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  1. I was wondering... is it possible to bind toolbelt-slots with the custom action command somehow? Was trying to set up a keybind to select my butchering knife, butcher hovered corpse, select shovel and bury it Can't use activate_tool1 apparently (unless i did it wrong somehow)
  2. I'm really excited to see warlander joining the team He does a great job with the deedplanner, just hope we'll still get those bridges in at some point
  3. A 1 Tile flat(and level) Bridge from a building (with a Plain stone portcullis) to a tile 123 dirt above the groundlevel... You can pass the portcullis from the building onto the bridge.. You can't pass the portcullis from the bridge into the building If another player "opens" the portcullis from inside the building you can pass the portcullis into the building once.
  4. Please, consider consulting Google translator to make your statements readable.
  5. Awesome Would love to see more of that! Also... we need beer! PS: Found some typos here and there in my second read through
  6. If they are at .. let's say... 3/4th the height of the highest mountains... the awesomeness... god ;___;
  7. Guess I had some false information then... I stand corrected
  8. That is just downright wrong, there were a lot of people drawing silver out of traders.. and now a lot of people forage for rare coins nonstop.. at least it looks like it Might just be small amounts here and there but it adds up i guess
  9. Did no-one tell you to not hassle the Hoff... 9000?
  10. But I think the thread title states EPIC right?
  11. I still wear one, just unequipping it whenever I'm on a unique-hunt or fighting against greenish scorps and the like..
  12. But I'd really like to use a slingshot with pebbles -1 to cannons tho
  13. Just wanted to let you know... you're not the only one