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  1. Link forum accounts to game accounts and remove the ability for people to post if they don't have an active subscription in some of the forums. Like pvp and suggestions. I feel like there are many stupid posts and suggestions mostly from people who are trolling and not active in the game.
  2. No, because the unique income opportunities on chaos have slowly dwindled patch after patch, this is yet another one freedomers want without the risk of pvp. IE Selling PMK wagons and art items etc.
  3. -1 because champs simply dont work that way.
  4. Bump because Blacklight needs Hellhorses too
  5. If hota is running and active during a server restart it breaks Hota. Currently there are 3 pillars up, no additional pillars spawn when conquering existing pillars. Currently there is no timer poping up for the next hota, I presume because it thinks the current one is still active. Been this way for several days, multiple tickets have been filed.
  6. Bumping this again as there seems to be some interest in addressing pvp issues. Currently HOTS based kingdoms have a 20 point penalty when it comes to taming, I don't remember exactly what 20 means, i think the animal taming difficulty is +20. So taming an Aged or older hell horse is a bit of a struggle even at 70 taming
  7. Looks like you are in EBO, the second least active PMK on chaos. and you are ###### talking the devs because you cant PVP. See you at the next HOTA I guess......
  8. Whats your character name?
  9. I looked for another thread on this but they are all flagged as fixed. Today has been very bad, cant stand still in a cave for more than a minute or two without items disappearing or falling to water level if you are on a cart or wagon. Get the same issue with stable and unstable client.
  10. -1 Chaos doesn't have much unique these days.
  11. -1. If anything i think after a deed disbands the terrain should also slowly return to its original state. If you go older servers, its virtually impossible to find untouched nice looking land to build on.
  12. -1 please never add it back on pvp servers. I don't see what value it adds, other than frustrating experienced players and causing newbies to die\get stuck when running from mobs.