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  1. How much would a male and a female crocodile be worth... both at aged
  2. I would like to order 1000 arrow shafts. I would like 300 of them to be cedarwood and the other 700 be any kind of wood. Name is Chunky
  3. Young female and Adolescent male 1s 70c? All I have to spend at the moment. Name is Chunky
  4. I would like to buy and pick up 6 ropes and get my buddy converted please.
  5. Trade went smooth and the delivery was FAST. Even helped me build a fsb after I ordered. Really nice people... will come back for more in the future!
  6. You sent me the wrong brush... Will send this one back and hope you send back the right one...
  7. I would like to order 500 arrow shafts to be delivered to sevens bay Name is Chunky
  8. I would like to get my boat imped to 50ql and also would like to pick up a 90ql mallet while i'm at the docks
  9. COD a 50ql carving knife and also a 60ql butchering knife to Chunky please
  10. Trade was smooth and went really fast! Would recommend for any animal needs
  11. Would like to purchase all of the bulls and cows you have. Also would like to buy these horses: Male- Adoescent Cloudpaddy: White, strong body. 30c Adolescent Warbart: White, strong leg muscles. 20c Adolescent Horse:20c Adolecent Flashswift: White, tough bugger. 30c Female- Mature Huntingnapa: Yellow, carry more. 20c Adolescent Mountainwarrior: white, tough bugger, strong leg muscles. overly aggressive. 30c Adolescent Silverkiss: Black, fight fiercely, keen senses. 30c Young Heartrage: Yellow, lightning movement, overly aggressive. . 35c Adolescent Ironsara: White,fight fiercely, strong leg muscles, keen senses. 30c My name is Chunky and I can pay a delivery fee or come and pick them up. Please contact Kayei for today as I will not be online until tommorow.
  12. Bought 3 good trait horses for 1.5s + delivery, trade went smooth and it was really fast. will come back for more!
  13. Spindle 45 30WoA, 48CoC 58c Grooming Brush 45 49CoC 43c COD to Chunky please
  14. Just bought a nice horse, really smooth trade and fast delivery. Will come back for more horses!