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  1. do we need to keep some buildings? like the current trader building or all can go boom so long as new ones are put in place to fill the void? edit: also any idea how deep the rock layer might be? or no need to worry as tnt (or equivalent.. moonshine anyone?) will be provided with the materials
  2. Goblin Leader

    same, but with not falling asleep early
  3. this is why i never bothered to train it... no reason to
  4. since can make things out of nearly all metals now... +1. also due to the rarity and linked to the gods of moonmetals, perhaps they can give a little extra bonus?
  5. +1. and as Sindusk posted, could be also shown when examining item.
  6. Animal feeding

    +1. i dont have pigs but the few times i had some...feeding them was hellish.... and same problems with hens. this would help a great deal!
  7. Wooden hen house

    +1... and is it bad i know what game that picture's from?
  8. Use concrete on ceilings

    no need for a mesh a simple plank would do...but yea still would be nice to have this to fix mining's randomness when opening a mine
  9. Compound titles

    *pokes the chat with a stick* oh dear...this needs a bump
  10. Back Up Alert

    bump. just add the line of text and the drama will stop ^^
  11. Storage for archaeology fragments

    bump. also wouldnt something like an alchemy shelf work (jars in a shelf basicly), but with oils added (during creation) to keep fragments out of the air?
  12. Mirrors on Traders