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  1. 80 iron per item quality 80 iron per enchant power best way to get something is pm me on the forums
  2. desecrating mag, fo, or vyn altars for -2 ticks is a bit better
  3. is oakshell for mounts still being removed?
  4. i think this is caused by using a spyglass sometimes
  5. im under the assumption valrei is to promote pvp based on the extremely pvp oriented rewards.
  6. my #1 problem with valrei is the stupid easy missions decreasing the move timer by 12 hours and a god moving 8 tiles on valrei in 1 day is ridiculous. 2nd problem is the people sitting in their hug boxes in the center of a homeserver winning these pvp orientated sorcery items for sacrificing 40 wool hats while my friends and me spend hours catapulting and raiding deeds in enemy lands for our points. i would love to see scenario point rewards and decreasing god move timer removed when doing them on your own homeserver. i think this would increase pvp by forcing people to go in enemy territory and actually take a risk for winning items that are for pvp. as for the sotg changes and these people posting that 25% damage reduction is useless. pls..... you will all stay insanity because even 25% damage reduction is still strong.
  7. as a nathan priest you receive +5 alignment whenever you deal the killing blow to anyone. doesn't matter if they are a wl or bl follower. [14:26:58] You cut Madtanker deadly hard in the stomach and damage it. [14:26:58] Alignment increased by 5.0000 to -95.0000 from what i've heard this is also the same for tosiek priests.
  8. remove friendly homeserver missions giving scenario points and decreasing the god move timer but keep the karma reward. you completely missed the point of easy missions decreasing the god move timer which was biggest problem.
  9. bump cant lead on elevation deeds or loot from offdeed houses on elevation
  10. WTS gold

    great guy 10/10 asalamu alaykum