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  1. Yes I'm sure I will be back. It was just hard to see days keep going by without getting sleep bonus and I know you were swamped so I decided to just tackle it on my own. Congrats on all of the business!
  2. Dona I'm sorry but I will need to cancel my order. I have managed to get the things I needed taken care of. Thank you for your efforts.
  3. Thumbs up for these guys. They were willing to spend the time needed to complete the job and provided some good company along the way! - Sace
  4. I'm online now guys at Hardhome, NE corner of T15, southern coast. Message Sace in game when you're headed here and I'll keep an eye out. I've also added a deity casting role for Zheals. Thanks!
  5. Spirit Cottage up and running. Will be ready for you guys when you get here!
  6. Are you guys be going out tomorrow rather than today?
  7. No problem. Just shoot me a PM in game when you're headed over. Thanks again.
  8. Great thanks Carbon. Please put me down for a cast today at T15. In game name is Sace. Thanks!
  9. Carbon what is the pricing on your Courier casts? Looking for one at T15 but would like to confirm pricing first. Thanks.
  10. Picked up two huge birchwood shod clubs last night. Only one appeared in my inventory at the time, dropped it in my house. Logged in this morning to find the other one is now in my inventory. Thanks.
  11. Sure no problem Dona, take all the time you need. Thanks!
  12. Hi Dona, Could you please COD 4 Cotton sheets and 2 25QL Meditation Rugs to Sace on Harmony? Also please put me down for 4 Square Sails once you have those available. Thank you!
  13. I lost out on this too. I bought 12 months premium as that was my plan all along and did not even see the starter packages. I went back to look after reading about them and they were nowhere to be found. Every account should be eligible to purchase a starter package regardless of whether it is purchased first or not. There was no warning about it needing to be purchased first or else losing your eligibility for it. Can this please be reverted to make all accounts eligible to purchase one starter pack regardless of when it is purchased? Thank you.
  14. From Samool: At this point any accounts you create will not go to the servers that will be released today, and will not be able to transfer there. This announcement will be changed to indicate when you can create characters that will be able to go to Northern Freedom Isles.
  15. I guess that part I don't know. If you didn't complete the confirmation perhaps it will still be available to use on the new servers. Paraphrasing what Samool said: "until we specify it here, assume it's not safe to start a character. We'll make sure we post a notice once you can create a character that'll be able to go to the new servers."