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  1. +1. feels like many who land in wurm didnt even read those signs. and went straight for the exist. too many think up in terms of other games where tutorials are useless...but in wurm its very important to know what you are doing. so anything that helps them realise this early on is good
  2. i think everyone mentioned all good ideas so far. so i'll just leave this +1 in your care and hope to see it grow
  3. +1. more useful rare rollswould be nice. currently it feels as if over half MoI are wasted
  4. at first i thaught you wanted to brand your friends. but this works too +1
  5. deed ratio increase might be a possible hotfix (having more than 12 animals in a deed large enough to hold 4 times that easily would be nice as well), but i dont see it working long term, mostly because several deeds are like wulfgar and amadee's, halfway with up montain cliff, or with multiplatform deeds with large height difference: .areas that cant be fenced in or even reached to clean up easily if at all. that's why i suggested the option that only branded animals would count towards deed's ratio. this should also mean your deed ratio doesnt get jacked up when you have someone passing with a wagon. but those tend not to stay a long enough time to cause issue (unless they need to log out for a while?) its an issue we face, not a choice we took, it was forced onto us.. just because you dont, doesnt mean everyone is as lucky. that's why we have those suggestion thread: to suggest ideas and see if they can be good for the community. and for the record seals are f***ing useless. meat fat hide and gland. so no bladder for sausage to make better meals, no eyes hoof horn for other recipes, cant use them to make decent healing covers, ect. and most love to hide up impossible cliffs, give terrible fs gain (most people sail off pretty fast to train fs elsewhere, seals are barely harder than a cow) and butchering gain sucks. and after removing 50+ of them on a daily basis its exausting. its depressing because its an endless chore and we have other things to do with our wurm time than chase away pests on our land. so if you want to debate about the usefulness of this or that animal, then do a new thread where you explain it all but this isnt one for such debate. thank you.
  6. aaaand there we go, just had to read the first line: you didnt read what we said. i have been having this issue for TWO YEARS. with seals. its not new. measures have been taken. they dont and cant work when seals magicly make it thru your fences ps: if you think seals arent an issue visit newspring. hundreds of seals on the coast and i'm not joking. when you have more wild animals than deed's on your deed the local wildlife is the issue. if you dont beleive me see this post:
  7. the mission idea sounds good but most will just skip it and go straight to the exit regardless...and not very fun for vets creating an alt. the karma for listening to tutorial sounds like a fun idea tho.
  8. the idea's also to use a barely useful game mechanic ( branding) and giving it a real purpose, while fixing the mobs going into deeds issues, but sure. lets us whine. if you are here to troll go find other threads, there's many more in the forum, and your comments arent helping this one at all. if you are here to debate the idea, dont just go 'this is crap' and elaborate instead. why do you think the game should remain as it is then when this is causing an issue for many?
  9. nice theory but the new hide drops = more on market = more armors available argument was said when uniques returned to those who where against it. and see how it turned out. great idea on paper, but in practice prices for drake and scale will not drop and everyone knows it. and the more drops = the more reason for small hunters group to keep it all for themselves. better have the devs focused on something that all playerbase can benefit from instead of only a handful. still -1 sadly
  10. what Amadee said.. its been 2 years i've been battling seals, even with fence. they somehow find ways to teleport inside and i still get some wandering in. and now with fence they cant get out. also an hedge might work unless you are like me and many others and got rock of the deed...and i actualy WANT the rock tiles. i find them looking nicer than slabs. but i digress. the main issue is animals see deed as awsome spots to go hide into while they shouldnt, and its causing issues. i have been feeling like this for about 2 years with the seals. i usualy got a good dozen trying to poke thru the fence at all time... its bad. if they where here and not caused problem i wouldnt care much but they made me lose a pregnant horse and 2 chickens to disease at least cause my ratio's jumping around faster than a fat kid in a candy store...
  11. so... from what i can tell (and correct me if i'm wrong, just not with the cane please) any creature wandering inside a deed gets deed bonus and adds to the ratio, sometimes causing messy ratio jumps why not make it so only branded creatures count? because some areas have many non hostile creatures wandering around and can cause issues. and since you cant plan a fence over 40 slope: cant fence up the entire area sometimes. i find it to be annoying to pay for a deed, and to have your animals protected while inside, but needing to basicly pay for wild creatures wandering in, and it seems some (seals, cant tell for others its all that spawns here) just where attracted to the deeds, moved in and didnt get out.
  12. true a rune exist, but like rare its not easy to get/attach. having more options would be nice. and perhaps a runed rare ring could then be nearly as bright as a lantern? also an intensive to imp the rings to better ql if like lantern the higher ql the better the glow increased yeilds on farming sounds like a good plan, but like you say doesnt do anything. helping the plant grow faster was an option 2 idea.