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  1. You should move to a PVP server, that way you can just TAKE your statue back...........
  2. Enable PvP on freedom simple solution
  3. -1 they need to fix the current problems before adding more crap that break things further.
  4. Roll back the pvp related changes to around July 2017. See me here a ~45 body str account in drake lasting over 2 minutes. started with 2 people ended with 5 or so. This was when pvp was fun, not how it is now where you can get killed on a champ account in <20 seconds.
  5. Honestly I could be remembering wrong, it was a year ago now maybe. But the meta is with acid or frost imbue with BT and 3x damage jewelry to give you max damage.
  6. It was a while ago when I checked the WU code, but jewelry only effects weapon damage if you have bloodthirst, it doesnt effect the weapon part of the damage if you have a frost Imbued with frostbrand for example
  7. Seems to be more complex than the more permanent fixes I suggested
  8. For this can it would be nice to have to call a webhook on deed alerts, so you can just have to spam discord or other similar things
  9. there are many options to make 4 horses completely un-viable for pvp without the hard restriction on only leading 1 horse. I gave a few practical examples in my original post. a hard check to prevent attacking anything while leading more than 1 animal for example will fix 99% of the cases, the other 1% are so niche they are not worth worrying about. Armyskins suggestion of a speed nerf when leading more than 1 pet is another great example of how to fix this problem without introducing 4-5 other problems by having a hard 1 lead pet limit.
  10. The problem was leading 4 backup horses to a fight, which I agree is stupid and a problem. There is already a CR penalty for leading more than 1. Just for reference this is in This is the existing line of code if ((this.creature.isPlayer()) && (opponent.isPlayer())) { <snip> if ((Servers.localServer.PVPSERVER) && (this.creature.getNumberOfFollowers() > 1)) { combatRating -= 10.0F; } There are a ton of ways this could have been fixed in a better way, use the same code above and give them a -50% damage modifier, make it a 50% CR penalty. Or have a hard check and prevent the player doing any damage. "You fail to swing as you are leading too many animals". Limiting leading to 1animal breaks a bunch of stuff, Collecting horses for taming, having to move tames around 1 at a time, you can no longer have a pet and a backup horse in pvp its just all round a huge pain to deal with, All because a small problem was fixed in a very lazy way. its these lazy fixes over and over which has gradually degraded the game over time, please start fixing things the right way instead of these instant lazy fixes that cause more harm than good.
  11. Seems about right for a sub 20 fs alt
  12. Spying is fine on a real character, doing it an alt with no skills or gear is what this is addressing.