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  1. Remove the incentives to go to pve server:- Remove all priest restrictions on pvp servers. Allow rank 11 POK on pvp for the skill gain bonus. One of the things lost from the old hota system is a predictable time when enemy would likely be in a certain area. Currently even living in the center of the map, with no Hell horses or unicorn options as mounts it just takes too long to get anywhere. We see an enemy capping in the west, that's a 30+ minute ride even if you know the exact location of the tower and its a 10 mins to cap, the rewards for a single tower cap makes it barely worth doing unless you can manage to cap 4. As a slight rework of hota here is an idea. Make just 1 random tower Give the tower a light. so we know where its at. Make the spawn a predictable timer like old hota. To Win you have to cap and hold the cap for 1 hour. Give us fast mounts, going 25 to 30 km sucks, the lower weight cap of regular horses sucks, the variance in speed due to lower soul strength sucks. I miss my 44 KM rare gear hellhorse.
  2. @Retrograde@Samool Why are the max settings for defiance and chaos so different? similar land mass same size. Chaos has x3 times the max aggressive? Defiance Max Average Current Aggressive Creatures count: 10 kcreatures 9829 creatures 9861 creatures Total Creatures count: 33 kcreatures 33 kcreatures 33 kcreatures Chaos Max Average Current Aggressive Creatures count: 30 kcreatures 29 kcreatures 29 kcreatures Total Creatures count: 48 kcreatures 48 kcreatures 48 kcreatures
  3. The problem with game review sites is very similar to regular news sites in general. They dont get paid by the accuracy of their article, they get paid by the number of people that click the page and have ads shown in their browser. Thus the more crazy or elaborate they make the clickbait the better. "Choose My Adventure: The slow-burning, esoteric start of Wurm Online", just look at that title, how can you resist clicking it. Then once you are there, the articles contents primary objective is to get you to hit the next button (to display more ads). So thats why the article is a story of the reviewer going down some rabbithole to figure out how to smelt some iron, its just trying to keep the reader interested. Pretty sad really, I stopped giving any stock in news websites or review sites a long time ago, there are very few that write an honest article, be it real world news or game reviews.
  4. Hi, Setting up a twitter account along with getting API keys is a painful process, where as getting a webhook for a discord channel is two clicks. Would be great if deeds could send the same things they sent to twitter to a webhook.
  5. This is basically what defiance is, except the safe area are the NW NE and South starter islands. most pvp happens around the center or the north around White light. You should give defiance a try.
  6. I explained TWICE my reason for pushing back, yet you seem to be a sore loser and now every enemy opinion is bias and therefore invalid. If the roles were reversed our group would have still won and you would be on here suggesting that LIB needs some fo or mag equivalent ability/spell because you chalk up a loss to that one ability rather than accepting you lost to a better group.
  7. But what you are asking for is to homogenize the priests, WL dont need version of Pain rain, Lib have always been magic heavy because you have other tools and to offset it, like what I mentioned mag melee, single target heals, refresh, mass refresh etc.
  8. The problem its the fact JK only cast 2 spells the whole fight, thats why you lost not because scorn or painrain is Op. Lib Priests have always been spell heavy and thats still the case. This is balanced by both WL combat priests having single target heals so they can heal themselfs. Mag having +15% melee damage, Fo having refresh, etc etc. If we took the same group in the video and switched roles BL playing WL and WL playing BL, the same group would have still won. This screenshot illustrates why. If you homogenized all the priests, the same group would have still won that fight. Giving WL a painrain or buffing LOF isnt going to change anything.
  9. When you switch into 3rd person view from first person., it seems like your first person view is locked at whatever position it was when you switched to 3rd person and no longer updates or a slight alternative theory is in 3rd person the direction is based off the direction your feet are pointing not your head. Locate soul, Locate artifact and also pendulums seem to break because of this in 3rd person, its very noticeable when doing locates or pendulum on a horse as you are often facing backwards or directly to the side.While the text you receive is based off your feet or horse direction. This also effects the visual direction another player seems to be looking. if you sit next to an alt for example and you look to the left and right, without moving your feet, in 1st person the alt sees your head move in each direction, in 3rd person you dont appear to move.
  10. +1 moon metal should be available to everyone or nobody. At this point I dont see why its not added back to pvp also.
  11. all I hear is WAAAA I want to play on freedum but want all the pvp perks without the risk, freedom has already been given 99% of the things that used to be unique on pvp servers, you can manage with your freedom wagons IMO. -200 IQ
  12. It would be cool if the random meteors gave a reward like moonmetal, it was fun to chase these down on a WU server i played on. the pet meta sucks in pvp, i wouldnt mind it just being removed entirely.
  13. Unless the following two things change it will always be optimal to grind skils on pve server, regardless of what other perks you get on pvp. 1. Being a priest in pvp makes you significantly stronger in all pvp engagements, +CR + damage passives alone are enough to justify it, then add spells. But you cant grind body stats easily as a priest, because you cant Improve anything so you are stuck with Mining/digging as the best way. 2. On Pve you can still get level 11 Meditation for + skill gain including body stats. Where you cant on pvp.
  14. Can we have 1h spears, there are already two 2h spears in the game, "long spear" is the same damage as a med maul can you make this a 1h weapon instead of 2h, easy fix Long spear Polearms Piercing Two-handed 2.7kg 8.0 5.0s 1.600 6% 7 100% 0 Spear Polearms Piercing Two-handed 3.7kg 9.0 5.0s 1.800 6% 7 100% 0