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  1. since this will likely pop up again: honestly not that good. so far all i've been doing has been using the same arguments you used as a defence and facts others have bought up to point how much bullcrap you are spilling... and oh dear its not over, so lets get started shall we? somehow i never realised "market this way" and "highway" meant the same things, thank you for pointing this out to all of us who clearly where in the wrong for all those yeaaARE YOU REALLY HONESTLY THINKING WE WOULD FALL FOR THAT?????? since you love to compare things to IRL, how do you think your town mayor or council would react if you built a shop, and renamed the streets around by changing the signs? seriously stop it. the bull is so full of it by now its about to explode. this just makes me think "its ok officier, i only commited that crime a few years back, nobody found me until now so i'm in the clear!" as a defence system.... ? while some crimes may have a time limit, others dont, and i dont recall one in the game rules. and i have to admit, like the others, i wonder how you managed to get perms to place signs and merchants in starters towns and how those where not removed... where the GMs too busy to solve other of your mess, like when you cateyes over a work in progress highway, to the point that you slipped under the radar? well after this thread...you better hurry pick those all back up asap, cause i'm no mod or GM but sounds like someone's gonna 'own' an other week of premium ? now all that is left to wonder is only whom will you put the blame on, or are you going to ask a week from everyone who posted in this thread? playing the poor victim again while you act as a spoiled brat as soon as all official eyes are turned back? ps, i think the bull is dying... get it to an open field asap... at this point he has so many alts i just assume the 2-3 who follow him and his 'ghm team' is just alts, an army of alts... like the strange 'joke sarcasm' conversation when sila 'left this thread for good' and came back... too fast (was done in seconds) and too perfect. not to mention its all gone now. both sides of the convo removed it...cant find it anymore. and just in case you wonder why everyone is grouping up on you now sila,. well...years of sly and small abuses (or big, i'm not here to size them up) piling up, and people who usualy let it slide getting fed up with it and finnaly turning vocal about it, seeing they arent alone and giving others confidence to finnaly step out of the shadows and voice their concerns, finnaly sure to be heard.reminds me what we are living in france right now with the yellow jackets. people who grew fed up with a bunch of 'elites' abusing the system over and over... since you so love your RL comparisons you should like this one. what else can we say or add? Sila, we extended you an olive branch at the start of this thread, you decided to look down on us and step on in after tossing it to the floor, then you played victim, and then the higher than thou attitude showed its head again thru the cracks of your defence, poorly i might add, before going back to play the confused poor victim again, all the time wondering why we picked that same olive branch you discarded and we are now using it to beat the devil out of you? ...could it be the entire Xanadu community is wrong and decided we need someone to pick on for 2019 (poor elwood had it for so many years after all, he needed a break) or could the real reason for our anger was one in our midst, a wolf in sheep's clothing, trying to tear apart at the community in order to get some personal gain.... to end this i will just say the poor bull died drowned in his own crap....now clean up the mess, dont bring an elephant to replace it instead
  2. now i'm curious too *reaches for the popcorn*
  3. have you seen a mirror? in your life? cause that's how you are towards us, hundredfolds.
  4. and now the real sila speaks once more.... this is exactly why no one trusts you and we dont want you around. you are a two faced snake. and not a good one at that. your true colors show way too easily. just go back to glasshollow. go lag your corner of the server with your millions of lamps, and leave us to live happily 'in our caves' but be warned if you come out our way. caves can be collapsed to drag down whatever's on the surface along (yes i know its not a game mechanic, its called a metaphor)
  5. are you just going to reply with old quotes of yours now? and do i need to reply with my own quote of what i said back then? you know nothing about me, we barely ever spoke a couple times and each time you ended insulting me. and no one wants to go shop at your place seeing as how nice you are at treating others.
  6. dont you think its the other way around? we had to get to the point where someone with an actual official tag came to the convo to have a start of an answer ... even shmeric said that before your replies.... you are so predictable its sad. kind of hard to express what you want when the other party holds back all information and only lets you worry. all that was asked was what was planned there. took 3 days to learn things will remain as they are (for now...lets be honest sila's trust capital is already in the negatives for me and i'm sure many others) and its just the deed expanding and there's no plan to change existing highways. a simple reply like that could have solved this in minutes, possibly even seconds.... this thread lasted 4 days. can you see why some of us are starting to lose patience? read the previous posts, sila's holier than thou attitude droped the instant you posted, and now he's playing the poor victim. its a very poor attempt at manipulation, the kind a child would do. and just for the record. your ghm members do not live in the local area, never contributed to anything aside from claiming other's work...so why should their choices matter over the locals? in fact have they ever said no to you can be wondered as they all seem to view you as the savior of all wurmkind. this is tiring....if you really want to be worshiped go get made into a playergod...dont try to set up a dictatorship... word of advice, you might want to be nicer before officials arrive at the scene and before people stop only simply ignoring you and put you on top of the list of 'vermins to chase away from home' we all have ideas and suggestions but you dont bother listening anyway... but on the off chance: who would like to see markets by locals and run by locals instead of MADE BY GLASSHOLLOW signs and run by someone too stubborn to see anything but the tip of their own nose? and we might have gotten the start of an answer after 4 days ... but personaly i'm tempted to keep digging cause i'm more worried of what is NOT being said to us.
