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  1. i can grow an unlimited amount of trees, i can only dig so much dirt.
  2. Ability to make dirt from wood items/scrap/logs 20Kg wood + Compost heap + 1 wurm year = 1 dirt.
  3. well i started, first by making 50 signs to plan it out with
  4. well balls..... thx for the help, i may have to rethink this... so much rock here...
  5. so, what if im not starting with at flat area?
  6. how do you make the super steep dirt walls? i have a deed i need to make some VERY steep dirt tiles on, and i cant find out how you keep dirt from sliding down hill.
  7. I get this creepy effect of the dirt tile moving as if there's millions of worms underneath it. I cant seam to find out what setting at max is causing this effect. Screen shots of settings.
  8. so long as deeds keep getting rolled while people sleep, the PVP sever will remain dead and have a very low population. and im not sure how you got DFO out of the OP.
  9. a timer would be a 1 time thing, bash 1 wall start the timer. timers done you can bash to your hearts content as the defenders are there to try and fight you off. this systems works extremely well for eve to encourage fighting, "B, It forces people to attack a deed when you want to be attacked, not when they have organized to do an attack." This is a none issue you know near what time its coming out of reinforced, and you can reform then for the attack, and the defender can BE there to defend.
  10. well, that part come from past playing, bashing a wall can take FOREVER, and if you cant get in to kill the guy, and if you can repair 20 damage a action and the guys attacking can only deal like 3 or 4 an action... just think how freaking hard it would be to bash a sea wall that you cant set up catapults for if its like a 80QL wall.
  11. Why dose Wurm not have a deed siege timer? Much like EvE's station timers deeds could be set up to allow there owners the chance to fight invader's with out having to have a 24/7 watch guard and rage pings when your attacked. For tho's of you that don't know how station timers work in EvE online, its a system that allows you to set a timer for attack on your station's +/- a few hours of randomness. Say your normal play times between the hours of 5pm to 10pm you would set your station reinforcement timers to 7pm. Someone comes along and attacks your station on a Monday at 11:30AM at 20% HP it enter the reinforced mode, at it would exit the reinforcement between 5:00PM and 9:00PM Tuesday it comes out of reinforced. ( your timer +/- random 2 hours) Now both party's are there. The attackers show up to finish the job as they know around what time it was set to come out of reinforced.if you want to finish attacking the station you have to defeat the people your fighting. If they defeat the attackers in battle they get to rep the station. if they attackers win they get the station. Same thing could be done with Wurm and walls. at 80 damage a wall would enter reinforced and then from then on out it would work just like the the above thing with the point, if the walls being attacked no Fixing can happen. So, now you get real fights at every deed drain, and it put's a end to these stupid bashing wall and raiding a deed in a few hours while the owners and friends sleep. This way your given the chance to attempt to fight back. I dislike Raiding party VS wall. Wouldn't raiding party VS Defenders be better? and way more fun? And before any one says REALISM, Priests, Magic, Spirit Templar's, Dragons, Goblins, Re-spawning When you Die, Mail Boxes, Demons, Gods.
  12. Arhad New player, looking for a decent place to live and start working on skills, with out having to start from scratch. any where's fine for me. around now is when i will normally be on so if around this TZ is cool, i drive an 18wheeler for a living so play times are random +/- a few hours every day.