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  1. Merchant Listing Mod Stay up to date with your favourite Wurm merchants Download latest release | Install instructions | Github The merchant listing mod offers a way to view up to date inventory listings of any merchant, in your web browser. You simply right-click a merchant, choose "get listing", and open the url in your browser. You can then share the link to this page with others, for example to share your merchant on your server's forum. This is the first release of the mod, so there will probably be some bugs. If you encounter any issues, please report them in this thread or on Github. Other feedback (positive or negative) is of course also appreciated This is currently a basic version of what I want the mod to be, I plan to refine it a bit more. I may also add some new features based on community feedback.
  2. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! Kingdom towers shouldn't be too difficult to add, I'll check it out Copy / sharing coordinates is on the roadmap so should be added soon Adding other items (e.g. portals) to the map is also on the roadmap, though I may need to do some more testing to get this one working I'm looking at the best way to add custom icons, it should be added soon as well This is something the user should do, correct? If you want, you can add it to the information on the wiki, otherwise I'll look into it when I get a chance, and add some recommendations to the wiki myself. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this, could you elaborate? The map renderer doesn't use CSS classes for styling, rather it is configured through Javascript code. I'll see if I can add some more configuration values to customise how the permanent deeds are rendered.
  3. WurmMapGen Interactive tile map generator for Wurm Unlimited servers Download latest release | Install instructions | Github repository Based on WurmMapGen by Garrett94, this updated version adds a lot of new features and configuration options, coupled with a major rewrite of most of the underlying code. I plan to add even more features and options in the future, based on my own ideas and on suggestions from the community. Instant search - Find deeds, players, structures... Real time player markers - If enabled, shows where every player is on the map as they move around. Uses WurmWebRMI. Extensive configuration options - Choose what data should be shown and how the map should look. See all configuration options. Multiple marker types - Don't like the markers? Use labels instead! Read more. Modern UI - The UI is constantly being improved based on player feedback. If you encounter any bugs, be sure to report them either through the forum or as an issue on Github.
  4. I've found a partial solution: Terraforming.isAllCornersInsideHeightRange(tileX, tileY, surfaced, maxHeight, minHeight); Unfortunately this only tells me whether the center of the tile is below a certain level, not if all 4 corners of that tile are. Also, it doesn't return the actual height of the tile or its corners. Anyone who can give me an idea where to look for what I need?
  5. Hi all! I'm working on my first mod (server, with modlauncher) and I'm a bit stuck on something. How do I check whether a tile is underwater (and by how much), if all I have are tileX and tileY coordinates? Thanks!
  6. Hello fellow wurmians (wurmans? wurmonians?), On behalf of our city-to-be, me and my pal Pawelski are looking for players who are doing some terraforming, are flattening a road, or are busy doing any action where you have excess dirt, and who are willing to bring it to us. We are expanding our island in the middle of the lake near the starting point and could use every bit of dirt available. You are very welcome to stop by with a boatload full of dirt (or just to say hi, we love company ), and if you cant get to us by boat we can come pick you (and your dirt piles) up with our Mighty Fleet of, you won't believe it, no less than two row boats! So if you have dirt to spare, or know someone who does, it would be extremely kind of you to get in touch with us and to help us make our island city flourish Thanks in advance for your help and your overall kindness, LordOfAwesomnia