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  1. Karma does not transfer between Epic and Freedom. Freedom skills do transfer to Epic, as well as prem and bank balance however.
  2. Closing in on 61 here, i'm normally older than the average no matter what games i play, which tend to be survival, exploration solo games, just now hopping between Astroneer, Valheim and Wurm. Age or lack of it is no barrier to enjoying games though, even when the average age is sometimes early 20's or so, (Black Desert, yes, you are immature at times),/ Thing is, as a predominantly solo, mildly misanthropic gamer, Wurm is a perfect world for me, i can be as much of a hermit as I like, yet part of the overall game as well. I began playing games in 1981/82 with a ZX81, moving on to the Spectrum 48+ not long afterward, then an Atari STE before finally getting my hands on a PC. I'm still not an adult i suppose ...
  3. As the owner of 2 deeds, one on the steppe, and one just by the edge of the steppe, this project has my wholehearted support. As far as i am aware there is perhaps only one other deed in the area, by the northern end of the steppe that's already on another highway anyway.
  4. Reminds me of the original settlers 'pact' to keep Exodus as natural as possible when it opened, after all these years, it's nice to see some of it return to nature, i approve
  5. Thanks to this I finally identified my KoS wagon. I’ve had it a while, and wasn’t sure which Epic PMK it was.
  6. I am, as those who know me can attest, a very laid back, calm and level headed person, very … zen. however that is only part of the story of my name on Wurm. Way back, when the world was new(ish) I stumbled on Minecraft, still in alpha in those days, and scrolling through the website I came across a tribute to Wurm, listed as a major influence on Minecraft, so I simply had to come and visit. in those days I was also very much involved in Linux, and at that time I was working on some projects that used a rather obscure GTK utility for creating dialog boxes called Zenity, and I absentmindedly used that name when registering my character. And so, a decade or more later … My other character, my Epic main, is Jahpeople, who was named as a poor wordplay on a reggae song by Bob Marley, Exodus. Which was the reason Jahpeople was made, for the first day of Exodus. I decided to use Jahpeople to log in on Serenity on day one there, since he wasn’t prem at the time, and my only premium character was Zenity, who went to Affliction. (in case anyone doesn’t know the song, and why would you, the lyrics referred to are: “Exodus, movement of Jah people”, I did say it was a poor play on words).
  7. Updating my pic, it's 2021 after all, older, hairier, even my hat has sprouted a feathery growth ...
  8. Not seen this for ages, I dipped my toes in it after some of my friends on Rising Force went there when RF died. never really got into it though.
  9. I’ve used this feature for the last decade or so, calling 2 guards, changing target and calling another 2, I’ve found it quite good at breaking up mob trains. On normal towers, with over 50ql you get 5 guards, so you can call 3 times. That can be the difference between life and death if you have more mobs than you can handle, you just have to keep running, retargeting and calling more guards until you have 3 tied up fighting, then clean up the rest, or get the heck out of there with your skin and tools intact.
  10. It’s not the first time I’ve come across a lonely death pile in the middle of nowhere, with half decayed armour, weapons and even rare coins. I must admit I’ve never come across as much as this in one death pile, but it’s not out of the realms of possibility. Rare coins suggest someone was very lucky with foraging or hunting, then very unfortunate with a unique or high end valrei mob. My most notable find was a death pile at the bottom of a terraforming event trench where someone got stuck, and probably mobbed by spiders, that had 1 silver and some coppers, but non-rare. I usually ask around, but in many cases it could have been months, or years since the incident, if nothing else was there then it could have been a long, long time and everything else had decayed.
  11. You can, sometimes, if you’re really luck, entice them out. By calling for help with a mob that is almost directly in line with the mine exit. You often have to call all the guards, repeatedly, on the same mob. But slapping a mine door on it, then killing the guards is often the easiest method, or simply waiting for them to die of old age.
  12. @Mowgliatook a while to read through, and digest your suggestions, and honestly? I can’t see many I actually have a concrete objection too. I can’t see us getting them all, and certainly not right away as one large rework, however, they have merit. Token draining has never sat well with me, I’d agree with further tweaking for Elevation, and the removal of it for Home servers,, I know some will object, citing Chaos and the safe harbour of Freedom servers just across the borders, however removing drain on Home does not make Home servers a safe harbour, they can, and should still be able to be raided, and plundered where possible, that’s what Epic has been since the beginning, a cluster of PvP servers. Yes there’s a CR nerf for invaders to Home servers, which was meant to counterbalance the disparity between crafters and farmers and highly skilled raiders, Home servers were conceived as the supply lines, not the front lines, so keeping that makes complete sense to me. i don’t see where the concept of ‘conjunction of the spheres’ need be copyright, it’s not a concept that’s unique to one series of books, or one author, it’s a widely used one that’s mentioned in a number of fantasy settings, plus, unless it’s a carbon copy, which it won’t be, this is Wurm, then there’s no infringement. carry on thinking, I for one approve.
  13. Totally works for me, it's only lore, so why not have some mad mixture of valrei and jackal beasts abroad when we roam.
  14. We already have Dragons everywhere, on most servers .... Although Serenity has reduced their numbers somewhat recently. Anyone who ever played on the original Affliction map might not agree to the return of terraforming events, though perhaps if toned down they might not be so bad, and all servers are large enough to handle a few more craters and cracks. I liked the idea that perhaps some valrei events might return, but instead of craters and cracks, maybe some areas of Jackalised terrain, with some of the trees and plants, maybe a few of the creatures, (giant crabs anyone?), But no Wetas, msybe some of the old Valrei mobs as well, just scaled for server population, we don't need a solid line of drake and eagle spirits along the borders this time.