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  1. Is it just me or... are you always "just about to buy a year worth of premium"? hahaha, just kidding Or.. am I? #Rockybalboamastermanipulator
  2. Haha thank you Chiqa. And thank you for keeping positive and hopeful even in instances when the majority is not. For being a person giving the benefit of doubt,
  3. Thanks Araninke and I do appreciate your support. It is because of wurmians like you communication has been easier to improve, believe me hehe
  4. Sia, thank you. You are to kind. The pleasure is mine to have shared this time with you all because it is a joint endevour. If I would not have enjoyed talking with you all so much there would not have been such enthusiasm All the best to you!
  5. Thank you Drakeling, your words truly do warm my heart I hardly feel deserving of such praise my friend but I am non the less glad to have made a difference to you. It is always fun to add a bit of personal flavor when you have such a flamboyant crowd to tease hahaha.
  6. Hahaha Silakka, such a rascal I have enjoyed hanging out with you here on the forums. All the best to you as well.
  7. Right back at you Enki. You are truly a benchmark for what I will think of as a gamemaster and a mind with a just way of rational thinking. And on a personal level an awesome and selfless cool dude. Keep that nose over the water man And remember, share the load hehe. Thanks for all your help and collaboration, I have always appreciated and enjoyed it.
  8. Tack så mycket och kram på dig med! (Thanks and a hug to you to!)
  9. Haha thanks Ace, to think I would be valued as highly as a crafting tool.
  10. Let me assure you the server hamsters are still spinning the wheels of Wurm. Thank you though, will miss you all
  11. Thanks and the same to you Sin! Hope you can find more ways of filling you battery
  12. And thank you necroe, you are a good fm and I appreciated all your work.
  13. Thanks Kegan, keep on building your majestic and fabulous deeds You makin wurm look good man! hehehe
  14. Thanks Brash, I have appreciated your feedback during these years. I will be missing the Wurmians as well
  15. Naaw, im sorry to put you through that Bloodscythe But thank you for all the kind words.
  16. Thanks, but my next location is yet a secret kept by ninjas. I might pop back here later and tell you guys what is up hehe.
  17. Thanks allot Belrindor, gonna get me all emotional with this kinda talk haha.
  18. Yeah, who are you now going to complain to about reiterating the same news about bridges!! It is no good man, no good haha
  19. Haha oh you, such a flatterer. Thank you Atlas, wish you all the best as well mate!!