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  1. I am, as those who know me can attest, a very laid back, calm and level headed person, very … zen. however that is only part of the story of my name on Wurm. Way back, when the world was new(ish) I stumbled on Minecraft, still in alpha in those days, and scrolling through the website I came across a tribute to Wurm, listed as a major influence on Minecraft, so I simply had to come and visit. in those days I was also very much involved in Linux, and at that time I was working on some projects that used a rather obscure GTK utility for creating dialog boxes called Zenity, and I absentmindedly used that name when registering my character. And so, a decade or more later … My other character, my Epic main, is Jahpeople, who was named as a poor wordplay on a reggae song by Bob Marley, Exodus. Which was the reason Jahpeople was made, for the first day of Exodus. I decided to use Jahpeople to log in on Serenity on day one there, since he wasn’t prem at the time, and my only premium character was Zenity, who went to Affliction. (in case anyone doesn’t know the song, and why would you, the lyrics referred to are: “Exodus, movement of Jah people”, I did say it was a poor play on words).
  2. Updating my pic, it's 2021 after all, older, hairier, even my hat has sprouted a feathery growth ...
  3. Not seen this for ages, I dipped my toes in it after some of my friends on Rising Force went there when RF died. never really got into it though.
  4. I’ve used this feature for the last decade or so, calling 2 guards, changing target and calling another 2, I’ve found it quite good at breaking up mob trains. On normal towers, with over 50ql you get 5 guards, so you can call 3 times. That can be the difference between life and death if you have more mobs than you can handle, you just have to keep running, retargeting and calling more guards until you have 3 tied up fighting, then clean up the rest, or get the heck out of there with your skin and tools intact.
  5. It’s not the first time I’ve come across a lonely death pile in the middle of nowhere, with half decayed armour, weapons and even rare coins. I must admit I’ve never come across as much as this in one death pile, but it’s not out of the realms of possibility. Rare coins suggest someone was very lucky with foraging or hunting, then very unfortunate with a unique or high end valrei mob. My most notable find was a death pile at the bottom of a terraforming event trench where someone got stuck, and probably mobbed by spiders, that had 1 silver and some coppers, but non-rare. I usually ask around, but in many cases it could have been months, or years since the incident, if nothing else was there then it could have been a long, long time and everything else had decayed.
  6. You can, sometimes, if you’re really luck, entice them out. By calling for help with a mob that is almost directly in line with the mine exit. You often have to call all the guards, repeatedly, on the same mob. But slapping a mine door on it, then killing the guards is often the easiest method, or simply waiting for them to die of old age.
  7. @Mowgliatook a while to read through, and digest your suggestions, and honestly? I can’t see many I actually have a concrete objection too. I can’t see us getting them all, and certainly not right away as one large rework, however, they have merit. Token draining has never sat well with me, I’d agree with further tweaking for Elevation, and the removal of it for Home servers,, I know some will object, citing Chaos and the safe harbour of Freedom servers just across the borders, however removing drain on Home does not make Home servers a safe harbour, they can, and should still be able to be raided, and plundered where possible, that’s what Epic has been since the beginning, a cluster of PvP servers. Yes there’s a CR nerf for invaders to Home servers, which was meant to counterbalance the disparity between crafters and farmers and highly skilled raiders, Home servers were conceived as the supply lines, not the front lines, so keeping that makes complete sense to me. i don’t see where the concept of ‘conjunction of the spheres’ need be copyright, it’s not a concept that’s unique to one series of books, or one author, it’s a widely used one that’s mentioned in a number of fantasy settings, plus, unless it’s a carbon copy, which it won’t be, this is Wurm, then there’s no infringement. carry on thinking, I for one approve.
  8. Totally works for me, it's only lore, so why not have some mad mixture of valrei and jackal beasts abroad when we roam.
