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  1. Hi, my name is senbonsakura I would like my deed to be added to the map, thanks. Deed Name: Asahi Tsuri Location: 29y x 39x
  2. I Purchase 500 wood logs From RAMA and He is very nice and i will be doing business with him again. Thank you very much
  3. 100 arrow shafts i will pay 70c for them. I'm on Independence > Harmony lake > Asahi Tsuri. I have a Rowboat and i will pick it up.
  4. If you can come up with some more stuff so i can add to my example that would help
  5. thanks for the two 5 speed horses and the vegetables
  6. Oh oK it would have been easier if you put the sever name at the top of your page in big bold letters OK how do i send you the money if i'm using C.O.D /tell Silakka "[09:50:18] No player on this server with the name Silakka." who do i mp you
  7. so are you in inde sever that is were i am
  8. I will come a pick it all up but it will take some time i'm next to Harmony lake How much is that bladder
  9. I need a bladder for making a Cheese Drill or if you have a cheese drill for sell and i would like to buy 500 onions for 40 copper.