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  1. The finished bridge and gatehouse, plus 3 deed mates.
  2. @Arvid, I don't know what the chance would be, but that would be pretty funny!
  3. Flat raised dirt to a pillar, placed a gatehouse on it. Bridge and uncompleted gatehouse for our Elevation deed entry!
  4. Solid idea, I was a priest for a while and had to depriest because it was hard for me to gain body skills, and build a new deed. +1
  5. I recently received a potion of water walking from a Valrei mob, and talking to other players and mods, it seems it is pretty rare but not working as intended. There is no way to use this item! Thanks.
  6. Recently acquired a Potion of Water Walking from a Valrei mob.. Anyone know what it is? It doesn't appear you can use it yet, and there is not much info on it. Thanks.
  7. revert please!
  8. While I was sailing across from Elevation to MRH, I took one of my friends boats to get there and back. I noticed when I crossed servers, the boats owner changed from him to me! Might be a minor bug, but worth pointing out.
  9. [22:23:23] Unknown command: /refresh Or is that just a suggestion?