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  1. Well saved me the trouble of pming you. The "LOL" part was a bit unnecessary though.
  2. As mentioned in title. Pm me the stats and a price.
  3. COD the 80ql 82c chisel to Maddox please.
  4. Mallet 90,43ql, pinewood woa86 coc68 - 1,54s COD to Maddox please
  5. c58 butchering knife for 30c? COD to Maddox please
  6. Would you take 9s for the leather knife, mallet, needle, and awl?
  7. As the title says, I am looking for a 90ql carving knife and mallet with under 80c. Price I am looking to pay: Mallet - 25c Carving Knife - 1s Plus the 1c per power for the CoC.
  8. 77WoA 91ql iron file 1s 16c 88CoC 0.80kg 98ql 0.78 dmg wild cat pelt 1s 32c COD to Maddox please.