  9. We already have Dragons everywhere, on most servers .... Although Serenity has reduced their numbers somewhat recently. Anyone who ever played on the original Affliction map might not agree to the return of terraforming events, though perhaps if toned down they might not be so bad, and all servers are large enough to handle a few more craters and cracks. I liked the idea that perhaps some valrei events might return, but instead of craters and cracks, maybe some areas of Jackalised terrain, with some of the trees and plants, maybe a few of the creatures, (giant crabs anyone?), But no Wetas, msybe some of the old Valrei mobs as well, just scaled for server population, we don't need a solid line of drake and eagle spirits along the borders this time.
  10. It's probably a driver issue, Linux tends to default to open source drivers, and requires you to specifically install drivers for closed source vendors, like Nvidia. Not being familiar with Pop! I'm uncertain how you'd do that, but I'm sure it'll be there somewhere, iirc nvidia 460 is close to the most current linux drivers.
  11. As a stubborn vet on Epic, I can’t find much more to say than I already have. I have a soft spot for Serenity, as part of the wider Epic cluster, and would be sad to see it closed down, but as @elentariposted, Epic is not unique enough, not populated enough, and no longer relevant enough to Wurm. Adding content will only help if it’s unique, and stays unique, with or without a skill transfer mechanic. I’m not implacably opposed to a skills transfer, merely unconvinced that a transfer mechanic alone will revive Epic, not without some gameplay to attract players in the first place. Epic skill transfer, unique and engaging gameplay, a firm resolution that any features added to Epic remain on Epic, and perhaps, just maybe, Epic will once more be less of a ghost town, and more fun for those who wish to play there.
  12. This is one of the important points that have de incentivised players, Epic is just not unique enough, because sooner or later features on Epic are either transplanted to Freedom, thereby removing a unique Epic feature, or simply removed, like valrei creatures and terraforming events, truthfully I’m not particularly pained to lose the terraforming events, but losing valrei creatures entirely was a loss to some of us, I was quite excited yesterday to come across a Son of Nogump in south Serenity. I understand the reasoning at the time, server population was very low, and all servers were overrun with valrei creatures killing new players all over the place, those that escaped the uniques at least, but a hiatus, rather than an outright removal would maybe have been better. I’d like to see them back, even if reduced in frequency and maybe a little less difficult to kill for lower skilled players. That could change if server populations were better. Players need incentives to come, and incentives to stay, a skills transfer system might attract some, but it’s not an incentive to stay, it’s an incentive to leave at some point. I’m not rejecting skills transfer out of hand, I can see it’s a popular topic for many who play on Epic and have a foothold in Freedom as well, like myself, I just don’t see it as an inducement to play on Epic. Please, bring back some uniqueness to Epic, keep it unique to epic,, faster skilling, faster crafting and imping are nice, but it’s not all that Epic needs to be.
  13. @Yserin sadly we no longer have roaming, flying or crawling valrei mobs, apart from the odd, slightly sad, trapped in caves ones, those are now so rare I sometimes consider an Epic zoo, but some have bad habits like dissolving horses, bashing walls or simply just ignoring walls at all. Gone are the days when you had to find a thin spot in the eagle spirit and drake spirit server border walls when crossing servers, that long white line that stretches as far as we could render, both ways could be terrifying. We no longer have craters or cracks, or new peaks appearing on the servers after scenarios ended, we can’t ascend and become player gods anymore, or worship those who did in the past, in short, Epic is a pale shadow of it’s former self in those respects. Don’t get me wrong, years of valrei event left Affliction in such a mess it had to be replaced with a larger and less cratered version than the Swiss cheese it was before it was replaced. Leaving that mechanism to continue on Serenity, Elevation and Desertion would have done much the same, though Desertion and Serenity still have the scars, they are not as damaged overall as Affliction. I actually like most of the terraforming additions, they’ve become old friends as I ride past them now, but they did wreck deeds and ruin mines and other projects. As for uniques, well we have them all, often there are more uniques than players, and due to population we often can’t do much more than mark them, and avoid or outrun them, or gathering a group of freedom players and loaning gear and horses to try to kill a few of the more annoying ones. They make life for new players actually more dangerous than the rare encounters with enemies. As it is now, nothing gets off of Epic at all, not items, not skills, the only thing that transfers is what’s in /balances, since that’s linked to our accounts, which is shared with Freedom (SFI). And that’s fine with me, I play both clusters, and wasn’t to bothered by the skills reduction in the one off skills transfer, since my Epic main character had next to no skills on Freedom, even lower skills than Epic was far better than what he had on freedom before transfer, and to my mind, as fair as it was possible to get, I didn’t expect a 1:1 rate, that would have been unfair considering the greater skillgain on Epic. In regard to NFI not being able to transfer to Epic, there are some technical reasons first of all, as one of those who had issues with Epic, Freedom and Jackal leaving me stranded and unable to log properly there are issues where multiple cluster transfers cause issues, as it is now I have Epic to Freedom, (SFI), and back again, adding NFI to that might cause complications where players and accounts get mixed up like mine did. It might be possible if characters couldn’t already transfer, but NFI already has a portal system, adding another is asking for issues.
