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  1. See above. No longer needed.
  2. Please add "Lunar Cove" at 1654,1020. Thanks!
  3. COD Rare 91.11ql Oakenwood Rope Tool BotD 90 -5%repair damage +5% use speed rune 7s to Moonjuice please.
  4. 1. [17:31:04] You think the chopped corn might give you more of an insight about normal fighting! 2. Normal 3. Chain Armour Smithing, Hot Food Cooking 4. 8h 5. Wrapped: Yes 6. Confirmed fixed affinities 7/8. Send/COD to Moonjuice Thanks.
  5. When hauling an item down (such as a crate) a ladder when on a 3rd story floor, the item clips through the 2nd story floor and lands on the 1st story floor.
  6. I have a supreme tin lump and a supreme mortar. Not sure what type of supreme you're looking for.
  7. iron pickaxe, 3 ql, 84 coc, 1 s meditation rug, 5 ql, 82 coc, 1 s rake, 6 ql, 71 coc, 60 c cod to Moonjuce please