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  1. Yep - and they shouldnt be hard to detect hah!
  2. Yeah this outcome does feel a tad 'nuclear' - the problem is clear but there is a more productive solution available for sure
  3. Out of interest, are the people who benefited from this bug (60-90 channeling if some are to be believed), having retrospective action taken to remedy the gains?
  4. Heya Nuks - this seems priced a little high to me - but I understand the logic. I could start with a bid of 30s just to mark my interest - but if there is a bid matching your desired start then no worries
  5. Fantastic seller - very happy with my Corb - highly recommend these peeps!
  6. I've been having the same issue - Wagons provide height advantage - but mounts do not - even with the small mobs
  7. @DonaMarlenePlease could you also send me a full cloth Armor set - any QL on your next batch? Thanks! COD to Neolious