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  1. +1. and for people who complain about those who would craft 20 tomes a day... crafting a tome puts a strain on your mind/soul, and you need to rest until you try again ( like meditation cooldown) from a week to a month of cooldown? should limit mass production, but still give the option to get them. after all uniques only come once a month too
  2. an option like the attack high/low/left/right style? would make sense too, not much point trying to slash a scorpion, or to pierce something with no armor at all. +1
  3. sounds like a fun idea. take your +1
  4. +1 to repairable and impable tents. +1 to the camping idea. limit it like animal ratio too in a way but less than animals own ratio? +1 to the tents usable as beds, and giving smaller sleep bonus than bed ( and making canopy beds give a bit more than regular ones? would push people to get more of those) what do you mean cant drop more than 1 +1 ?
  5. non itchy underwear not made out of rough wemp? where do i sign?! +1 !!!
  6. +1. not sure about overaged. but def for shriveled. would work out great
  7. the idea's fun. and would put a use for tables so def +1
  8. +1 for more helmets and armors. also already made drake helmets fit in really well with one of the masks you can get in archeology (dont have it so forgot name) as if they where made for one another perhaps could combine the 2 to get masked drake helm, which would offer same defence but also cover face? (iirc drake helmets dont cover the face) and i'm sure there's other combos out there that are made for each others
  9. mortar + concrete = thick concrete. able to glue up to 100 slope. would let us correct those mistakes... option 2. extra lye ( ) to make thin concrete that will seep into the dirt and convert 1 dirt into concrete. dirt needs to be the only dirt on the rock tile. if 2+ dirt get message 'the dirt is too thick here and the thin concrete wouldnt take" and both would be hard to make. like 50 nat sub minimum? could also go with over 40 slope using concrete eats a plank in inventory like for making wood walls. can go to 100 slope max this way too. either way... +1 for more freedom to fix our land. and pve only( for once we can use the perk without pvpers screaming murder bloody murder -.- )
  10. +1 for more reasons to stay nose deep into the forge
  11. agreeing with finn. would be handy for new accounts to drink a potion of strength and be able to load crates even if they arent at 23 strength yet. potions would give 0.01 to 1.00 boost to skill/stat depending of ql and actual skill? so someone almost over the limit of a skill or stat could temporaly pass over, but someone far from it wont get any benefits. and stats potions limited to under 50 use. after that "you are too powerful already to feel any effect." this way wouldnt be overly cheating but could give a little help, and pretty sure the realm would also benefit from it. something not too expensive to make, but you need the skills, and possibly the skill or stat you make the potion of (no mind logic potion if you are drooling on yourself) and to make it that is basicly only useful at low lvl could help make new accounts able to catch up to older ones a little and feel more enclined to stay in the game, without the old accounts going overpowered on it. just have to be sure the boost doesnt count as a x3 once its over... or do to help them grow? but might be just easier to make potions lower difficulty linked to a stat or skill... this way would act both as a way to mentor people and boost alchemy usage
  12. got that sameone... repairing 6k fences or walls is set as same difficulty...didnt do it but in time i guess i can. but yea some goals are impossible.. got slay spirit creature + eagle spirit and in pve...nope...zombies if you are lucky at an impalong and a gm drops a few... have to agree too many of those goals are too pvp oriented and some impossible...and sometimes too vague. a counter to tell how far along you are could help motivate people too
  13. its a bit sad that those towers have no use aside from decoration. coul dact like a guard tower. but if they take 10 dmg/fall under a certain ql: they stop shooting ( so need to maintain them, and they can be turned off since they wouldnt spawn archer guards)... option 2. new npc. guard archer XD