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  1. Yes please!!! I have little kids and regularly need to step away at a moment's notice. This keeps me from traveling very much as it is a long trip back home. And I'd rather not travel than leave my horse somewhere in the world that needs to be retrieved later.
  2. Please COD remaining mallet and awl to Moonjuice.
  3. I stopped by and picked up two horses. Very well laid-out, great selection, and great prices. Highly recommend!
  4. See above. No longer needed.
  5. Please add "Lunar Cove" at 1654,1020. Thanks!
  6. COD Rare 91.11ql Oakenwood Rope Tool BotD 90 -5%repair damage +5% use speed rune 7s to Moonjuice please.
  7. 1. [17:31:04] You think the chopped corn might give you more of an insight about normal fighting! 2. Normal 3. Chain Armour Smithing, Hot Food Cooking 4. 8h 5. Wrapped: Yes 6. Confirmed fixed affinities 7/8. Send/COD to Moonjuice Thanks.
  8. When hauling an item down (such as a crate) a ladder when on a 3rd story floor, the item clips through the 2nd story floor and lands on the 1st story floor.
  9. I have a supreme tin lump and a supreme mortar. Not sure what type of supreme you're looking for.