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  1. Is there a LiF Wurm EU group at all?
  2. Thanks Baloo - ended up finding a seller - will keep you in mind for next time.
  3. Fantastic seller, can't recommend highly enough!
  4. Hey all, Looking to pick up a BL Wagon - would like to pay in Euros 1s/1e as standard. Thanks, Neo
  5. Hi guys, Looking to pick up a JK Guard tower. Happy to pay for delivery to my deed on the North Exo coast. However, will consider a pick up if you'd rather. Cheers, Neo
  6. I'd take the Black Drake Cap - would you accept Euros?
  7. Update - Thanks to everyone who got in touch, this is now on hold whilst I negotiate with the seller. Hi there, I'm looking to secure the following, delivered to my Deed in North Exo. If you can provide some or all of the below please do message me on the forums with price quotes: 4x Ceaderwood Cupboards 1x Ceaderwood Royal Lounger 2x Small Bedside Tables 6x Ceaderwood Highchairs 2x Ceaderwood Coffer 1x High Bookshelf 1x Low Bookshelf 2x Wine Barrel Rack 10x Wine Barrel 1x Battle of Kyara Tapestry 1x Cavalry Tapestry 1x Festive Motif Tapestry 2x Still 10x Brass Lamps 25x Marble slabs Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi there, I'm looking to buy 20s if you still have it available? Thanks, Neo
  9. Still looking - feel free to PM me with a price. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, Looking to buy a green drake helm - QL 70+ Thanks
  11. Hi all, Looking for a JK wagon, delivered to North Exo coast. Cheers
  12. Account 1k Drama value...Priceless!