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  1. make it open up with teh fighting update. would be fun. i'm thinking they could be a 'spawn' (new players cant go there from tutorial) for revives, and some docks to park boats/load/unload carts, with a small inn and a few beds. so its minimalist. imagine that wild dangerous lands where all attemps at civilisation resulted in a shabby dock with a house in poor state, and maybe some ruins scattered around. would make for fun explorations. could add new mobs from the bandit idea in those ruins? i like the idea of making the hunts really risky alone. but could bring back the fun of events like rifts and unique hunts without needing to wait for the set time the game gives. this way you can go with friends no matter the timezone or day of the week. would give some chooice back to the players as to when they want those fight events to take place
  2. yes, yes, yes, and for corpses in boat. my hint's this: rafts. loads of rafts
  3. anyone who's made a silver or gold barding and imped them knows they are not cheap (lumpwise) and isnt gold softer so take more dmg? so...whoever can manage to make and keep barding ql 90+ shoulld be allowed to put it on unis i guess.... if pvp balance is the issue at least make it doable on pve first to test balance?
  4. shouldnt be hard to make and give more reasons to use decorations rarely used...so why not
  5. when doing a mission it's sometimes hard to organise and know who is doing 1action only or a sizable chunk of the goal in order to clear it... so how about making it that when you do a mission job you get joined into a temporary chat (like group chats when players make a party). it would close when mission does, and could show % done next to people's name so we know who is an actual helper for goal. when seeing those mission needing 100+ items and having no way to know if anyone else is helping or if on your own... most would just not take part...but if they knew someone was doing 30, an other 20, and so one.... would help motivate everyone in taking part
  6. well bandits are human so.... let them give you FS gain without the negative buff from pve/pvp thing? but that might incide farming them.... and we're not talking filling the server with them danger. no sealmageddon type event... just a few left and right like a lair does. or a miniraid. have to agree for getting some challenge and danger back in a bit... plus fightingwise there's a big gap i feel.. its either simple easy fights like spider and wolf and bears. then huge gap to trolls... would be nice to have some more things in the middle
  7. that's a good idea. would bring some love back to some skills we only used when new and quickly forgotten them since... also the books might help give a boost (read report for 30 mins buff. 1 active at a time) to farming or planter harvesting by making the action either yeild more for fields( +1-3 harvest depending of the ql of the report?) and keep the plant alive/harvest slightly better ql for the herbs? up to a certain point where skill is enough and you dont need it anymore (90 skill maybe?). making them a good help to new farmers, but not something a master would need to carry around all the time. ps: keeping those books in a bookselves would also give the furniture some love
  8. im not pvp or much into the gods but that does sound like a flaw... doing a task and getting punished for it sounds quite counterproductive indeed.... actual sucess should be rewarded no? like a faith increase (if not 100) and keeping a little of the stats ( would have to make sure its balanced so the system isnt abused to hit 100 in stats)
  9. i like those ideas. also davih has a point. crates below ql 30(decent) or even 5cant be sent: wagoneer says the crate's in too poor shape and risks breaking. else it can actualy break... and once droped off it woul dhave a day max before it takes dmg and animal escaped. so you get time to grab but its not there for ever. option 2 is sedating animals for transport. would need to make a new item( and more use for natural substances ) and it could also be used for regular travel. either way animal will have a temporary debuff sluggish or sleepy for 12-24 hours and while its in effect no dmg on crate+ slower walk speed. side effect, it could make taming easier too, but will lose more taming effect when it wears off.
  10. all that bickering as you mention is because players are pointing out how that part of the game's broken (balance wise) and they heavily profit fromit, thus dont want to change it. and of course rather than actualy suggesting solution their method is to spam every thread about a possible change until the thread's closed. so yes mystrix the devs might get fed up and decided to remove the uniques altogether instead of searching a solution because each time it turns to a mess with the "go hunt one yourself if you dont like it" party vs people actualy seeking a change. honestly having the entire unique system shut down until it gets balanced again sounds like the best move at this point. when no one can get to them then people will finnaly work together for a proper solution rather than this mess of toxic drama. have them GM spawned only until a solution is found. so can have an event for impalong, christmas and the like, so they are ALL gone from the game. but remind them that uniques are a gift and not to be abused. and make sure everyone can enjoy it. i could say its funny, even tho its really not, how a few players decide how other's games should be played and how vocal they are about not changing the system they change... at this point there's no more possible discussion with those people. i say put the uniques back in their locked box for now. stop the spawning of new ones until a new method is found. trying to be reasonable with those extremists is just not possible. yes i'm saying it. there's no possible discussion. no middle ground. no possible idea that will satisfy them because everything works against their personal greed. so end it all. just end it. no more uniques. get rid of them. and perhaps, PERHAPS, after a few months and they calmed down those kind of thread could be opened again and people could look for an actual solution and offer ideas to the devs without getting spammed in drama each time! how is this idea of locking them away any different from ahostage situation? it's not. that's the point! because the current situation as it is is exactly that. a hostage situation! it's a "shut up and nobody get hurts if you dont like how i got control go find your own hostage" mess and this needs to end. it has gone for too long now. this has been a nightmare since before xanadu opened. that was what.. 4 or 5 years ago? it's enough! many people left the games for various reasons, and i'm pretty sure the fact you cant do one of the most high end feature entirely is not entirely blameless. how many people would play minecraft if they where told "from now on you cant enter the nether realms" by players? how many would play wow if told the end dungeon is not allowing them inside because other players decided its theirs? do i need to keep going on? wurm has that amazing side that it allows players to do a great deal. but as uncle ben once said "with great power comes great responsibilities" so ok, its been proven some cant be responsible. its time to take back those powers turning them from superheroes to supervillains. it's tiring to see such a great game lose its true potential because a few players decided to hoard everything. and in doing so hurt the game and the community even more. wurm has an amazing potential to grow but this kind of behavious is damaging it. often eve online is quoted as a similar game as wurm but in space. i dont know the details of how game's inner workings are set but pretty sure this kind of behaviour would not work long. like in any other places. so why does it still run wild in wurm. at this point the unique hunts are turning to a desease. and should be cut out... i'd say before it spreads but its been running unchecked for too long. so congrats 'go hunt yourself' team. your non stop drama and nagging is pushing me( and am i truly alone here to be fed up with this drama?) towards a more radical solution i'd normaly never even suggest: complete removal of the uniques. end it. remove that cancer and fix this mess. maybe, MAYBE, when it cooled down enough that a civilised conversation can he had, a solution can be found. until then close the door and throw away the key!
