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  1. I tried to pretend this was all just a bad joke for a bit, but here it is in my face. It makes me happy to see the fond words that are being used in regards to an old friend. He and I lived on JK home for a few years as neighbors when i joined the staff. He used to rib me so hard about the 'cluster###### of monkeys' that must be running things, telling me i was batshit crazy to join Wurm staff. Then he moved to Kyara and started convincing me to come over. Many a late night we had discussing anything under the sun while building those walls. just a bunch of 'old men looking for a porch' he would say. DreamMaster, Inacron, Duce and I just babbeling about anything; and nothing. enjoying the conversations as we stared at our forges, banging out gear for the fighters. Duce was always my number one go to guy for confirming screwy bugs or exploits.... he had a knack for it. took me a good year to convince he to join the team, and from the remarks you all have left; a well chosen path for him. Over the years, we all make great friends on the internet, that others may not consider real because we have never met them face to face. I call BS. it hurt when i found out he had passed, but reading this topic has made me smile again. Rest in peace you crotchety ol bastard. i hope you finally got that rocking chair.
  2. One of the most even tempered gents I've had the pleasure to meet. Learned a lot from him, and thoroughly enjoyed our talks in the wee hours of the morning. Rest well Boss.
  3. > just saying...
  4. Ran into this a while back with the latest java update. It re installs the 32 bit version by default. You need to specify the 64 bit version when you update.
  5. I'd prefer you kept your dirty bridges off my island xallo....
  6. I agree, but it is nice to have new music. The new combat sounds are a little... Different, but a nice addition none the less
  7. Thx Woss, well said. *editted my harshness out.
  8. Last Post Wins

    man, this topic is still alive?
  9. assuming you could, heres what the deed planner says and you would need probably 2-3 of these size deeds. Total deed size: 1801X1801 Including perimeter: 1811X1811 Total creation cost: 324g 36s 1c Total unkeep cost: 64g 87s 20c 20i just gimme the million or so euro if you wanna waste it
  10. Last Post Wins

    make it BIGGER..... Must Ride
  11. Last Post Wins

    let me borrow a lockpick first...