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  1. Valrei International. 019

    Since we can plant grass in buildings that have no windows and no sunlight, it would be awesome if we could plant grass in a mine....even if it was just enchanted grass.......
  2. Valrei International 013

    "No story that ends well starts off with: 'I was standing behind the horse with my sleeve rolled up....'."
  3. 80ql Supreme chain pants 44AOSP

    [08:02:35] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Thank you, Traveler777.
  4. WTS aosp chain

    bump. 75c per piece except the supreme pants. See auction here:
  5. 80ql Supreme chain pants 44AOSP

    Changed starting bid. Added sniper protection.
  6. 80ql Supreme chain pants 44AOSP

    80QL Supreme chain pants. 44Aosp. Starting bid 3s Increment 1s. Sniper Protection 1 hour.
  7. WTS aosp chain

  8. Xanadu Community Map

    5796, -7540 Lavendar Flats Also, remove serenity beach as it's been disbanded for quite awhile
  9. WTS aosp chain

    I have a 75ql chain set with aosp. Send offers on the chain. .
  10. WTS Enchanted Leather Odds and Ends

    [08:01:24] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in a bit more than an hour.
  11. Random enchanted leather goods I'm selling in my spring cleanup. Give me your offers.
  12. Best Strategic PvP Fighter

  13. News Update: Work And Progress. Week 50

    Bridges weren't implemented when they said they would've been? Who ever would have thought THAT would happen... Honestly, I'm just fed up with the whole thing. In 6 years, you can't figure out bridges? Who cares about masks? Who cares about another server, let alone a PvP one. Fix the game and make it look like it's actually a game that's currently played, not one that was competing with Space Invaders back in the day. Oh, and quit making false promises.