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  1. Congratulations to Macadelic. I have accepted his offer for the full "Package deal". I understand he may be looking to sell some of the items/characters. So spam his forum account now if you're interested in anything. Take care all, and happy gaming! This thread can be closed.
  2. Bump, update, and FYI. I have received several offers past my personal reserve/minimum of $2,000 US for the full package. As such, I will be accepting an offer tomorrow. (I continue to get "what's your highest bid so far?" PMs which I will continue to ignore.) I fully understand everyone may be used to being pitted into a bidding war, but as I stated it is not my intention to engage in that. If you are interested, figure out what you are comfortable in spending and make an offer. FYI As stated in the original post, there are MANY items I have not bothered mentioning as I am a hoarder in game and I would surely cause some to fall asleep before I finished listing everything. Here is an Imgur album with some quick snapshots from items, and examples of my OCD hoarder layout, which should give you a fairly decent idea of just how much is going in this package deal... http://imgur.com/a/DL30l As they say, "speak now or forever hold your peace." Drum-roll until tomorrow...
  3. As expected, I continue to get PM's like "what's the highest bid?" or "How much would you need to sell right now?" etc. (As I stated, I am not revealing that information. It is not my intention to pit people against each other into a bidding war to make more money.) At this time any PM's that aren't bids for the full package will be ignored. I am getting offers for the full package that are very reasonable. Therefore I fully expect this to sell as a package deal. If you're interested, I suggest you forum PM me with what you are willing to pay. Note: Established and trusted community members will take precedence over others. So don't make an offer with a forum alt.
  4. You're totally right and I completely agree. But I'm just looking for the quick no hassle sale. The person/people buying it can make the profit off it. I'm cool with that. FYI to those interested, I'm not going to be pitting people against each other. I don't want to upset anyone or any drama. So send me a Forum PM of what you are actually willing to pay. Again, this is a package deal right now. I've already gotten several offers very close to what I had in mind. So I fully expect this to complete as a package deal. I'm going to sit on the offers for a few days and will be making a decision soon. Thank you all,
  5. Wife and I are considering moving on from Wurm Online. As such, we are looking into selling everything. And when I say "everything", brace yourself... We're looking into selling it all in one package deal, before considering splitting it up. PM offers via forums. (Reasonable offers from trusted community members will be considered first and foremost) Deeds (All located around M8 on the Central West Coast of Pristine) Waterdeep Upkeep: 9 silver, and 60 iron (No spirit templars) Traders: 1 Paid up until: 3/5/2016 Settlement export: http://pastebin.com/iw44FZv6 Forum post with additional info: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/90000-waterdeep-a-work-in-progress/ This deed has it all and is fully stocked. Cattle, Bison, Sheep, Hell Horses, and many 5 speed Horses. Crafting areas for all professions fully stocked with BSBs (many materials), rare forges, ovens, looms, wells, fountains, lamps, BSBs, etc. Kitchen, farm area (with ability to lower and farm rice and reed), Textile area, Wood and Forestry area with BSBs and Large crates (all setup for each wood type), Ship Building area, Metal area with 4 rare forges and many others for quick cooling (Including several iron veins on deed and one of each peaceable ore veins all barely touched since placing with the transmutation wands), Stone dirt and sand area, leather working and alchemy/painting area, castle, and 1 secured trader. 