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  1. Interested in a 1500 concrete order. Please message me in-game whenever available. Thank you
  2. Still looking for this piece of equipment
  3. Title is pretty self-explanatory. Buying a rare saddle, offer up what you have here or whisper me in-game. Thank you!
  4. Blacksmithing services : Enchantments : Miscellaneous : Please leave a message here with your order and feel free to PM Sunti in-game for any inquiries, thank you
  5. As per title, verified paypal user
  6. Quality of the felled logs do not matter to me. Please pm me your price
  7. I had PM'd you but I'm also going to post my custom order here. Iron lump 90+ botd for 1.2s COD to Sunti Thanks
  8. Please pm me or whisper me in-gane (Sunti) with a enchant and price.
  9. This gentlemen bought me a Small Magical Chest from his trader and sold it to me for 21s. Fast, smooth and easy. Highly recommended, thanks again
  10. As per title, post or pm with price and decay if any. Thank you very much, prefer to pay in silver, but can also do paypal but I will pay a bit less because of paypal fees.
  11. Have not tried to use a VPN, altough now I could reinstall the game, I ran netstat to figure out the server address I am connected to, and pinging deliverance (, I sometimes will lose packets. I assume this is out of my control and the reason that I am having insane lag.