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  1. let me put my bread in your oven
  2. could you just create a save file for the last 10 tiles a person walked on and revert them back 10 tiles instead of the unstuck function in game.
  3. The examples I used are the ones I see in just the small 6 months I've been playing. I am aware there are other things that definitely need attention too, and I am sorry i did not add those in here, i posted what came to my mind from the start. I do look at mechanics a lot, but i am thinking of making things look better too. Unfortunately I do not know as many of the problems in the game as you guys do because I have not been playing as long, however, if I can already find 4 things wrong, what do you think any other new players are thinking.
  4. Marble: Added about a year ago, and still practically no use except for a different looking tile. Which by the way is definitely the last thing I probably would've added to the game as a use for marble. Not to mention i haven't even addressed slate. The 4 new trees: Well, they're there and equivalent to pine that's about all i can say. I feel like we were all disappointed to find they have the same properties and the same skin as pine Pillars and Stairways: They're there, no functionality and making them for looks is more difficult than it sounds because they are not attached to anything, although this may be useful for putting them wherever you want, it also makes them hard to use for looks because they are difficult to line up perfectly There's 4 things there alone that were put in the game just to be there. You build up excitement in your players and then tear it down when your new items are added to the game with absolutely no use. My suggestion here is, quit starting projects and never finishing them. - your radical Redchance
  5. for me i have limited to access to marble myself, but i still would love to see a use for it, instead its a tile in my mine sitting there being an eye sore waiting to be used but wont until an update finally makes it useful to me
  6. i like how you put it, that was basicly my general idea of it. A alternative rock shard in the game that is entirely unused
  7. This is just an idea what if we took the 3 religions on a PvE server and make a competition. Say lets have them compete against each other by seeing who can push their relic from point A to point B the fastest. It would move pretty fast with 50+ people pushing each relic and maybe a fee paid in say 100 bricks or planks or whatever you want and then this is split up to the winning team. In this case the team that wins would get 3x what they had before, I think it'd be a pretty cool thing to set up even if it wasn't this, just the idea of an open competition between the religions.
  8. It shouldn't be hard you simply change the skin on an already existing wooden wall, then change the laws for how its made ex craft it with marble bricks instead of stone bricks. And yeah being able to make other giant statues other than just a colossus would be awesome.
  9. Also 1 of the most irritating things i find in any rpg (assuming wurm has some rpg properties) is when developers add things just to be there and really serve no purpose. for example the wide variety of books, cups, brooms tongs etc that skyrim has, that are for some reason possible to pick up and sell but serve absolutely no purpose except visual reasons which could easily be achieved without making them an item you can pick up. When i play a rpg, i dont want to pick up items that waste my inventory. And will avoid aspects of the game that serve no real purpose. If an item has an obvious purpose, and that purpose is ignored, then to me its like a lego left around in the floor at night, its purpose is to entertain kids, yet it tends to just end up causing extreme pain in everyones feet when they step on them cuz the kids get bored of them and just leave them sitting around. AND gasp: lead and marble and slate tend to just be that vein that sits in peoples mines being an eye lego to every player who realizes i cant do anything with this. Its sad that there are very real purposes for these materials, yet these purposes continue to be neglected as additions to the game.
  10. whats the point of having marble bricks in the game that cannot be used might as well make them usable.
  11. don't forget the catapults, which it makes me wonder, wheres our trebuchet? (more effective for destroying walls)
  12. statues was something i forgot to post in this (i thought about adding a picture of Abraham Lincoln's monument at the whitehouse but then remembered this is the wurmiverse) i also thought of marble bricks-gold bricks, etc. But thought those would be shot down by many of the older players.
  13. i took your comment into consideration and posted an idea that would use the pillars if youd like to look here you go
  14. go ahead u guys can suggest ideas i already thought of another to add to this