  11. a reward system like rifts might be an idea altho i know this system's also unpopular... but a unique point system might do. blood in local for everyone can stay the same. i doubt anyone's got issue with the blood. rest of reward given as unique points and you can redeem what you want maybe? to unlock a reward being available the same type of mob must have been killed recently in cluster. so would push for people to hunt too. so cant get some green hide if a green hatchling hasnt been slain in the last 2 weeks for example.unless you pick random hide and get lucky. could add option for tomes too? point system would work well on a defend the area type battle (get more point for the less damage and speed of kills) making speed a factor, so larger groups prefered
  12. davih all the stuff you mentioned is high value and rather endgame. was thinking none of that and more along the lines of the 'best' gear behing a ql 70 weapon with a cast of 50-70 power MAX. 2 casts if you are extremely lucky. or a nice piece of armor or tool. some basic ressources not easy to obtain but not worth much, like a dozen lumps of ql 50 gold. hard to get without a vein but aside not that valuable, or some logs in a 'rare' woodtype like bushwood. basicly something that can help a new and struggling or decent but still growing player but not create a need for high lvl people to hoard them like some unique hunts get made private... i think total reward for a high lvl bandit camp shouldnt reach 1-2 silver worth in player market. it shouldnt be something you do for the coins... and if you want to make a living off it...see how archealogy is...you need to dig a lot to get a statue rebuilt... the idea to get some sleeping bonus ( like mission give) and maybe some karma from the king for helping removing bandits might work out nice. god mission dont pay a lot but people still do them.
  13. rope would get damaged with use and failure to untie yourself when you want to move could result in having to cut it... pushing the need for ropes for something else than spamming sacc food for faith XD
  14. have you tried soloing one? a champ troll is managable alone. a rift with a few people(concidered endgame type events) can be done. a unique, dragon or otherwise...you'd have to be a monster to handle that. yea sorry but i must call BS on that. and not blacksmithing. for info mine's 98.5 and i barely worked 2-3 days in the forge last month. there's no clients. people go to alliance members. the issue here is how some manage the hunt to order to hoard a ressource to the point they are the only ones in control. a little like a guild... now imagine if they was a guild running all sides of the market. want to sell clay/mortar? be in the digger's guild. you got bricks? stonecutter's guild. ore? miner's guild. leather? tanner's guild. and so on. you're new and not part of any guild you cant sell. ridiculous isnt it? so why is that allowed to continue on this particular ressource. not only does it get hoarded for profit (ironic concidering its dragons that are meant to hoard riches) but the actual events are closed off from people taking part ( again exept stanlee making his public. you rock dude!) in the past either someone or i suggested uniques would be announced like rifts. with a big shiny light on them. or can do it like the mission for some creatures with a map area. so finding or avoiding them would be easier and push to make the hunts more public. can you guess how that went? the private hunting groups stand guard and come out in force as soon as any hunt change is even remotely suggested and spammed under hate and drama before anyone gets a chance to see the ideas... because the 'guilds' they built do not want to let go of the monopoly they get. that system is flawed and needs to change. i'm not the only one saying this. this might work. this would mean no taking the body. loot could be sent in local and for those a bit late could still use a butcher knife and get something out of the body. but i'll admit gnomegate's idea of guards telling of an attack or elentari's merc recruitment both sound way more fun. also having to defend does make more sense and there's a challenge. we dont want people's homes to be destroyed, so possibly a higher turnover not just for loot. i recall a kyklops a few years back was damaging someone's place. everyone grouped on it fast. could also plan ahead, prepare some strategies( espetialy if there's more than 1 scaly on the menu) and maybe see a use for war machines in pve! those 3 ideas sounds more fun than the actual system. and for those saying the devs dont have time to code... that's mechanics already in the game so, bit of tweaking and balancing. nothing too new to create. so to finnish i'll say this: the actual system is broken and unfair, and just because we have been forced to use it doesnt make it right. it needs a change. badly! we have had great suggestions in this thread (and many more in the past im sure) for new ways to make things more fun for everyone, make the game more alive and make sure people not only join but want to actualy stay in wurm. so please. please. please. dev team. no need to make it instant. but please fix this. because it is not healthy as it currently is. wurm is strongly built on its tight knit community and this only drives us futher away from each others. help strengthen the bonds we create, not destroy them. thank you
  15. few years back i did a similar topic asking for suggestions and a look into the system. was met with a wall of "do not change go find your own!" protest. who all sounded like broken robots. with no argument no real answer just yelling "NO NO NO go find your own" when what was truly sounding was "we get money on this system dont change it" so yes. give fixed hide or have the corpse as a marker. make sure the ones who make the event get some reward too (thinking of Stanlee recently who made many events public and kept nothing for himself, even a fantastic bone was handed out) it should be an endgame event sure but dont make it a limited entry one. imagine if other MMOs had a limited number of entries to end game dungeon per server and only a few hoarded those ?