  14. To explain a little, epic skill gain, that is the amount of skill you gain from actions, is 2x. The Epic effective skill curve is an entirely different mechanism, depending on your skill it allows you to make, or do things which would normally require higher skills, it’s intended to have a greater effect at lower skill levels, and slowly tapers off around 98 or so. For instance, a player with 36 prospecting has an effective prospecting skill of just over 60, meaning they can estimate how much ore is left in a vein. Similarly someone with 36 weapon smithing can produce weapons up to about 60-70 ql. Both the 2x skill gain and effective skill curve serve to boost low skilled players, allowing them to participate much faster than other clusters. Your skills rise faster, and what you are able to produce is higher quality than it would be at bare numeric skill levels. on top of this there’s also the faster action timers as well, each action is noticeably faster than Freedom. So, faster skillgain, higher ql, faster production and imping. Ironically this is also Epic’s biggest problem, if people expect a simple, and fair, transfer of skill from Epic to Freedom, then they’ll be disappointed, having gone through one skills transfer I can tell you, it wasn’t smooth and easy, and since then Epic has a different skilling system on top of the 2x plus curve plus timers, it’s further complicated by the difference between how you gain skill on freedom, and how it’s gained on Epic, any formula for transferring skill gains between clusters will be insanely complex, and as always, prone to errors when all of that is impacted by skill reductions thru death as well, (yes, we die on Epic, and lose skills the same way everyone else does, to PvP and silly errors with dragons etc).
  15. At the moment NFI and SFI are separate, there’s no bank interaction at all, adding Epic to the mix would act like a back door to that separation. Since Epic and Freedom banks are linked, it would also permit accounts from SFI to transfer to NFI via Epic. So probably an idea with unintentional consequences, or do you want accounts with high skills setting up on Defiance after literally years of playing on Freedom, Chaos or Epic? One of the reasons NFI is a separate cluster is to make sure that as much as possible everyone started with a clean slate, not just warping in with high end crafting or fighting skills and pwning the noobs.
  16. I am implacably opposed to being able to sail back and forth from Epic, it’s a separate cluster for a reason, and should never be joined or merged. The reason why should be obvious. It further devalues Epic as a unique cluster, blithely sailing home after raiding with your cargo of ill gotten gains to sell in safety? It’s been a long lasting issue with Chaos. No. Epic needs it’s uniqueness back, not to be further integrated with Freedom until nothing is left at all.
