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  1. Hah, i was looking for posts about "Memory Leaks" before... Haha, Feel free to close
  2. today, Ive found Wurm online used total of 55GB of ram compared to 4-8GB from normal usage, after investigating this happens after i close down the game it leaves 1 "Java Chromium Embeddfed framework (JCEF) Helper" on, not 100% of the time. This is via the steam version ive have most issues with this paticular memory leak, also according to steam even after ive hit "Quit game" steam still counts it as running and you cannot "stop" the game, you must then find "Java Chromium Embeddfed framework (JCEF) Helper" in task manager and kill its progress. This is not always the obvious solution.
  3. When small crates is full with "Rounded Stones" 150x, and take out for example 10, more often than not the crate will still state there are 150x in there, closing and opening the crate will show the correct amount, This only happens when the crate is full, I've tested to see if i could take more than 150x out of the crate, this is not the case. Server updates correctly, UI does not. Minor inconvenience rather then anything else.
  4. Fair Tide, [1720,3339] Note, founded by Quelliz. My alt