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  1. Please remove ‘Immanion’ - I’ve disbanded.
  2. I remember playing SWG from launch for a few years, and one of the many things they got right was item decay. Like in Wurm, your favourite weapon, armor etc all took damage through use and could be repaired, but each time an item was repaired, its max durability was reduced, leading to it needing to be repaired more and more frequently and eventually it just wasn’t worth repairing anymore and you’d replace it. I think this turnover of gear was pretty essential to making the player economy so strong in SWG. In principle, I love that you can craft a mallet your first day in Wurm and years later be a master carpenter using that very same mallet, perhaps having imp’d it rare along the way. But in practice I think item permanency in Wurm really hampers the economy and wonder if something similar to what we had in SWG would’ve been better.
  3. Really? Right-click Wurmpedia opens in my external browser still. That said, I’m using Steam and macOS, so maybe it’s different for one or the other? I’d be very annoyed if Wurmpedia pages started opening in-game for me and I had no option to revert to an external browser. I actually posted this as a concern when this was first mentioned, so I feel for you if that’s the case. +1 to a preference to choose whether or not to use the in game browser.
  4. Cadence down

    Yep, was just disconnected myself and wondering if it was just me... thanks for posting!
  5. Like most wikis, it’s community driven. From wurmpedia’s about page: Feel free to contribute and update it!
  6. I’d assume the foal would be capped at 50. The three traits that turned into ‘speed’ traits total 45. Given offspring will lean to speed traits if the parents are predominately speed, I’d guess you’ll have a good chance offspring with those three speed traits and nothing more.
  7. Personally, dislike microtransactions that fix issues the developers purposefully created. If they agree more bank space would be good and wouldn't break anything (i.e., the original reason for the limitations), they should simply increase bank space full-stop, not introduce it as a microtransaction.
  8. edit: actually, I said earlier let’s agree to disagree, so I’ll retract this post and leave it at that.
  9. I've spent the past six (actually, now that I think about it, nine) months slowly working my way up to 5 speed horses, which I only just acheived a few weeks back. For most of that I didn't have a priest with genesis. The vast majority of foals I've slaughtered didn't have a negative trait - they had a non-speed trait that I didn't want to carry on. Now that I have a priest with genesis, I've been able to save a small number of foals that otherwise would've been killed, very slightly speeding up my programme; but most certainly I didn't and don't see genesis as a necessity. So I think we'll need to agree to disagree on that point.
  10. If no one had raised concerns, we’d still be going in with negative traits costing negative points. The devs have acknowledged they didn’t think through all the repercussions. They’re still not giving full details on the changes, so of course we’re still speculating to a degree. But If any of this speculating is hitting the nail on the head, the devs still have time to adjust course.
  11. That’d make genesis a de facto requirement for breeding, while now it just makes things slightly easier. I’d much rather see the option as a breeder to set target traits when breeding two animals, with higher animal husbandry making making those traits more likely than other traits. (Another thing higher than 50 AH could be used for, rather than max trait points, so 50ish AHers can continue breeding fastest horses.) AH could’ve been explorered so much more, rather than just increasing number of traits, juggling them around, and requiring you to grind higher AH to get best speed again. Eg, targeting for traits (as I just mentioned) and reducing max breedtime (I mentioned in earlier post in this thread). Things like this that would’ve brought benefit to all breeders, rather than deciding to lock things away from breeders and requiring them to grind higher AH to continue breeding top-speed horses.
  12. Private buyout received a short while ago, so the auction is now ended and the thread can be closed. Thanks, everyone, for showing an interest!
  13. Not sure if you're wanting to add shrines as special places? If you are: Mausoleum of Dreams [2490, 2370] Which happens to be in the middle of the Labyrinth of Dreams (an undeeded, unlocked public rose hedge maze) -- though I suppose the shrine is the one to log.