  17. Once upon a time, Rolf conceived Epic as a standalone PvP cluster, with Unique mechanisms that only Epic had, partly as an enticement to play there, part of the concept Rolf had in his mind. Terraforming events, triggered by Scenarios, which were influenced by player interaction via missions. Unique Valrei monsters, also triggered by missions and scenarios. The ability to become a Player God, and have priests with different mixtures of spells than the standard 4 gods of Freedom. And for a while, things were good, Epic was different from Freedom indeed, but slowly and surely those unique Epic only things were leaked to Freedom, devaluing Epic's uniqueness, some features were removed altogether, such as Valrei monsters, terraforming events, and player gods. in the end, Epic has become standardised, with only some of the skilling and player progression mechanics in place. Now it's all that Epic has, the slightly faster skilling, and different skillgain mechanism, which is frankly mot enough to make Epic unique really, it's more and more like a WU knockoff clone of Epic now. What Epic needs is true uniqueness, things that Freedom does not have, something to once again give Epic a reason to play on. Rather than those who play there feeling they are haunting an old cluster with reminders of what we used to have, in the form of old overgrown craters and cracks, and the occasional Valrei mob huddled in a cave waiting for the end to come, alone now, because it's brothers and cousins no longer visit Epic either. Epic need players, players need reasons to come, and stay. We don't need reasosn to visit so we can take our skills back to Freedom, we don't need to be able to take our old and worn out tools and weapons back, we don't need skill or item transfers to make Epic life better, we need an better life IN Epic. Ask not what Epic can offer Freedom, rather ask, what can Epic offer me that Freedom cannot.
  18. What I’d like to see as well is an incentive to go to Epic servers, I’ve played there and on freedom since Epic opened, it’s been a long time for both my characters, both Freedom (Zenity), and Epic (Jahpeople). The first few years were very busy, lots of players, lots of action, but for various reasons people stopped playing there, until Epic was indeed a ghost cluster, and I could log Jah in and find myself completely alone on the cluster, given the minor bug where if you’re the only player on a server it reports no other players at all, even if there is someone else on one of the others. The skills transfer did revitalise things somewhat, with a number of players coming over to get achievements and generally enjoy the effective skill curve, even knowing the skills they gained would not be transferred back to freedom, getting the tome for winning on freedom made it worth it. Of course this stopped when the whole achievements system was changed to the present journal system, fewer came over, many returned to freedom and never came back. Then the third Elevation reboot, that attracted a number of players too, but after a while, for whatever reason, this too lost interest. Went back to freedom, and Chaos. So here we are, a handful of players, still enough on a good weekend to take down a hatchling, if we can persuade some mates from freedom to come over for a slaying. Why are we still here? Are we tougher, more determined, a different breed of Wurmian? Not at all, we’re here because we enjoy playing on Epic, even though it is, at this point, freedom+, PVE with added environment, (way more mobs and animals to hunt for a start, and uniques we can’t kill easily, but still stomp some of us into puddles). For me personally, it’s because Serenity in particular is my home, it has been since 2011 in some shape or form. I personally love it, every hill, valley, mountain and even the craters and crack from Valrei events from bygone days. So, what would attract others to Epic? It’d have to be something other servers don’t have, something in keeping with the ideals of uniqueness that Epic was born with. So what have we had recently that was unique to Wurm, something that introduced new assets that Wurm didn’t have previously, and does not have now? How would players feel about having the Jackal experience on Epic? Models, assets, wood types, even some of the terrain features? There’s a whole load of developed game assets just doing nothing, it doesn’t need to be full on jackal rules, maybe just some of the trees, the weird wood types, the creatures, just so that it’s different enough from the rest of Wurm. All it would need would be a few ‘Jackal’ events to change some areas to be like Jackal, allow those event areas to produce the trees and animals, sit back and watch, the same way I introduced some trees and stuff to the dirt islands on Serenity all those years ago.
  19. I came across Wurm many years ago, and tried to play, but my potato lacked the ability at the time, so I waited until I managed to get a better potato, and found myself in North Western Independence, in the woods, huddled over a campfire, not knowing what on Wurm I’d let myself in for. However, I chanced upon friendly natives, who took pity on me, helped me find a place to build my first shack, encouraged me to learn and grow. And here I am still, after walking on every single Wurm server since I began to play, I still have a deed on Independence, though just now I’m mainly focussed on my place on Serenity. Why do I still play? There are hundreds of games that while similar to Wurm, lack that essentially Wurmian experience, it’s not pretty graphics, it’s not fancy effects or the ability to shape the land and build stuff, it’s the people, the community, the whole crazy, frustrating, lovable and wonderful people I have run into, even those who killed me and robbed my corpses on Epic. I play Wurm because I can, because it’s there, and because I’m a part of a diverse community who all play Wurm with me.
