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  1. I get the same error on win10, my friends installed Wurm on their laptop with win8 and - it does not work with Java 8 update 141 either. I think the only people who keep playing are the ones who do not update java.
  2. Ok, I tried the unstable client. It does indeed fix the shaking moons problem, although my character keeps shaking fast while sailing. I also noticed some animations are very odd, like the shield on arm moving on itself, or upper part of chain coif detaching creating a crack in it while the character stands idle and breathes. Also the distant trees and grass keep flickering as I move around. I think this unnatural character shaking in the moving boat looks like idle rocking boat animation which becomes faster when you start to move, so when you sit in a boat idle you slowly rock on waves, when you move - you rock faster.
  3. Ok, but how exactly am I supposed to do that?
  4. Hello While playing on Xanadu I noticed the moons are shaking when I'm rowing the boat. My character is also shaking while sitting in the boat. When I travel by foot the moons are also shaking but slightly less than in boat. I also noticed holding lmb makes the shaking a bit less violent.
  5. People like and continue playing Wurm because it is complex, not because it is casual. Wurm creates unique dynamic situations from random factors which is the best emergent gameplay in any MMO I have ever seen. Tree collisions is one such factor. Ok I don't get this. Developers add a new factor to complexity which will in turn contribute to new emergent gameplay, and you don't want it because it makes the game 'more difficult', because you need to actually go around the trees in the forest instead of passing through them? Sorry, it does not make sense to me. After playing WO for 4 years, and experiencing tree collisions on WU, I say it is the greatest addition to the game ever. Very immersive.
  6. I completed the hedge maze and I tagged 5 or 6 statues in cave. I don't usually jump to conclusion, so I wandered there for a few hours, completed some of it and then decided it was stupid. I had no problem exiting it via notice board which doesn't change my opinion about it. My opinion is only that - my opinion, you liked the event, and I think it's stupid - deal with it and move on, no need to make it personal.
  7. lul willpower It's all about you being narrow minded - new characters don't have all these options. You probably also don't know they also don't have much karma. I also don't use suicide as I loose items, skill, but mainly from principle - I see it as an abuse. But I have noticed that many new players (maybe alts from epic) have lost their pottery bowls, ropes and other starter items in maze, in need to instantly quit the stupid event.
  8. I did exactly that - used the sign to get out. And no, I don't think I "could have teleported out 'anywhere' along the maze".
  9. Compassion? Lolwat? I didn't wander there on my own, I did it with a friend, and no, it was not that 'hard'. Stupid yes, and annoying too. Well, I didn't need anything from you, so leave your caring compassion for someone else lol I completed the maze and tagged almost all statues in cave, and then I just quit - not because it is hard, but because its a stupid waste of time - instead of exploring Xanadu we were teleported in some stupid maze and wondered there for whole evening staring at walls. My friend didn't like it either. From the description of the event I thought it is some kind of cross-country exploration and orienteering mission (the need for a boat and a horse lol). Even random missions like searching for a traitor creature are hundreds of times more interesting because they involve exploration of the world, and not some stupid maze and compassion.
  10. Wow, that was the most idiotic event I ever participated in any mmo I ever played. Events are in general stupid, but wandering for three hours in a cave where I can't see drek is.. wow, that's not only stupid but also quite annoying.
  11. Hello, is there any server currently running this mod?
  12. Please change the title 'Master Mason' to 'Grand Master Mason'. Thank you.