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  1. WO Steam Discussion

    I think if anything new gets released on Steam, it would also be released on WO. I don't think they intend to diverge the two servers down different paths, just separate ones. The content should be identical.
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    Couldn't agree more. Steam server(s) (will there be a PvP server also?) really need to remain separate unless they don't take off, in which case the devs would have no choice but to merge. If the Steam launch is successful, then there would only be a merge based on a vote by the paid premium Steam players just like Pristine and Release, which proved to be popular method. On a side note, I think it would be great to have Steam PvE and PvP servers that are connected. This would offer a home for the PvP players, while granting the PvE players an opportunity to experience that part of the game whenever they might desire, while also driving the economy in new ways.
  3. WO Steam Discussion

    It's actually unlikely that the Steam servers will be merged with the existing servers. Only in the case of the Steam release completely flopping would that happen, otherwise they will remain separate. Rolf and Retro have both clarified this in the past.
  4. That all looks fantastic. Thanks Retro.
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    Retro said "work continues as planned" so I would take that to mean that nothing has changed and a 2nd quarter release date is still the target.
  6. Since this is in the "Mixed" section I assume PvP is only allowed in specified areas? If PvP is allowed server wide then you may want to move this to the PvP section. Restricting it to certain areas will probably get you more players. I would also recommend the Priest mod (removes priest penalties). This allows everyone to choose a religion while also having access to all of the crafting and gathering aspects of the game, which come with restrictions when choosing to play as a priest. It's a pretty popular mod that a lot of people won't play without. The rest looks good. Good Luck!
  7. So when Enki opens the transfer window you have your Trader moved to your larger deed and start saving 2s20c per month instead of the 70c per month that you're currently saving. I know some people only want to focus on the negatives, but it's not all bad.
  8. Did you reset the map and all of the characters so it's a fresh server entirely or did you just reset the map?
  9. This is actually pretty good.
  10. WO Steam Discussion

    I don't recall saying anything about having a problem with experienced players playing WO Steam, that is to be fully expected. You are counting on quite a few assumptions to all play out for your scenario to come true. It's easy to say "well what if this, this, this, this and this all happen" and then write up a dire ending. I do not think WO Steam will fail, so I'm far from worried about your doomsday scenario.
  11. WO Steam Discussion

    I am in the camp that supports never merging WO Steam with OG WO. The original game is not going anywhere and will always be available for players to join should they prefer a more developed world, it would certainly be a much easier game experience for a new player with established roads, guard towers, gear, etc. On the flip side I think WO Steam should remain as a fresh perspective for those that prefer this type of experience. Merging the servers, even after one, two or three years, would be a taint on the fresh world because even a few years is not comparable to the 13 years (since going gold) of the skills, equipment, currency, etc. that would be brought over from original WO, skewing everything that the fresh world had established by that point. Hopefully a definitive answer is given prior to launch so that I know if I will be subbing to WO Steam for a very long time, or not at all. Very much looking forward to a brave new world.
  12. Relaunch this@Sindusk. With all of these changes, GM and website issues I think a fresh start would be very appealing to a lot of people. You do a great job and having all of these changes in from the beginning would be great to see. I think this would be a strong population server.
  13. Close plz :)

    It looks like they voted to add in deed cost and upkeep.
  14. Close plz :)

    So this will launch under the name Dragon Isle? Launching today?