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  1. the lamps

    I enjoyed the holiday touch, but if you're going to do it, make extra effort to update shortly after to remove them. 1-2 weeks is probably acceptable. I just hope I won't see them till Xmas.
  2. When I first saw the new forums I was jarred because I wasn't expecting it and took an immediate dislike to it. I like your response to this. I rarely post on the forums but thought I would give a thumbs up for your efforts. You helped me ease in the new forums with this critique. I agree its the brightness of the background that bothers me. We have poor lighting in our office and no way to fix that so it burns my eyes if I'm here too long. Ultimately I've decided I like having the red bar follow me cause I use it to go to Wurm proper, which is normally my next destination after sailing through here for a bit.
  3. Nah it doesn't bother me for you to tell me. I didn't know it's value, which is why there wasn't a price posted. Thanks for the info!
  4. Matter of fact Raj if you do buy from Brash I'll go pick the dog up for you
  5. Have 1 Unicorn Horn for sale with 0.00 Damage and 1.2 kilos in weight. Located in Oracle Sound, Elysian Bay 49x 52y Can mail or pick up possible delivery depending on location. Can PM me on forums in game both under the name of Meiska. Thank you!
  6. Correction on that guard tower by the lake. It's on the northside of the road there. My apologies.
  7. Red lines are approximate road ad ons. There's smaller ones out there but these are the "main roads" 3 orange squares are 40 ql towers. The one nearest Dark Reckoning is built, the other 2 should be done within a week so figure to add it all in one update. Thanks! Feel free to slightly adjust for visibility.
  8. It's in a beautiful location and has a fantastic set up. I've been there a few times. Gand, might post some shots of the place. Good luck!
  9. Fantastic update. Haven't seen everything yet, but def enjoying what I have seen. More definition and lines in everything. Also, those golden horses look amazing. Too bad our village has yet to own one.
  10. Wish I could buy it but I just don't have the silver. I live in neighboring Oracle Sound and this location is pretty nice for the area.
  11. Looking to buy 8k dirt in Oracle Sound 49x 52y Please deliver as we do not own a boat big enough. PM Meiska or message me here for pricing or questions.
  12. Not only did I take out 5 salt and got 1 in my inventory, I can't get the salt OUT of my inventory. When I relogged, the salt was completely gone. None in inventory or FSB
  13. If you're leaving and have yet to find a buyer for your deed I would be interested in purchasing the deed for 5s or more depending on what's in the settlement bank. PM me in game or in this forum for details. This post is mostly for those who plan to just disband and leave if a buyer is not found.
  14. Fireworks is an item given to all premium players during the week of Christmas 2010. Video Post or PM me here or contact Meiska in game.