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  1. Step Ladder

    doesnt hoping on a cart work?
  2. actual fruit press please

    well the wine goal puts the issue in the spotlight but its always been a pain..whenever you need juice in large quantities, grape, lemon, oils, whatever...
  3. Woad Planters

    damit why are we still adding +1s to this thread? this should have been done (or planned to be added to the todo list) months ago... someone poke at the devs and wake them up? use whatever's available.. a stick. fork. cattleprobe, dragontooth...still attached to live dragon...log..wait not a log that might put them back to sleep... come on this needs to be a think! wake up please!
  4. actual fruit press please

    fill tub with grapes, the more time the longer timer.. juice would be less ql than with a press but producable in larger quantities more easily/faster overall...yea would work too
  5. Fish Farms

    so using fishes to imp the ql in a way... creating an empty tank on water tile first, then using fish (when its full) to 'seed' the tank, making it a 'name of fish' farm instead of empty fish tank. and its ql (or a value inside we can get an idea by examining, like almost empty well filled ect) would slowly grow over time as population increase, and drop back down when its empty. and need to repopulate or can change fish. meaning could have multiple tanks for each fish specie? might need to downsize the tanks from a 3x3 structure to a 1x1 one for this (linking nearby tanks with a pipe to allow water filling them?) or partition it like the bsb container units... as you said coding hell, but could be fun to play...and the pipes could allow for indoor plumbing and supply of water ^^ so some of the coding milestones could be opening the way for fun new goodies... or i'm getting ahead of myself again
  6. the fruit press is nice into letting turn nice yummy sugary fruits (and some other things) into juice...my main issue is how tiny it is (and na a volume rune wont cut it)... the storage for the juice is just so small, its turning out worse than making bricks, picking up shards and droping bricks over and over and over. and its even worse if you absentmindedly press a tiny bit too much as it just spills it on the ground...even when its already full. (at least bricks dont overflow) so how about a safety saying the press cant hold any more juice and not press then? like many other actions already got. or the ability to link the press to a container? activate barrel, link to the press, juice falls in there automaticly... like in real live: a few presses have a holding area but most dont and just spill directly into a container. other option would be a large juice press. acting as a furniture (like a loom) so cant use it in inventory. but you load it with the items and activate it. could use a barrel/large barrel as storage, with a few beams and nails as well as all mats for a press. would be a high lvl fine carp tool. unmovable (aside from pushing and loading in wagon) but let us be able to press large quantities of juice without spilling half on the ground... with the many making 5k wine creation goals... got a feeling this might help a few of us who can get distracted sometimes ( been pressing juice while typing this msg. managed to overfill the press twice in that time )
  7. so then yea solid idea, with so many goods being able to be mailed or delivered...breeders still got to travel (even if crates help now)
  8. that would be fine...the -1 is for the automatic bot doing your work for you. very limited tasks (like merchand selling a few items) could be fine but having a zombie deed running fully on npc alone....brrr...no thanks. i prefer my zombies to be killable
  9. Fish Farms

    so how do you sow the fishies? and wouldnt it need to be built on a water tile? but yea +1. more specialised buildings and such can be nice
  10. cant animal crates be mailed by wagoneer? or i missed out on some risk maybe like slow delivery and crate dmg making animal escape... still a good idea
  11. Plant Sprouts in Pottery Planters

    +1. more decorations and options to do stuff cant hurt. also...mini bonzai to decorate ... who could say no to that?
  12. starter town portal network

    having to travel to the starter town each time means you will have to learn the path too. its not a direct teleport from home to destination. just a faster way to travel. and new people got compass and maps us oldies didnt have and we still managed. the idea is to speed up the huge waste of times we currently have.. as themystrix (even if chaos would have to be limited this way cause of fairness) and flubb said...spending hours to go to an even and nearly missing it cause of the huge travel times and adding the bugged crossing... its a nuissance. you waste hours you could be productive, where all you can do is just stare at the screen waiting. no fun...and not good to waste 3+ hours traveling if you can only be online 4 hours a day...