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  1. Also I literally said how I think it should work in the post you replied to, yet you reply suggesting I am saying something completely different, either you are not reading and digesting posts before you reply or you are intentionally poopooing ideas from other factions.
  2. You are not the only person able to decompile some java and see how stuff works bro, I suggested fixing resistance as well in my original reply:-
  3. i think a much lower timer will be better, like 10-15 second would be fine. The main thing that graves stop is the corpse snatching where all that matters is using potato settings so you don't get the falling animation and having a low ping means you get the corpse every time. it just needs to be long enough so people cant grab the corpse while on a horse and ride off with the loot. The same problem still exists for horse gear, people who play with potato settings pick up the horse corpse before people with normal settings even see the corpse client side.
  4. Thats only the first heal, healing resistance is applied to the healing pool after that, The idea is its possible to heal the player the first time back to full, second heal might do half to 75% of their HP, 3rd barely anything 4th nothing as they are capped on heal resist. So its possible to keep someone alive for a little while using skill, thus helping push pvp to where skill wins not numbers. Going the other way just makes healing virtually pointless, players already dying in 20-30 seconds if they are focused, whats the point of a 15 second cast that heals them for 20% of their HP. it makes heals worthless and pvp will be less about any sort of skill and all about the zerg.
  5. The priest v non priest is a different problem, this is a suggestion to fix how healing works.
  6. I dont think reducing the healing they do is the right way to fix it. If you just reduce the healing at some point it becomes pointless to cast them at all and it lowers the skill cap of pvp, a better way imo would be to actually lower the cast times and let the healing resistance do its job, currently nobody lives long enough for healing resistance to have any effect in large scale pvp. So Fix the lower initial health pool light of FO so it is less reliant on cast power like Scorn. Give Lib Focus will and Make range of focus will and cure light the same as drain health. ( I would even argue you give these to followers as well ) Increase the range of scorn and Lof. Lower the cast times, of all healing spells. Make healing resistance actually be worth something, Perhaps once you are healed for 3x your total HP. you are capped until you have no enemy in local. This will give pvp a much more rewarding game play and raise the skill cap to pvp. Going the other way so heals are worthless will just lower the skill cap and just reward the team with the most numbers. Also to further improve pvp, there were changed to combat in general a few years ago which significantly lowered the time to kill a player even on chaos where people wore drake and scale, this just promoted the zerg pvp style were focusing 1 player meant they would die in under 15 seconds, and rended block and parry almost usless in large scale pvp. this sucks in general and removed any chance of staying a live if you where zerged.
  7. Scorn is more powerful than Lof if it hits many targets cant dispute that, but Fo and Mag get many other spells while that's the only heal lib gets so you cant compare scorn to lof directly and say they need to be equal. Make scorn the same as Lof sure then give Lib 15% damage bonus\cure light\refresh i would be fine with that. This is another blame post, if the BL group had been WL and both the groups that lost had been BL, you would have still lost and instead be here complaining about mag damage or cure light spam.
  8. Last time I stopped playing was basically this reason, when you are a 40+ body str character on chaos fighting 70+ str characters and you have to choose either be a pvp priest or work on your stats not both, its very frustrating. Only reason I came back is because you can at least grind on pve and priest on pvp now.
  9. @Darklordsone thing that would really make pvp better is to fix or improve desync or at least recode some things so people that lag dont get an unfair advantage, Certain people, always manage to hit horses when they are 5+ tiles away from me before I even get the combat window, its not my end, I have fiber internet. Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=154ms TTL=52
  10. I think it needs to be tuned so healing resistance actually matters, right now the cast time for Lof and Scorn is so long healing resistance is a non issue. I think decressing the cast time of Lof and scorn and then also increasing the Heal resistance amount so it actually matters, during moving fights which every fight is, the casts are just too long.
  11. I think the wording means Aggressive non domestic and non zombie.
  12. As long as there isnt a kingdom limit of 3 etc then some form of champ that everyone can be would be fine, else better off without them. The only real change that I think is needed is a way for players to craft without any restrictions and also have pvp related spells.
  13. Remove the incentives to go to pve server:- Remove all priest restrictions on pvp servers. Allow rank 11 POK on pvp for the skill gain bonus. One of the things lost from the old hota system is a predictable time when enemy would likely be in a certain area. Currently even living in the center of the map, with no Hell horses or unicorn options as mounts it just takes too long to get anywhere. We see an enemy capping in the west, that's a 30+ minute ride even if you know the exact location of the tower and its a 10 mins to cap, the rewards for a single tower cap makes it barely worth doing unless you can manage to cap 4. As a slight rework of hota here is an idea. Make just 1 random tower Give the tower a light. so we know where its at. Make the spawn a predictable timer like old hota. To Win you have to cap and hold the cap for 1 hour. Give us fast mounts, going 25 to 30 km sucks, the lower weight cap of regular horses sucks, the variance in speed due to lower soul strength sucks. I miss my 44 KM rare gear hellhorse.
  14. @Retrograde@Samool Why are the max settings for defiance and chaos so different? similar land mass same size. Chaos has x3 times the max aggressive? Defiance Max Average Current Aggressive Creatures count: 10 kcreatures 9829 creatures 9861 creatures Total Creatures count: 33 kcreatures 33 kcreatures 33 kcreatures Chaos Max Average Current Aggressive Creatures count: 30 kcreatures 29 kcreatures 29 kcreatures Total Creatures count: 48 kcreatures 48 kcreatures 48 kcreatures
  15. The problem with game review sites is very similar to regular news sites in general. They dont get paid by the accuracy of their article, they get paid by the number of people that click the page and have ads shown in their browser. Thus the more crazy or elaborate they make the clickbait the better. "Choose My Adventure: The slow-burning, esoteric start of Wurm Online", just look at that title, how can you resist clicking it. Then once you are there, the articles contents primary objective is to get you to hit the next button (to display more ads). So thats why the article is a story of the reviewer going down some rabbithole to figure out how to smelt some iron, its just trying to keep the reader interested. Pretty sad really, I stopped giving any stock in news websites or review sites a long time ago, there are very few that write an honest article, be it real world news or game reviews.
  16. Hi, Setting up a twitter account along with getting API keys is a painful process, where as getting a webhook for a discord channel is two clicks. Would be great if deeds could send the same things they sent to twitter to a webhook.
  17. This is basically what defiance is, except the safe area are the NW NE and South starter islands. most pvp happens around the center or the north around White light. You should give defiance a try.
  18. I explained TWICE my reason for pushing back, yet you seem to be a sore loser and now every enemy opinion is bias and therefore invalid. If the roles were reversed our group would have still won and you would be on here suggesting that LIB needs some fo or mag equivalent ability/spell because you chalk up a loss to that one ability rather than accepting you lost to a better group.
  19. But what you are asking for is to homogenize the priests, WL dont need version of Pain rain, Lib have always been magic heavy because you have other tools and to offset it, like what I mentioned mag melee, single target heals, refresh, mass refresh etc.
  20. The problem its the fact JK only cast 2 spells the whole fight, thats why you lost not because scorn or painrain is Op. Lib Priests have always been spell heavy and thats still the case. This is balanced by both WL combat priests having single target heals so they can heal themselfs. Mag having +15% melee damage, Fo having refresh, etc etc. If we took the same group in the video and switched roles BL playing WL and WL playing BL, the same group would have still won. This screenshot illustrates why. If you homogenized all the priests, the same group would have still won that fight. Giving WL a painrain or buffing LOF isnt going to change anything.