1 Freedom Guard Tower on deed. Over 30 merchant stalls, nearly full of enchanted grass tiles, 40+ of each wood and bush type, etc... Moonshae Upkeep: 1 silver (No spirit templars) Traders: 1 Paid up until: 4/3/2017 Settlement export: http://pastebin.com/ksBAaQH9 Small trader deed with maple trees for maple season. Citadel Adbar Upkeep: 4 silver, 96 copper and 80 iron (No spirit templars) Traders: 1 Paid up until: 3/6/2016 Settlement export: http://pastebin.com/MUyqUZ9p Mountain trader deed with the top flattened and ready for a grand castle/village. Mine is full of copper of all quality levels with some iron. Candlekeep Upkeep: 3 silver and 51 copper (No spirit templars) Traders: 0 Paid up until: 5/3/2016 Settlement export: http://pastebin.com/mjR7qUyS This is a sister deed that we setup as a community craft area and place for friends to stay when they visited on hunting trips etc. There are 5 cottages, 2 large community crafting areas fully equipped, and a full mine completed with several varying vein types with a couple utmost iron veins. There is 1 MR Guard Tower on deed. Tabaluga Upkeep: 7 silver, 48 copper and 20 iron (No spirit templars) Traders: 2 Paid up until: 3/14/2016 Settlement export: http://pastebin.com/b3Qp777j This is my wife's deed. It covers at least 3/4 of a fairly large island. The perimeter of the island has been fully mined out and reinforced. We have uncovered Iron, Slate, Tin, and Lead veins. There are 2 Freedom Guard Towers on deed. The area has been naturally sloped and as mentioned above, has 2 secured traders. Tyrion Upkeep: 1 silver, 14 copper and 40 iron (No spirit templars) Traders: 0 Paid up until: 3/24/2016 Settlement export: NA This is only a filler deed behind Tabaluga to secure the mines. Including it only as an FYI. Mont St Michel Upkeep: 1 silver, 35 copper and 20 iron (No spirit templars) Traders: 0 (Last we checked, one could be placed) Paid up until: 4/27/2016 Settlement export: http://pastebin.com/1nYhay10 This my wife's small island deed. Just a small area secured with tall stone walls and a MR Guard Tower. As noted above, last we checked a trader could be placed here. Pictures View of Waterdeep from Candlekeep: Waterdeep from the water: Candlekeep cottages and community sermon area from the water: Candlekeep community crafting areas and a side view of the Waterdeep castle: View from Citadel Adbar showing all deeds: Characters (All characters have had premium at least once. None have ever traveled to EPIC.) Note: Most characters have multiple rare items (I rarely ever sold anything. I usually just distributed to alts.) Almost all of Tuanta's items are high QL, highly Enchanted and Rare. Awngeleak has some Supreme items and several rares, most of which are also enchanted. Again, since this is currently a package deal. I don't plan to take the time to list everything individually. Just know you will get everything. We will not be keeping any characters or items... Tuanta - (Main | Path of Knowledge | Valrei): https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Tuanta Valrei powers: Bhutan - (Mag Priest | Path of Power): https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Bhutan Glitch - (Vyn Priest | Path of Knowledge): https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Glitch Tuvok - (Fo Priest | Path of Love): https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Tuvok Roht - (Alt | Path of Love): https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Roht Dieb - (Alt): https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Dieb Maltiades - (Alt): https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Maltiades Malyk - (Alt | Path of Love): https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Malyk Taken - (Alt): https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Taken Awngeleak - (Main | Path of Knowledge): https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Awngeleak Kimba - (Alt): https://www.niarja.com/skill_compare/Kimba Vehicles and other notable items (There are many more. These are just those worth mentioning...) Supreme Cherry Rowboat Supreme Cherry Caravel Rare Cedar Caravel 2 Rare Large Carts 17 Rowboats (at least one of each wood type) 3 Sailboats 1 Corbita 1 Cog 3 Knarr 4 Dragon HotA's 1 Lady of the Lake HotA 3 time bomb rifts "Nearfed slap in the face Fountain Sauce Pans" set to explode into Troll dung in just over a year 3 Small Magical chests (wood) with an increasingly ridiculous amount of damage done in just the last month. 2 MR Wagons 3 Full sets of Red Scale Dragon armor (Many rare pieces) 3 Full sets of Black Drake Hide armor (Some rare pieces) One of each weapon type fully enchanted (Most rares) 2 Rare Small Mauls (5 enchants) 5 Rare Two handed swords fully enchanted (some all 90+ casts) 1 Bag of Keeping 27 Sleep powders 34 Personal Merchant contracts Rare shields, helms, normal and exquisite meditation rugs (one with C102), etc... Edit 1: Added a few pictures of the deeds. Edit 2: Forum accounts will go with Tuanta and Awngeleak. Edit 3: oh, there are several enchanted rare tools with mining, woodcutting, weapon/armor smithing, etc max imbues
  6. Title says it all. Would be awfully nice if we could fish while sailing. "[11:42:06] You are now too far away to fish." is nuts... Edit: Hoping its server side, it's possible the check may be client side.
