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  1. Imo having it separate has an advantage, people that switch between pve and pvp can take SOTG on pvp and Knowledge on pve. Meaning people who usually stick to pve are more likely to try pvp. I think having the skill linked so you dont have to meditate on both servers, but paths separate.
  2. Will priests work the same as they do on chaos in terms of bonuses and restrictions? How will champs work? Can BL have 3 lib champs? can MR have 3 Mag champs or do they have to have 1 fo 1 mag 1 vyn? On the last Epic reboot, there were some issues with same kingdom pvp, with No PMKs I am pretty sure we will see a similar issue on this server, specially around Champs if they are allowed, PMKs from the start or very soon after might be good depending on numbers.
  3. The turning changes to boats are better than they used to be, just the start and stop cast time is crap. maybe lower that to 1 second for full speed to full stop and add a damn hotkey...
  4. Its fair sure, but does it really add anything to the experience? its fairly easily mitigated when you have stamwitches, so I am saying its fairly pointless so why not just remove it.
  5. How about something like this:- Instead of a dragon randomly spawning, there is some mechanism to spawn the dragon\drake. Perhaps you have to collect 25 key fragments or something similar. Once you have 25 you can spawn it and kill it. So a more casual player might take many months to find all 25 key fragments, he can then either sell them or barter with a dragon slaying group for help to kill it. A dragon slaying group can hunt for\buy keys and pool keys to get a kill. You choose when it spawns, so its purely a choice if you share it with the server or not and also mitigates alt leeching. The little guy\solo player still has a decent chance of getting keys so when he either gets a group or pays a group to kill it, as the number of people will be smaller he will get a good chunk of hide. Also fixes the toxic dragon penning behavior which was never really an intended mechanic.
  6. With the new boat mechanics which actually seem better in terms of desync issues and turning. But stam drain is a bigger problem now. In the past as captain you could stop briefly to regain stam thats no longer the case due to the speed change timer. The stam issue can easily be mitigated using stamwiches, which makes the mechanic just a pain rather than useful or challenging, so can we just remove stam drain while captaining on pvp? Also, Please add keybinds to select different speeds similar to clicking the icons.
  7. @Retrograde Did you guys remember Pvp with this update? How does this effect champs? Can we now champ more than once for each god? BL template can only priest and champ Lib...
  8. You should move to a PVP server, that way you can just TAKE your statue back...........
  9. Enable PvP on freedom simple solution
  10. -1 they need to fix the current problems before adding more crap that break things further.
  11. Roll back the pvp related changes to around July 2017. See me here a ~45 body str account in drake lasting over 2 minutes. started with 2 people ended with 5 or so. This was when pvp was fun, not how it is now where you can get killed on a champ account in <20 seconds.
  12. Honestly I could be remembering wrong, it was a year ago now maybe. But the meta is with acid or frost imbue with BT and 3x damage jewelry to give you max damage.
  13. It was a while ago when I checked the WU code, but jewelry only effects weapon damage if you have bloodthirst, it doesnt effect the weapon part of the damage if you have a frost Imbued with frostbrand for example
  14. Seems to be more complex than the more permanent fixes I suggested