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  1. Please send one to Nivox Seems ll my olive oil is gone and some time til olive season
  2. I have still been playing, but have not actually updated the program as I haven't needed to. Tiles maybe, marble, pottery etc. Now with Diagonal roads should probably put that in. As far as the timer data I saved the user data with the supplied data and that is were you are seeing the problem. Can look into splitting that out. Wont promise anything, while I still play, I don't have as much time as I use to
  3. Wurm Army Knife. - Mapping Program Seasons - House Calculator - Deed Calculator - Timers
  4. 1.3.4 Has been updated on the site. The View->Map Elements->Show Overlay Colors now functions properly. (Thanks Yaga)
  5. Sorry home life has not allowed me to play as much as I would like. From what I understand you are doing it correctly. I will look into it.
  6. Could you be more specific in what overlay you do not want to show? The overlay colors are the colors in the misc tab, not really an overlay map. If you have copied a portion of the map as an overlay, or perhaps loaded another map as the overlay (view->overlay->load), you will find more entries once an overlay is loaded, perhaps view->overlay->visible is what you are looking for.
  7. Not sure what Im doing wrong on Sourceforge, or if its just that the file isnt available for a while after its uploaded. I checked it when I uploaded and seemed to be working fine. Now its not, after playing with it for a while and not really fixing anything, it appears to be working again.
  8. Released 1.3.3 Fixed the HouseCalc to acurrately count the edges. (Thanks SnakeGal) You can now scroll the toolbar with the mouse as well as the main display. (Thanks Lycanthropic) The slow right-click drag of the map is always on my mind. So havent forgotten it.
  9. Thanks. A picture is worth a thousands words. I usually build my houses in the center, you chose along the edge. You will also notice that he house calc pic you included you indented one to the right when you build the house. I tried that in mine and it reported 10 so clearly the problem is the edge lines are not being recognized as walls. I will fix this. In the mean time building you houses in the center away from the edges and you will be fine. Thank you much for finding and reporting a bug. NiVox
  10. The House calculator was pretty much patterened off I tried putting in a 2x2 house and both the web page and the program report exactly the same thing, 12 carpentry. However the Web page does perevent you from building multiple peices of a house not connected. This program does not stop you effectively allowing you to model a house that can not be built. You get what you pay for . So.....Is there a problem with the house Calculator within this program?
  11. Do you mean for the resources? The roof is free. I dont think you spend resources on it. The floor is not a requirement. Or you can do it in slab or planks, so I dont calculate it. For the actual skill im pretty sure its correct. Ill check again. Some more detail as to why you think its off would help. Like, if you build a house like this it should take x, but the calculator says y. That would be very helpful.
  12. The 1.3.2 link is now working. I think there is a limit to how many files I can have on Source Forge. Once I deleted a few older ones, it started working.
  13. The timer settings are saved from session to session, so it remembers what timers were active and such. When you close the program its trying to write the timer data out and looks like youa re being denied for some reason. When you click save on the timer screen does it save or also give you the error. If the system is locking on trying to acquire rights to the file, not sure what I can do, but will look at the code and google a bit and see what I can find.
  14. Something does seem up with the download. Am not in a poistion to check into that atm, will do as soon as possible The right mouse button is currently a picker, based on the mode your in, it will make whatever you right click on the current pen, I find that much more useful. However I could see about maybe a ctl-right click being a blank. Thanks for the suggestion, will look into it. Will look into the mouse scroll on the terrain list. Its a custom painted list control and I think I looked at that once, but not sure, will see what I can do on that as well. The lag when dragging with the mouse is because everything off screen isnt painted, and as you drag its trying to paint the new peices, the more zoomed out you are the more to paint. It drives me crazy as well and have tried several ideas to make it better. The original program is Java and hence a different control. When I encountered this problem I did go into the original programs code to try and see if there was anything they might have been doing I wasnt that fixed this, but I couldnt find it. I will revisit this every so often as it irritates me as well. NiVox
  15. Updated program. Skill dump now has a copy to clipboard that will copy the current skill tree with colors so that it may be pasted into a forum message. Added a Formulas page that now includes many of the formulas such as weight, dragging, digging, etc. You may enter any values or choose from a skill dump