  20. I’ve wanted a merge of Epic Home servers with Freedom Isles, and moving Elevation and Chaos to a separate PvP cluster, I have commented on this over the years, even before the skills transfer. Both my ‘main’ characters play on Freedom and Epic currently, one normal, and one priest character, roles reversed depending on cluster, (zenity is normal on Freedom, priest on Epic, Jahpeople is normal on Epic, priest on Freedom). I’m no longer sure a merge is viable now, following the skill adjustments, it was confusing enough during the first transfer, but now any transfer would have to take account of skills gained on freedom which had been transferred to epic 1:1 since any simple formula would reduce those skills below their freedom gains, even if those skills were never changed on Epic, the one way freedom to epic skills transfer, meant to boost population, could in fact penalise the freedom character by reducing their skills below their original freedom skills. After all, it’s not as if people have exclusively played characters only on one cluster or the other, it’s much more likely, especially over the more recent years, that many have played, and gained skills on freedom and epic clusters, making clean separation of skills and adjustments for transfer a minefield for edge cases and errors. Any discussion now will get bogged down in the differences between freedom and epic skill systems mixed with historic skill change adjustments and freedom skill transfers, it might be better to either leave it as it is, or simply realise that despite wishing to live in the past, it’s time to give up on nostalgia and realise Epic has failed, and needs closed down, and no matter how much I have enjoyed Epic, and in particular Serenity, without people it might as well be a Wurm Unlimited server run on my own PC…
  21. We had a ‘one off’ skills transfer that used a formula to convert Epic skills to an approximate level on Freedom, it wasn’t perfect, but it certainly wasn’t a 1:1 by any means, I’m not complaining, it was an reasonable compromise for Epic and Freedom, my main Epic character became my Freedom priest, I was personally happy enough with that. Going forward we then had the Freedom to Epic skills transfer which is a continuous mechanic that applies every time any player transfers from Freedom to Epic, and it does leave Epic mainly players feeling a little left out, if we didn’t get the one off transfer we’d probably be a sight more left out, and that does bear on the new players who might want to dip a toe in Epic waters, there’s no incentive to skill on Epic, which leads to a lower incentive to actually play there at all. I understand the whole ‘no 1:1 transfer’ argument, but that’s not what is being asked for. Epic is still on life support, comatose and awaiting either someone with the guts to pull the plug, or with the vision and will to try and revive it. Time to make a decision.
  22. I keep finding them all over Serenity, perhaps due to my roaming habits and the fact that population is low, at a guess I’d say 5 or 6 so far. All have been source springs.
  23. That particular dragon was penned in a shallow mine only just above water level, on what used to be Spider Island I think, I penned that one, it actually popped out a few times, but after it messed up the slope of the mine entrance it stayed inside for a long time. At that time I also trapped a few others, the red and white were especially bad for getting out no matter what. Penning dragons in specially made caves with trenches relies on them actually being in an area where that is possible, they do have a range, and will run back if they reach it, it is however a large range, and for a few uniques it's within wall bashing distance of the start deed, strongbox now has a couple of breaches caused by the Kyclops on Serenity. Giving them a short leash, 5-10 tiles would be acceptable in most cases, letting them roam completely free is a bad idea, especially when keeping them away from inhabited areas is actually impossible at present population levels on all servers. The only other option would be inviting freedom players over for hunts, but then we have the issue of having enough gear for hunts, with low population most of us are slowly running out of decent quality weapons and armour as well ...
  24. Testing with two picks, one with bronze rune of libila, 10% higher ql, was giving me 100ql before patch, using the same pick, on the same vein, after the patch I could only mine a maximum of 71.37, which is my numeric skill on Epic, using another pick without the rune I got 91 ql, which is the same as my effective skill. The difference is that a gathering rune, on Epic, seems to ignore the effective skill curve entirely, and caps ore ql at numeric skill. from additional tests on epic I’m convinced that it’s the effective skill component peculiar to Epic that’s not being checked when mining, if using a gathering rune.