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  1. Bump...I'm all in favor of a reasonable adjustment based on relevant Mining and Digging skills.
  2. Thanks for featuring my merchant deed, Skymart! Best prices on Serenity for whatever you need, stop by and check out our merchants. And thanks for the shout-out to our beloved PaulTRW, gone but not forgotten....
  3. I think this bears repeating...for a long time I've said (mostly with reference to PvP) that if the playerbase understood the overall vision - for the game as a whole, PvP, PvE, a particular mechanic or skillgroup - then it's a lot easier to stomach change. Many will not agree with that vision necessarily, but at least we would know there is one and what a given change or changes were working towards.
  4. Not trying to threadjack, but in the same vein - lanterns take damage on merchants, even if unlit and unfueled. About the same rate as if they were in inventory.
  5. I agree with about 90% of this, so have a bump.
  6. Minor typos (too many spaces or missing spaces) in 2 different types of missions' descriptions. 1. Drain token missions, there's an extra space after the deed name. Description: Libila wants you to drain the Jenn-Kellon settlement token of Midgard Keep in the centerwest regions. Description: Libila wants you to drain the Jenn-Kellon settlement token of Midgard Keep {remove space here}in the centerwest regions. And another example just to show it's all deeds (thereby a mission description issue) vs. the name of a specific deed having an extra space. Description: Tosiek asks you to drain the Jenn-Kellon settlement token of Sanctuary in the south regions. Description: Tosiek asks you to drain the Jenn-Kellon settlement token of Sanctuary {remove space here}in the south regions. 2a. Give items to avatar mission, there is an extra space before the "number" of players to give an item to the avatar. 2b. Give items to avatar mission, there is no space after the end of the first sentence and start of the second. Description: Fo wants 1 of you to bring and give clay to venerable Avatar of Fo.venerable Avatar of Fo was last seen near Elysium in the southeast regions. Description: Fo wants {2a remove space here}1 of you to bring and give clay to venerable Avatar of Fo.{2b add space here}venerable Avatar of Fo was last seen near Elysium in the southeast regions. Could also make an argument for capitalization consistency on all mission descriptions, examines, mouse-over labels, and similar for age of creatures, Venerable vs. venerable, etc. but I'm sure that's a bigger dealy doo to fix.
  7. Minor: Typo on Rift Hearts (from any rift animal, not a specific type only) on examine: [14:03:43] This heart of a creature from the rift gleams from tiny ser7yll fragments.
  8. I assume the catapult/modify building thing only applies to PvE servers, and/or on-deed on PvP?
  9. Ok perfect. Linked in spoilers (original screenshot and cropped to match as closely as I could without going nuts).
  10. Per the Wiki for Chain Barding: Steel, silver, seryll, glimmersteel, and adamantine barding do not show visually on a horse, but still offers protection and reduces speed. At least in the case of steel, this is no longer true. Model is in-game and visible. Can't vouch for the other types. See image below. Normal iron chain barding (left), Steel chain barding (right). A bluish color. If a better picture (against a stone wall perhaps like the others on the page) is needed for Wiki, PM me and I'll do one. Thx. --Mirax
  11. Team Contracts

    Congrats to all!
