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  1. Kixilex 362 -,2785
  2. Just to be sure, are we talking IRL months here or Wurm Time?
  3. +1 I just went on the Test server and the turning there is great, fast response time when I start turning and no issues, pretty much how it was just before the most recent update. I've left my cart and horses near the starting towns with perms allowing all if anyone else wants to check. On live however we've seem to have gone back to the old turning style of being damn slow to start and then picking up after a bit, small adjustments taking a few seconds to make and the like. Gotta start turning a fair bit in advance and I need to slow down to a crawl to make any particularly sharp turns.
  4. We seem to have gotten the old style of horse and vehicle turning back during this update so they feel incredibly slow to turn now. Not really nice to have along side a skill that will likely want us travelling all around to try it out.
  5. Main cooking area. Grind cooking area.
  6. I tend only to use the Action Queue trigger when doing a grinding session or digging/mining/crafting bulk mats, so I usually go in and disable it each time I start up Wurm Assist so it's not getting set off as I wander the deed doing some minor upkeep and other things. I was wondering if it would it be possible to add a new setting to Triggers that would allow us to set it so certain ones are disabled on startup? Or if there is already a way to do that which I've overlooked, Thanks.
  7. Guard Tower Correction: Chromega 922 is at,1135 Guard Tower Addition: Chromega 370 is at,1124
  8. I had a similar thought not too long ago. Though I was thinking more along the lines of a Hammer Icon under the hand for repair as well as mirroring the Hand & Hammer to the right slot as well. Edit: Even if the UI wasn't changed/added to it would be nice to be able to use the repair keybind while hovering over the tool selection.
  9. This was my first thought when reading the Treasure Hunting bit.
  10. Congratulations @NcR The auction has finished. I'll be in contact shortly. Edit: Also sent a PM to Nirav that will hopefully clear up what was happening with the protection thing.
  11. Sniper protection means that the time is extended by that amount of time from the last bid placed. From an much older thread. "Say I put 1 hour sniper protection. my auction ends at 8:05. A guy placed a bid at 8:03....... so then the auction will last till 9:03. Then another guy places a bid at it will then last till 9:47. Ect" Edit: In this case it's currently ending in 1h after NcR's last bid. Edit: Nirav bid. Edit: NcR bid.
  12. Supreme Metal Archaeology Statue of Drake Fragment Auction is for a single supreme metal statue of drake fragment [1/127]. Unfortunately I do not have the additional fragments required to hold a 'Ready to Complete' statue auction. (Screenshot from Wurmpedia / MrJohnnyboy) Starting Bid: 40s Increment (Minimum): 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Private Bids: Accepted Sniper Protection has ended as has the auction.
  13. That's a Jackal skin so it's located here:
  14. Did you make the pizza with ingredients that were pre-chopped from an FSB? Seems the issue with them ruining affinity timers may still be around. Try making it again but chopping them all in your inventory. (Yes it's a pain in the ass to do each time.)