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  1. The biggest thing you can make sure gets done to help newer players in pvp. is fix plate armor. Specifically:- 1. The 0.85 damage modifier to DR when being hit by maul damage. 2. Going less than 1km/s when getting hurting\webbed.
  2. free bump for great character 93 weaponsmith!
  3. 0.85 damage mod is too low for any armor, thats what plate has right now to maul and it makes it so weak. plus drake has no mod over 1? I think the current damage mods are find with the exception of plate which should be 0.9 or 0.95 to maul
  4. +1 should be an easy enough change and a good Quality of life addition
  5. +1, will help stop certain groups from hording all the uniques
  6. Difficulty based on distance is a must to make it balanced. Here are a few examples. 1. Some guy pops your local, then runs out of your local, he is <150 tiles from you. If he has a 90 cast on a ring + 90QL ring. You have 80 channeling and are stood next to an altar to get the bonus. It should take you 2-3 attempts to get a locate on this guy. 2. You are on your priest sat on deed, you throw a random locate on a well known enemy, if he is < 500 tiles from you (about the size of HOTA on chaos) the difficulty should be similar to what it is right now for the same casts as point 1. 6-8 attempts 3. You are on your priest sat on deed, you throw a random locate on a well known enemy, if he is > 1000 tiles from you (1/4 the width of the server) it should be near impossible to locate someone this far away. Another thing that i would like to see changed is the the power of the cast on your ring should only go down on successful locates and by 1 point. Instead of the current which is .2 per cast even if it fails. This is to prevent someone endlessly spamming locate on someone until their ring is so low they can simply locate them anyway.
  7. +1 again.... dev reply plz @Retrograde
  8. Link forum accounts to game accounts and remove the ability for people to post if they don't have an active subscription in some of the forums. Like pvp and suggestions. I feel like there are many stupid posts and suggestions mostly from people who are trolling and not active in the game.
  9. +1
  10. No, because the unique income opportunities on chaos have slowly dwindled patch after patch, this is yet another one freedomers want without the risk of pvp. IE Selling PMK wagons and art items etc.
  11. -1 because champs simply dont work that way.
  12. Bump because Blacklight needs Hellhorses too