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  1. I thought I had used mine since and it worked still but maybe not. I'll try to look this weekend and see if I can modify mine to also work, otherwise it might be done. Thank you for creating your mod!
  2. I don't know if this is new with 1.6 or it disappeared earlier, but the brass oil lamp recipe seems to be gone. GM can create them but player doesn't seem to be able to. Tried a glowing brass lump on large and small anvil and it wasn't there.
  3. Not sure if its 1.5 or a mod but myself and at least one of my players has noticed a bug where occasionally you lose the ability to Take/Move items, and switching your active item to anything else seems to clear the issue. I've never had that occur until I switched us to 1.5
  4. I've been working on adding the ability to transfer the character's inventory as well. It's kind of there but something odd happens to most of the items where you can't get the right click menu on them, it just says refreshing forever. Very strange because in my test case the character had 3 healing covers, two of them were fine (I can examine them and it tells me what you'd expect to see) and the other is bugged. I've been digging through the database to try to figure out what could be causing that but I don't see any difference between those 3 items. The server logging does sometimes show errors about Mesh when you try to right click on one of the bugged items: WARNING com.wurmonline.mesh.MeshIO: data: 4194305, x: 24, y: 31066, size_level: 11, x | (y << size_level): 63623192 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException And my butchering knife thinks its a wall: com.wurmonline.server.structures.NoSuchWallException: No wall with id 105115203845 I'll keep looking into it but I'm not optimistic about getting this working. (edit: I've commited my current code if another dev is interested in investigating)
  5. Any idea why the guardtowers and structures only appear when I look at the map using a browser on the server itself, but another machine on the LAN just sees the map, deeds, and players? I'm running on IIS if that is a factor.
  6. I noticed that the Bulk Container Unit and Crate Rack (the two things I really want from this release) have no models :\
  7. Release 1.1.2 has been created. Adds detailed logging of the processes occurring. You'll need to get the exe, nlog.config, and the SQLite.Interop.dll. It will create a log folder and generate a file once you perform an action within the app.
  8. Yeah when I fall off Wurm I tend to fall off hard. I noticed that my post today was a year and a day after my previous post The issue that Solmark reported, with the message "System.FormatException: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime." was caused by certain titles that had a single quote in them (e.g. "I'm Sawry") which mucked up the scripts. I resolved that back in February. The one that Skrofler found "Error loading character into db: SQL logic error or missing database 7 values for 5 columns", I have no idea I haven't ever seen that error. I suspect there were extra commas in the script somehow, but I'm not sure what the source would've been. I'm planning on adding some detailed logging into the app to capture each step it is taking. That would make it a lot easier to track down those issues.
  9. I added a new tab for importing a WO skill dump into a WU database. Link to the latest release in the OP. Just go into your settings for WO and make sure the "Save Skills On Exit" is checked, login the character in WO, logout and go find the txt file and rename it to your [characterName].txt (e.g. vardoj.txt). If your character is a priest you can select the appropriate deity from the dropdown. On Windows the dump should end up somewhere around here: C:\Users\$YOURNAME\wurm\players\$CHARACTERNAME\dumps.
  10. Is steam workshop a possibility? That would certainly lower the barrier for entry for users to install mod content. I saw mention that the new crops aren't growing (or is it all crops?). So that's not just me then. Do we have any sense of how far away a wild hive will migrate to a domestic one?
  11. 70ql Caravel for sale, looking for 10s. has 4 or 5 large crates on it and an anchor. I could make more crates if you want to pay more. Its located on the north shore of Inde currently. I will probably not be able to deliver it anywhere as I only have one premium character at the moment.
  12. Solmark has made the reply, but I wanted to ask if there is a chance you could look into our problem.



  13. I thought I had heard the under-spawning is intentional to allow for breeding. Incidentally, my server has 1780 aggressive creatures out of 5948 total which is almost exactly 30%. So at least in my case the ratio is correct.
  14. Mine is an original Ageless account. I haven't been incredibly active over the last 9 years though, couple of months every other year.