  7. http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Fish
  8. Each tome has certain requirements that must be met in order to use them and gain their ability. The wiki will have a lot of info if you are looking for a solution. If you are looking for a hint: (Warning I'm not so good at hints. This may be too much) A sapling is a weak plant.
  9. Doesn't even show www.wurmunlimited.com at $23.99 which beats all shown options. /shrug
  10. activate ebony wand > right click item etc > server > create zone thingy > one of the options is to flatten, if you are flying it will raise the ground to your feet. Can then change terrain to rock
  11. I heard they planned to enable the ability to "plant" the range pole. I haven't checked, but try that.
  12. I believe planting thatch will give you grass as well. At least it used to. But flowers are usually preferred as you can cut them and replant if your gardening is high enough.
  13. http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Sorcery
  14. Use the tome to acquire the skill from the tome. Sorcerer's cast spells using a (special) staff. Vynora's altar is merely a container, sorcery isn't restricted by religion to my knowledge.
  15. No offense meant toward you but... I'm guessing they are a subsidiary of GamesPlanet and are being untruthful or they're just a really bad site. They inflated the so called "Regular Price" in order to show a larger "Price Cut" while neglecting to show actual discounts from other sites.
  16. Again i'll ask, "Why are we even talking about this?" What recently happened that's new in the last 7 years since they were introduced? It's difficult to come up with suggestions for a "fix" if the issue/complaint isn't revealed. The push towards leaving them in game yet making them immobile leads me to believe you no longer want them to be trade-able. Which leads me to believe there may have been issues with selling them. For me, making them immobile would be no different that removing them outright with no compensation. Suggestions: Make a "GM Hall" statement that any bugged/exploited items can be removed from the game at the sole discretion of the development team (at any time) and that buying bugged items are at the buyers risk. Ask everyone that owns them, how they use them and what they like most about them. Look into the possible addition of items that might replace them but be available for everyone. The game has magic already, what's so bad about adding other magical items which support those needs? Add code that will facilitate the removal of any bugged items. (When the item is (picked up, moved, accessed, examined, other?), a popup is displayed with a notice and options.) This could be used to deal with the fountain pan issue and provide replacement options for players.
  17. It would be far more convenient if the client remembered the last entered password for each player server. It's a bit of a pain having to type them in for all my friends servers...
  18. Strange things are afoot at the circle K.

  19. We all make mistakes, its what we do. It's how we learn from them and correct those mistakes that define us. If they were ever considered an exploited bug, the people making them should have been banned (temporary at the very least) and all items removed immediately. Leaving them in game for so many years was a mistake. Now there is intention to fix that mistake, which is perfectly understandable. The issue is that since they were left in game, they have changed hands and were sold for a considerable amount of money. Removing them now, doesn't punish the people who deserve that punishment. Also, it was at the very least implied that they were accepted and would stay since they were left in for many years. (I also remember seeing a post with Rolf using the legacy term, but that doesn't matter. Things can change, and should if they have the better interest of the game in mind.) I own 3 fountain saucepans, all of which I purchased. I use them for convenience by keeping them in a small magic chest in my large cart. I store butchered body parts when hunting so the individual QL is retained. I also keep food in them to feed carnivorous animals on deed. The hot ore thing sounds good but I never needed them for that as I always just place hot ore on a personal merchant. Anyway, long story short... Why are we talking about this? In other words, what's the issue here? Are they causing an issue with the database or game in some way? If they are causing an issue and need to be removed. Then I would vote for them to be replaced with a choice of the following: Magic "ever-burning" forge or oven Water-skin of endless water Collapsible Rowboat Leash of many leads (Can lead four animals with it)
  20. Veins placed with a Rod of Transmutation are always max ql. The vein will prospect as the previous ql. http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Transmutation_rod
  21. or you could just create a transmutation wand and place your utmost ql vein with it.
  22. Okay, FYI, I also have mine running on a fresh install of Windows 10 and it's accessible. (I didn't have to do anything other than setup the port forwarding on the router) So I don't believe your issue is OS related. Here's my port info from the router in case it may help. Hope you get it figured out. Edit: I'd recommend a full power cycle on your router if you haven't tried that yet. Some don't handle port forwarding well and need a reboot to fix.