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  1. Damage taken to toons during pvp fights

    Seems about right for a sub 20 fs alt
  2. Spying is fine on a real character, doing it an alt with no skills or gear is what this is addressing.
  3. I see your point for new players, but I feel that's a very small edge case, very very few players start on chaos and the ones that do are encouraged to join a PMK when they are found. So the number effected negatively by this change is tiny compared to those that would be effected positively, and ultimately those that are effected negatively will eventually benefit from the positive side too. Additional parameters could also be introduced, perhaps once a sub 70 FS character dies, they can no longer see local for some timeout period like 4 hours or something? The toxic players that use alts will be effected, for their alt to be any use after each death they will have to go regain 70 FS to be able to see local etc.
  4. If you guys want wurm pvp to devolve into a toxic cess of ALT wars then, sure -1 this and any other suggestion to fix this toxic behavior / problem, I personally dont enjoy running off deed every 5 minutes to kill a spy alt thats in local. its bulshit game play because the player is too scared to come close enough to check local on a real account. EDIT: Or actually probably enjoys being a toxic player.
  5. We do, then he just runs back, i can post the 30+ Aluna raises the seattlement alarm\wildboar raises the seattlement alarm from yesterday alone if you like to prove the point.
  6. Then it will not effect you in the slightest so you shouldn't care if its implemented right?
  7. When a 70FS character gets killed it creates a tab and gives FS to the attacker and LOSES FS so eventually it will not see local if it used the same way as existing throw away alts are being used. This is to fix people using naked alts which are basically just a brand new toon that is subbed running to an enemy deed to check local, getting killed then doing the same thing 3-5 minutes later. There is no loss to that character thats the core problem, so it is just a catalyst for toxic game play. If my idea is implemented who actually loses out? Only the toxic players abusing alts, no real pvp account will be effected. The only people who think its not a crap play style are the people abusing it to check local of a near by deed. its pretty clear all the -1 responses are from Wurm University players, because they are the ones currently abusing alts to the extreme and engaging in this toxic gameplay
  8. Allow people to buy new, skilled accounts

    No pay to win thanks, if anything don't allow buying or selling of accounts
  9. Using alts to spy on local is lame and a bad play style and its gotten to a stupid level on chaos. Simple fix, is to do many actions on PVP servers (chaos and elevation) you need 70 fight skill. 70FS is basically needed anyway to actually pvp on a real character, its easily obtainable in under 30 hours if you have the gear to do it. Sub 70FS character should not be able to do the following:- See Local. Drain a deed. Bash a tower. Bash white or blacklight. Be major of a deed. Count towards the numbers needed to found a kingdom.
  10. W.S.A. Crusader kingdom graphics

    The funny part is, the Wurm University graphics where most likely changed so they ensure they owned the graphics before they attempted to metagame and cause TCs to also have to be changed. No doubt they look so crap because it was a rush job
  11. W.S.A. Crusader kingdom graphics

    @RetrogradePlease explain exactly what part of the design is copyrighted according to anyone\cyber, so there is no bulshit when we resubmit the updated design. The graphics themselves like the rose were purchased by Mclovin.
  12. W.S.A. Crusader kingdom graphics

    It was posted because of last comment in the screenshot, he is part of the enemy faction who meta-gamed to have the TC art removed with false copyright claims
  13. W.S.A. Crusader kingdom graphics

    And look how satisfied one of them is after successfully metagaming, so sad players drop to this level, even more sad wurm staff do not stand up to and expell this nonsense
  14. Priest overhaul testing

    I agree full heal should also be 10 seconds, people move in fights, both right now are useless, with tangleweave the cast is 24-26 seconds. You cant spam it any more because of healing resist, so the spells dont need a cast time at all.