  12. For what it's worth, just did a series of transmutes for sand into clay, a 3x3 clay pit (9 tiles total), off-deed but within the walls of our village, on Epic - Serenity (home server). Relevant data (trimmed QLs to whole numbers just for ease of reporting): - Apples at 53ql average - 75ql rare fruit press used to make juice - Juice at 48ql average - Tin lumps at 48ql average - About half the actions were done with SB, half without - 23 beverage skill at start, 29 at end - 20 alchemy skill at start, 21.5 at end - 37 natural substances skill at start, 40.5 at end - Transmutation liquid output quality all over the map, from as low as the single digits to as high a 98ql - Can confirm a correlation exists between quality of liquid and number of "doses" or applications needed for a given tile - On average, output quality of liquid was between 45 and 55ql - 5 apples and 10 tin lumps needed per dose of transmutation liquid. Tile results: 1: 39 doses (195 apples, 390 tin lumps) 2: 32 doses (160 apples, 320 tin lumps) 3: 34 doses (170 apples, 340 tin lumps) 4: 27 doses (135 apples, 270 tin lumps) 5: 33 doses (165 apples, 330 tin lumps) 6: 23 doses (115 apples, 230 tin lumps)* 7: 33 doses (165 apples, 330 tin lumps) 8: 27 doses (135 apples, 270 tin lumps) 9: 33 doses (165 apples, 330 tin lumps) *worth noting, the general output QL of liquid for this tile was noticeably higher than others, averaging 65-75ql vs. 45-55ql, hence the lower dosage Averages: 31.22 doses (156.11 apples, 312.22 tin lumps) Totals: 281 doses (1,405 apples, 2,810 tin lumps) Aggregating the time for this project is hard to quantify as exact amounts of materials were only revealed after the process was complete, not before, and harvesting obviously exceeded the needed quantity for a buffer. Nevertheless, with ~70-90ql tools, most enchanted with WoA at 70 strength or higher, 90 mining, 55 forestry, and sufficient space to grow the vast majority of our apples in an orchard (vs. harvesting in the wild), I'd estimate the total time as follows: - Apple planting and orchard management: 14 hours - Harvesting apples: 9 hours (would say easily double that if done entirely in the wild) - Mining and smelting tin: 5 hours - Making juice: 5 hours - Mixing, blessing, and applying: 3 hours Net time investment: approximately 36 hours, or 4 hours/tile with high-end stats, skills, and tools Lastly, it should be noted, I tested the process of both mixing up, and/or blessing, and/or applying 1 dose of liquid at a time, vs. 2, 3, and 4 at a time, and there was no appreciable difference in the amount needed to transmute a tile. The only differences could be seen based on QL - if you make one dose at a time and get a really low QL dose, you can blend it with a high QL dose. If you make, say, 4 doses (2 kg of apple juice, 40 tin lumps) at a time and get a bad roll on the liquid QL, you'll end up having to make a lot more to either QL average it to a more reasonable level, or just make more in general to offset 20 kg of low-ql transmutation liquid applied to that tile. But, at least in my testing, I found doing 4 doses per production batch, 2 kg of juice (pottery jar) and 40 tin lumps in the amphora, sped things along nicely. Saves a bunch of favor only blessing 25% of the time (my stats above, would be about 70 casts vs. 281), and I didn't see any noticeable differences in the amount of liquid needed, or the overall QL output to be used on a given tile. Based on the above, I recommend 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 (get to 20 doses applied), then, assuming you're more than three-quarters transformed based on example, do doses of 2 from there on out until "nearly transformed), then just do 1 at a time until it finishes. Unless you're routinely putting out 80-90ql liquid, which would seem unlikely for most players, this method should save some time and headaches, though your experiences may differ! End Result:
  13. Not bothering with quotes, but to the folks who continue to fall back on the same tired arguments about taking away missions and rewards from home servers (or, for that matter, removing home servers entirely, which is the usual refrain)... For the thousandth time, not everyone wants to play the game the same way. This is the damn future of epic thread all over again, and again, and again. Don't penalize those who play primarily on home servers because they don't play YOUR way. I'm tired of this same argument over and over and over again. Tired of being called a care bear or implied that somehow the home servers are "less than" because our desired percentage of PvP game time or play style or RL limitations on our play time are different than yours. Doesn't move the game forward, just alienates and drives wedges in between people who might otherwise be PvPing with/against you more actively if not for this pervasive attitude. I think by and large those who do play mostly on home servers who have commented in this and the previous thread have been fairly magnanimous and gracious in agreeing that there should be a correspondingly higher scenario point award for elevation and enemy home server missions vs. home servers. And the magnanimous and gracious response we get back is - why thank you, we think you should get nothing? Come on. I also find it a bit disheartening as well that there has been so little discussion of the scenario rewards mechanisms, as that seems to be one of the largest problems with Valrei as it stands in the game today - the seemingly rigged lottery. And I say this as someone who has seen both sides of that system, being screwed over and also reaping the benefits. If that's fixed so it's fair, and you're getting more points because of your admittedly riskier environment in which you are doing said missions - what is the problem? We're all people, playing on the same cluster - a cluster with rapidly dwindling population. I'm just sick of the cliquey schoolyard crap when it comes to this issue. Let's focus on moving things forward. You are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine. Play the game you want, I'll play the game I want. I'm not arguing to take things away from you, in fact I and my kind are generally volunteering and/or agreeing to give you MORE by way of increased scenario points. Please don't argue to take things away from me.