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  1. Eir

    I spent a lot of happy times with Eir at DC. Really sad to hear about her.
  2. It is very sad to hear that Barakus/Oracle has died. he was one of the best. He was always very helpful in our village. R.I.P.
  3. I believe Tharr has a very nice red dragon scale glove plus other quite decent plate armour.
  4. I have the key (labelled Ravenscar) for the sailboat at Hearth, but I do not get any options to open or board it. On examining it, it says its locked!
  5. I found a Soulstruck orb near MR starter town. Dont know what to do with it and it appears to be decaying in my Inventory.
  6. Did you fully uninstall the AMD drivers before installing the Nvidia card and then installing latest Nvidia drivers? Is the on board AMD graphics disabled ?
  7. You can 'mouse over' various individual settings which will give an explanation and recommended setting.
  8. Caribbean

    This looks to be quite interesting. Uses Mount & Blade engine and is out on early release with Steam >
  9. Bump. Can anyone answer these questions? Would be interested to know the answers.
  10. Totally agree. 50s is a massive amount of money for anyone to lose. I would be gutted to lose that amount of money just because of an innocent mistake.