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  1. i've ran into this problem at least 5 times off the top of my head. a lot more common than it should be and its been around since forever.
  2. still cant lead on enemy deeds on homeservers at least [23:10:56] You can't lead as a passenger.
  3. post or pm offers horse gear armor weapons tools random stuff gems
  4. noticed today my performance has gotten significantly worst. on deed i had about 90 fps average before today and now i get about 60. riding around i noticed a lot of stuttering that i didnt have before today.
  5. having this same problem after building a new pc. tried everything aldur has suggested
  6. its not about griefing its about spamming fences every tile at canals and other waterways to make even more safer hugboxes
  7. sold

    cheap boys
  8. sold

  9. sold

  10. wts potions

    bump 2 armoursmith potions left
  11. wts potions

    potions labelled with price
  12. latest update like halfway fixed this. still not showing smallest tick size if i have always turned on. [11:50:32] Meditating increased by 0.0012 to
  13. sacrifice enough favor for an alignment tick or desecrate a whitelight altar for a -2 alignment tick every 30 minutes.
  14. glimmer med maul, ada small maul, and glimmer huge axe models still working
  15. pourin one out 4 my boy milp but did mr empty the bottle for caradal, lisabet, and tulemees?