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  1. After drying, fish simply becomes dried fish which could be stored like cooked meat?
  2. Very fast, friendly service! Even got a discount for buying multiple items.
  3. I'll be there swinging my 2h sword
  4. Thank You for getting it sent out quickly and just as shiny as promised.
  5. 30s. Pickup at Pickle 33x,22y on inde. Not willing to deliver. Post here or PM Brycarnia ingame if interested.
  6. Final update for Pickle Island 33x,22y, hopefully this gets it correct. Since I know you redraw it, a few numbers going East to West. The west landmass bumps against the mainland and is 14 tiles wide, the canal is 6 tiles wide, the east mass (island) is 23 tiles wide, and there are 16 tiles of ocean between the SE corner and the land to the east where Option is located. Last but not least the entire mass is now simply 'Pickle' with the token in the middle going N/S and 2 tiles East of the canal. Sorry for being a pain but people have complained that I have shrunk the canal and now it kinda jumps out at you. Thank you for all your work.
  7. Hi There. 200 fence bars please. Pm when ready and I can pick up. Thanks
  8. As the title states. Verified Paypal and known players only. Must be able to mail to Inde.
  9. More accurate image of how pickle island is starting to look. There is still some work to do but use this image so people are aware of future changes. Apple island has also been removed both masses together will be referred to as pickle island.
  10. Bump 1 day left. Due to work schedule change I will be ending auction a few hours ahead of schedule. Use the CURRENT auction timer as reference for end time.