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  1. Is there a way to change what levels each command has access to? Honestly, talking about the invuln command. Can it's level be changed so lower levels gm's can use it? Thanks
  2. I'm obviously missing someting, how do you actually get the entrances flat? Sorry to hijack the thread, but yea.. What am I missing? Something simple I'm sure..
  3. When launching the modloader 0.24 before the server box pops up, I noticed a lot of these 'errors'. What should I look at to fix them? Or are they more warnings and not really errors?
  4. Annnddd.. I realized I posted this in the client instead of server mod thread....
  5. OK, so, how does the bag of holding actually work? How do you cast it?
  6. I know this is old, but what if you destroyed your altar of three thinking you could just drop a new one? How do you go about making it "active" again?
  7. And when you start your server does it say "connected to steam" ?
  8. running a software firewall? May need to allow ports thru it to the actual computer also..
  9. Will try when I get home.. I had tried adding my map file then changing the name in the database.. that didnt work.. Will try this and see what happens..
  10. As the topic says any figured out how to get your personal map to show in game? Appears they are in the graphics pak client side, so probably wont get any input from CC how to do it..
  11. Well, not paying for it TOO.. When you buy wurm unlimited, it comes with the client, and server.. Just fire up the client and the list of servers will appear..
  12. Try making sure the ip address on the server settings are set to the address of the computer the server is on.. ie: fixed it for me.. after reading another post that was having issues and they talked about what fixed it
  13. Ahhh so those are the IP addresses it's looking for.. thanks that worked
  14. And can connect to other servers.. so not client, for sure server, but not sure what I am missing.,.,