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  1. Price is 1.35s per. I may deliver if you are on the coast of inde, deli, or exo.
  2. I've been saving my rare arrows... They are maplewood so they take less damage and are less likely to break. Starting bid: 10s bid inc: 1s buyout: pm me
  3. It should be pretty easy to find if I shoot it though. I'm gonna post a pic of it at night.
  4. I am going to sell it with the 8 other rare maple arrows I have collected.
  5. Almost fell out of my chair. This is my first fantastic item and it's only semi-useless. What should I do with it?
  6. I am just throwing them in and yeah, I've seen that happen a few times too.
  7. ~860ql of gems. As you can see some are under 10ql. There is a 9ql sapphire that I just found missing from the pic. Ignore the first backpack. I am located in NW Deli and I can deliver to any coast on Inde or Exo that is easily accessible. Price is 10s.