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  1. 5s for 2k veg? I'm in the wrong business.
  2. Wurm is an empty game with no people playing it. Thats what it feels like when you boat around, but then if you get out of your boat then suddenly giant buildings pop into view. All I'm trying to say is that you kids managed to render trees out to a distance of 1k tiles, can we get like 100 tiles for buildings? The whole world looks empty when it really isnt empty.
  3. You can not mine next to reinforced floors. I can in most situations, except for this one. Please De-wurm this situation.
  4. are there server limits? lol
  5. Wurm has always been the closest thing to WWE you can get in gaming. The target market is the same as well.
  6. I've reached my limit for clicking the heart today, so now I am going to have to reply to anyone I agree with. This, I agree with.
  7. Pretty weak names. Rumble is a pretty serious misnomer for what a pvp server is, and Heartland...its not an action....all the other servers are.
  8. LADS, lets show these steam noobs how real men grind!!!! join this deed and we shall bask in limitless and glory filled wealth.
  9. Potato for PVE EVIL POTATO for PVP.