill gains. People will build memories with others at the location of these new features. Well done on the forward thinking!
  10. ++1 I'll tell you wut, if not for the Boozin Wagon alone!!!!! If you've not stopped by Reddragon's Boozin wagon, it's a must on wurm's bucket list!!! I got shitfaced and started flirting with a trellis.
  11. Aha!! this explains sumfin, though i hadn't played on nfi, i heard tell of a bludscythe running about and there was speculation twas me for there was also a ping running about too on same server. I had to see for my own eyes, and made a toon and logged onto harmony or sumfin in a southern spawn town and saw a village just south of starter that said bludscythe though was partially built. I had such a chuckle finding it a bit surreal. Very nice indeed, perhaps we will one day be able to swap scythe stories and admire which style and model scythe each prefer to use. Til then i can be found on SFI Celebration L24 Deeds Thorne Cliff, Thorne Cliff Harbor, Bloodroot, Autumn Grove. My family of hardened earth folk include but not limited to Bloodscythe, Mobius, Mondain, Oniichan, Brunwulf, Silky, Glasse, Aramisii, Dziku, Thunderstruck, pankcakebunnyman, Deadcrow, sassypants, Rabidscab, Mossfauna, Forestmonk, Bhuta, Gangrene, Confuscius. as this post is a bit off topic other than related string i'll be my last on this thread. Bump for skin tokens in treasure maps on very rare basis on the most difficult maps, it's not certainty but there is a small chance.
  12. Hold the pitchfork. Do I have a long lost cousin unbeknownst to me? Perhaps an inconvenient dalliance between nun and Cardinal, a rummaging of the cupboards by maid and Lord. Even Cousins amid grog, feast, and fowl hunts partook in blissful connubial dances. From which part of the undulating countryside did doth you hail?
  13. +1 Old skins > year old can surface via treasure map skin tokens or in pieces by way of fragments. As someone that has less time to be in game each month despite staying prem, I'd like the ability to find month skins i wasn't here for. Now because some say "oh but the market" , I can see some value in a compromise of how we can acquire prior skins. - That being the potential of a skin token found in a treasure map loot is reserved to very rare chance and on the hardest maps only - old skin tokens are rarely found via fragments in treasure maps or very rarely in archeology.
  14. +1 yet i'd like to offer a bit extended manner in how we attain components of emblems. I'd like to see a Social mechanic in the game. One that is missing whereby based on achievements accomplished in said social category, you get an expanded title in game that is ranking order. idea being peasant, serf, squire...lord, baron, marquis. to include corresponding title for opposite gender. with these titles comes privileges. along the route of said social achievements you gain additional ability aspects to village and possibly alliance emblems. Idea being to achieve ability to use full range of village emblems you must partake in aspects to the game in the social realm not only to more fully experience wurm but to enhance wurm community by having social interaction happen more often and in many more places. perhaps this is where an inn becomes more viable component or needed feature. Hosting dinners, going on group hunt for pheasant. Contribute 1k grain crop to the king's envoy, a new npc in the starter villages with mule cart piled with grain stalks. Bring king's envoy 20 pig roasts for the Harvest Festival. friend 20 players on your server. Bring 40 cloth squares and 10kg of leather to 3 "needy" villages, host party to include 10 other villages and serve spirits and wine. you get the idea. some coding of trigger string questing needed. I'd like emblems to be able to show on boat sails as well.
  15. need some naan bread to absorb the heat, or bring second pair of pants. Looks mcscorchy
  16. looks like i may have jumped the gun, on uptime history sorta suggests this is a routine maintenance. mfw that feeling of wurm separation anxiety
  17. thanks i see that now, forgot to check that tab on client.
  18. is the login server down or is it just my routing that's gone poof. I can't log in.
  19. Welcome Back Budda! Congratz Ostentatio. A wonderful way to introduce the new map dumps. the flyover montage work is beautifully articulated. Always top tier work from Malena. Keenen, like a mighty draft horse, continues to haul a heavy work load.
  20. I don't want to assume gender and ask what the mrs. looks like or can she be pointed out for I have heard tell a few ex girlfriends, ex wives, ex mother-in-laws as well as current that may or may not closely resemble in appearance, that of the forest giant. (esp. in the morning with morning breath and morning hair.)
  21. Well on that matter, rattle your cabeza some. You'll recall by own admission, it was Fo for the win and life, Fo real, Fo Life, Fo evah!! seriously enjoyed your post. creatively humorous way to capture your first rift experience. Universally accurate too for wurmians first encounters. Keep up the great spirit!!! An emerging player to keep note of!!
  22. appreciate the great overture and effort at a solution. unfortunate already vandalized, precisely part of what necessitated this creation, people deliberately sniping and undermining the spirit of group effort from community towards individual goals if Players can't solve this , perhaps Devs will take note here and remedy the issue with a reasonable solution
  23. all i hear in my head is Dragon DRAGON Dragon, ooooo who loves dragon!!!
  24. I think I arrived too late to help, ignore post
  25. nice thing to come back to game to, ty Stanlee