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  1. It'll be a bit late for me but I'll try to be there. Thanks for another public slaying. [Path removed] Edit: Tried the prior posted path but found out it did not connect the way I thought.
  2. Unless something comes up irl I should be able to attend and would like to have a room. I can do: Blacksmithing (99), Carpentry (98), Chain Smithing (82), Cloth Tailoring (95*), Fine Carpentry (95), Leatherworking (96), Masonry (96), Pottery (91), Shield Smithing (95), Ship Building (95), Stone Cutting (91), Weapon Smithing (99). * Cloth tailoring is one of the skills I'm currently grinding (86 at time of posting) so it'll be 95 by the time the impalong comes around.
  3. Had this happen once a while ago before this patch. Never managed to reproduce it though. Normally when you are embarked on a vehicle or riding on an animal the client will keep them flat and unaffected by the slopes of the terrain. It seems to be not doing that in some cases, so the model of the horse shifts to follow the angle of the land while the players position/pov remains static. When the horse is going down a slope you will 'slide' to the back, when going up a slope you 'slide' to the neck. Seems going on a bridge will force it to happen now. But when I first experienced this happen I never went on a bridge, so it can likely still happen without one.
  4. I had this happen quite some time ago as well with a stone house door at my place. Ground floor but with the SE door. Always visually remained closed. It later fixed itself after a server restart.
  5. I'll take the rare oakenwood clay shaper and one of the rare silver crowbars. Send to Chromega.
  6. I noticed a small issue with the Materials Counter the other day when constructing a house. After a bit of testing it looks like DeedPlamner doesn't have the correct materials for the Spiral staircases. Checking the materials in the program tells me they cost: 10 Shafts, 15 Planks, 1 Small nail, and 1 Large nail. It's giving that result to me for both the with and without banister versions of the spiral staircase. When they actually require: Without banisters: 20 Planks, 20 Stone bricks, 20 Mortar, 2 Small nails, 1 Large nail With banisters: 20 Planks, 20 Stone bricks, 15 Shafts, 20 Mortar, 5 Small nails, 1 Large nail Edit: After looking at the wiki it appears they are being counted as if they were a Standalone Staircase. That is the staircase that matches the materials it has been listing.
  7. Wild Cat Pelt 100QL, CoC73, WoA86 - 50 Copper  Wild Cat Pelt 100QL, CoC73, WoA85 - 50 Copper I'll take these two if still available. Cod to Chromega when you can.
  8. I was busy in DeedPlanner at the time making sure I had the plan for a house I was building finalized. First time I've seen this set of Event messages. The server is shutting down in 5 seconds. Reason: The server lost connection to the database. Shutting down Server shutting down NOW!/%7?o#### NO CARRIER
  9. After going hunting today I noticed a bit of a pattern. It looks like the animations get stuck, at least when on horseback, by moving forwards during the animation.
  10. Can now confirm this appears to be the issue. Remade the Body Control pizza with 12h timer by chopping up the ingredients in my inventory. That's rather disappointing, I liked my pre-chopped setup for making pizza. I'll edit my first post to reflect this. Thank you Locath.
  11. I do pull my herbs and spices from an FSB. All of them are pre-chopped/ground. I don't believe I have restocked that particular FSB for sometime. Certainly not during the time I was aware of that bug. I will try making another after removing them all from that fsb and putting them back in.
  12. Edit: The issue appears to be caused by using pre-chopped ingredients from an FSB. Chopping the ingredients in my inventory instead has fixed the timer. Thank you Locath for bringing that up. -------------- So I noticed this just somewhat recently when I had to make a replacement Body Control pizza since mine is now a single bite from being gone. I tend to make full house pizzas with 28-29 total ingredients using recipes generated from: Typically it looks something like this before I move the ingredients into the rare baking stone in the oven I'm using: Usually this nets me a 9kg~ pizza that gives me a good 11-12 hour timer. Recently however It's been consistently around 3 hours using the same recipes. This reduced timer is the same on both my main which does not have the Fix Cooking Affinities option on and an alt that I turned it on. I recently tried cooking with a non-rare baking stone in the rare oven, and later a rare baking stone in a non-rare oven to the same result. This only appears to affect recently cooked pizzas as the old wrapped ones in the larder are still giving me 11-12 hour timers. I use a rare oven and rare baking stone, have 90+ HFC, and am the last person to hold and drop the baking stones. The pizzas are still coming out around 90ql. I asked about this in CA Help the other day but they couldn't say if it was an intended change or bug. Another player said they hadn't noticed any changes so I've decided to post this here.
  13. It seems that if the blank reports are inside of an archaeology journal when sending they are 1i each + the 1c for the journal. Though that would involve either making/imping a new journal when selling paper or getting them to send their own journal to you for filling.
  14. This appears to also occur with chopped herbs, diced/minced meat, and ground spices.
  15. +1 Would absolutely like to be able to control when I get the sleep bonus so I don't waste any. Though it would make sense for those granted from the journal to be bound to the account/no-drop/no-trade. Another alternative to this though could be to grant the title part of the reward immediately upon completion. But then have a new right click menu on the completed journal tier to 'Claim Reward' and tie the sleep bonus and maybe any material rewards to that.