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  1. Maybe if you would pick just 1 straight path instead of all the roads going every which direction. You might have a better chance. Either way they don't have to accept your name if they want too. Since it is their map that they are spending time to make and share with everybody. I mean they have only been doing this for how many years?
  2. (New Wonders)

    Server is still alive and kicking. Plenty of space for new players to plant a deed.
  3. No need to rebuild it. The rift did a lot more damage than you did by removing the few fences. I just moved to my smaller deed down on the coast by that place and just disbanded to get get all the silver I had stuck in upkeep in a deed I no longer did anything with.
  4. So I disband one of my big deed a few weeks ago. Then come back after a few weeks to pick up my alts and see the whole area trashed by a rift. What a surprise that was. Edit: I disbanded that deed 14 days before the rift spawned in the middle of it.
  5. Don't know if this will help. The ground tile the bridge ends on has to be 10 dirt above the water. Also if you attach a bridge to a building every wall under it has to be a stone wall. No doors or archways or any wooden walls. All found out the hard way too.
  6. WTS 24 sleep powders for 30 silver. PM me here or contact Andistyr in game. Pending sale.
  7. Tin on Inde

    There is a public mine(s) in the bottom left corner of 21x 44y just west of Killing for Food and right next to Summer Retreat. QL 50-55 tin vein in it. Can't remember in which of the 2 mines by a rare guard tower that it is in. One had Tin the other had Zinc.
  8. In the central US from home (Cox) I can see the map just fine, but at work I get the same error about DNS lookup failed.
  9. No worries Jacob, you still have your place at the village.
  10. Been playing for a while and never even noticed what the merchant ads were for. Always thought there were ads for people's in-game merchants or something like that. If I was looking for something to buy I only looked in either WTS or the Auction forums. It never dawned on me that Merchant Ads were another forum stuff was sold on.
  11. I will take if still available, COD to Andistyr whetstone coc60 ql 80.36 Huge Axe ql 86.02 Huge Axe ql 85.82
  12. Hammer 15 QL Iron 80 COC - 1 Silver CoD to Andistyr if it is still for sale.
  13. I would like the Pickaxe 79CoC - 50c and Hatchet 78CoC - 50c sent to Andistyr please.