  7. are you serious now? so can we start comparing you to the cheetos in chief or you need an orange hair dye first? i'm no lawer but im pretty sure NEW highways dont need GM's ok. in fact pretty sure as well pestering GMs for everything and nothing would get anyone a quick kick in the donkey. and sila please would you STOP justifying your poor behaviour by "someone else does it and they dont get told off" its childish. its what a spoiled brat would do. is that why you are quoting trump now? what next? build a wall to protect glasshollow and the southern wurmians are gonna pay for it?
  8. bear in mind some of those 'glasshollow highways' where made by other players before the cateye system was in place, and then GH came and claimed them as their own ... main reason people dont like them i think, big no no in wurm to claim other's work as yours...
  9. we have plenty of good spots on the island so if you find one you like, you are welcome to join us, and you can ask anyone on the island to add you to the alliance if you want too
  10. ayes, you try to compare settling a wild virgin land vs changing an already set up land...everyone was busy setting up their own deed as their own pace as you mentioned, so they had little time to worry about highways yet. HOWEVER our concern is with sila/rocky's changes to EXISTING highways. this is as relevant to the point at hand as the boohoo story about how 'someone deeded over the house and i had to run away'
  11. well its hard to make a suggestion or have ideas when we are purposely left in the dark as to which changes are coming... the open pvp for a day does sound like it could be fun tho. ? but just be warned...more than one can play this game and dear, you alone wouldnt last against the whole island. right now you arent Lopez and his conquistadors, you're closer to that poor sap who wanted to preach to that isolated tribe a few months back....
  12. not my first time dealing with stubborn people and trolls over the internet. you'd be surprised, but that's a story for an other day, and one i only share with friends. and sorry hun but deep inside all i can smell about you shouldnt be put into words. dont assume things about me. i'm nice only because i am just tired of being an ass. but the ass is always near. for example i can just say that once again your reply is not to care for the welbeing of the locals living near your market in order to create an harmony in which both parties can be satisfied, but to push people to just go SHOP at your market... regardless of how they feel about what you do... shoping might be your end goal, but there's many checkpoints on the way and trying to skip them wont work. so lets be frank here, you've managed to make a lot of wurmians (nearly everyone on this thread, and those not talking or not aware of this particular thread) angry at you, mostly with your policy to ignore all concerns, push boundaries as far as the rules allowed you and fire back on people who tried to defend themselves. clearly not a good start to make yourself popular and intrest people in visiting with something else than torches and pitchforks. now what do you think would be a productive way to turn all this badwill you accumulated into good will? as suggested earlier, a first step would be to stop doing as you damn well please and listen to the locals living in the areas for once, this can be said for newspring but it can work for any and all of the markets you've opened. strange as it may be, people might be more intrested to shop at your place if they didnt felt like you treated them like a wallet to open, and thus hate your guts, or wished for a day of open pvp on the server so they could level your market to the ground. (and i get the feeling only GH markets would get leveled) but hey that's just my two cents.
  13. that's the standard rate for any support job. again you twist the subject with something that has NO LINK TO THE ISSUE AT HAND to try to avoid giving an honest answer. everyone i spoke to does not trust you. everyone i spoke to is fed up with how you do things, and twist words. everyone i spoke to wants this to stop. so: could everyone be wrong? seeing as each has different views and opinions, or could they be a common factor that is causing them to think the same? and yet again you prove my point. whoever that 'we' is clearly knows nothing (insert jon snow reference here). so stop acting all mighty and get off your high horse.
  14. perhaps if your web of lies and stories is confusing you its time to try truth for once? we all know you run sereval markets and thus want to turn in a profit. its logical. and you arent the first to do this! many tried and failed HOWEVER others have been succesful in it for a simple reason: they did treat other wurmians with respect and didnt try to screw them over at every chance. what do you think is more profitable in the long run? option 1 you sell an item for market value, and customer returns over time. or option 2 you sell it above but as soon as that customer finds out you are never seeing them again? the reason those past markets where sucessful and turned a profit was simple. they didnt screw over their customer base. right now you arent doing this by pricing play but by being stubborn and doing however you please, twisting tales as you do to the point were you confuse even yourself, as you said so just above. so again, please, just be honest with us all. we know you want to be successful, but that doesnt have to come at the price of crushing people over. we are a community, and working alone doesnt cut it very long. think of a human pyramid , do you go higher above a pile of crushed corpses or with people helping lift you up?