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  1. A New Elevation

    Leaving aside the semi-toxic Us Vs Them attitude that was part of daily life in JKH-JKE for so long, I always hoped that the Valrei mission system would give Home server players and Elevation players an incentive to work together, and, in fact, I often participated in missions with that in mind, helping JKE achieve it's Valrei goals, rather than hoping for personal rewards on Serenity. Some similar mechanism that rewarded both, and contributed to the 'war effort' should be beneficial to both Home and Elevation. The initial set up of Epic, with the ore caps 'to encourage trading and movement between servers' simply didn't work, because like it or not, the Home server population mostly wanted PVE+, rather than PvP light, Serenity felt darker and more dangerous than the sunny glades of Freedom, and us Home players appreciated this. As Eobersig has hinted, there was, for whatever reason, an attitude that Home server players were inferior, we were Freedumbers, even to our own Kingdom on Elevation, and some people took that personally, on both sides. So any means of increasing cooperation between Home and Elevation that does not make either 'side' feel they are being used or forced into a particular role would be greatly welcomed be me personally, we all play Wurm for our own reasons, we all have our own preferences, and our own style, none of us should feel forced by other players to conform to an ideal that we don't enjoy. After all, Wurm is a game, if we're not enjoying the experience, then why are we bothering? And I'm totally not getting into the reasons why the JKH-JKE schism began, or why it affected almost all of my time on Epic, suffice to say, there was fault on both sides, and a lot of intolerance for different styles of play, because the game itself fostered a sense of difference between Elevation and Home, the Ore cap was just one of the examples of how the game forced JK apart, rather than bringing it together, by creating a sense of envy and frustration in getting materials to advance crafting skills. If Home servers are thought of as superfluous then we need to ask how we can make them relevant to the entire Epic game, rather than throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  2. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    The rare Shortsword at 7s would be OK as well if you still have that, alternatively another shortsword around 90ql with nn/lt and coc would be fine.
  3. A New Elevation

    I understand the call for skill resets, so that it would be a clean slate for everyone on Epic, it'd also require the end of Freedom to Epic skills transfer mechanics, and possibly another round of skill transfers from Epic to Freedom, for those who didn't wish to continue on Epic, or wished to preserve their skills for Freedom, while accepting an Epic wipe. From the beginning the Home servers have been a contentious issue, not just between the opposing Kingdoms, but between the Kingdoms themselves on Home and Elevation servers, but removing them from Epic is not the answer, in truth, without the home servers there is no difference essentially between Elevation and Chaos other than the small differences in mechanics, and the connection to Freedom Isles, the Home servers are one of the major factors that made Epic so different and attractive for me personally, a view shared by many of those who spent years playing almost exclusively on them. I also understand the importance that the PvP community places on Elevation, it's a PvP cluster after all, but that emphasis on 'pure' PvP need not be at the expense of those players who value Wurm not just for one aspect of it's play. So by all means, wipe the home servers in the quest for a 'pure' PvP server, and accept that it will diminish much of Epic's unique character and style, or return things like ore caps to lead Home server players to Elevation, rather than force players into a 'our way or the highway' approach which will lead to many like me, soft-PvP players, to abandon the cluster altogether, few though we are, at present Home server players far outnumber Elevation players, and for myself, I'd rather retreat permanently to Freedom than be forced to play on Elevation for the sake of 'purity' and PvP ethos. A smaller Elevation has a lot of potential to revitalise Epic, at least in the short term, while the Dev team work on other aspects of PvP, I am supportive of change where Epic is concerned, frankly, it's never been more in need of a refreshing of interest, the Elevation map is to large for the population it served, and even a 1K map would serve the population of Epic at present, so a 2K map will certainly suffice for what will initially be a rise in population, ( it's keeping the population that has been the issue), and if followed by a rework of PvP mechanics that can keep momentum going, I see no reason why a full reset of Elevation would not be a success. For Elevation at least. We'll always have a disparity between 'top tier' accounts and new players, new players not only have to settle in, learn the game and survive, but also learn to take defeat from enemies they cannot hope to best , in some cases it may take months, or years to reach the stage where they can function effectively against old, veteran PvP players, I don't believe there are any shortcuts to that process, even full skill resets won't prevent experienced players outskilling and bounding ahead of the new players, since veteran PvP players know how to build a PvP character far more effectively than the average Wurmian, (I include myself in the average category), we saw this when Epic first began, with everyone starting from scratch and within a few short weeks the veterans outstripped the inexperienced and that gap. if anything, widened over the ensuing years, so skill resets will be ineffective or counter productive in equalling the playing field for old and new players. Most of the other tweaks are squarely aimed at experienced top tier players anyway, I don't bother much with hellies, never seen a tome, and never took advantage of the higher levels of meditation, while they may be welcomed by PvP players who are a bit bored and feel the need for a level playing field in top tier, they don't have much effect on average players like me, I welcome those changes for what they are, but if there were to be a skill reset, those changes would be unnecessary for a long time. Anyway, we'll see what we get I suppose, just had to put in a comment explaining my vote in favour of change, and slap the inevitable 'delete home servers' crowd with an alternative viewpoint.
  4. Goblin Leader party

    Apologies for forgetting to open the top mine door, for anyone who tried using it, I totally messed up the times and came on too late.
  5. Goblin Leader party

    Since I own 'St Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast' and have a tunnel from ocean to the top I'll open the mine doors for access to all, it's a long, but easy tunnel up, no side tunnels or anything. Edit: (Added signpost and fixed a few lamps in the tunnel from the coast, mine doors are set to allow anyone, as are the gates at the top of the tunnel, path to the area of the goblin leader is paved in gravel part of the way down to the steppe.) There is also another old tunnel through the mountain from sea level a little north of my one as well, though that does come out a bit further away from the area itself.
  6. Had this happen just recently on one of my servers, and no matter how long the GM5 character was logged off it made no difference, so editing the Wurmplayers.db entry was the only option in the end. This worked fine in the past, it seems to be a recent bug/glitch in the server tool. Note that you can also toggle invisibility/invulnerability off and on using wands, as well as the # commands. Though I never fight anything as GM, I don't see the point, since we can wizkill everything on the server with one simple flick of a wand ...
  7. Valrei International 081.

    As someone who grew up in rural Scotland, can I just say, Otters, Ferrets and Beavers might be a nice addition, purely for looks and feels, but I'm unsure about their utility, I mean, what will they be used for, what would be their drawbacks? Ferrets are generally used for hunting rabbits, Wurm has only the annual Easter Bunny .... Otters are prodigious fish eaters, but other than being kinda cute they don't actually 'do' anything. Beavers, well, we don't have Beavers in Scotland, at least not as an indigenous species, and they are not exactly known for much other than dam building on rivers and streams, which, yes, we don't have (yet) in Wurm. I'll be interested to see where, if anywhere, this goes, I have a vague feeling I'm reading too much into a single sentence, but, it's Wurm, strange things have happened before ...
  8. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    Please Add, (yet another long deed name), Department of Old Player Retirement. x50 y42
  9. LOTIME and Wogic

    Lotime has been a feature of Wurm since before I started playing some 8 years ago, a 60 second gap between logging out and your character leaving the world actually serves a number of purposes, it makes sure that your character is correctly updated and saved in the database for one,, a rollback due to not having your character synchronised would be far more inconvenient, I think you'll agree. Another reason is to prevent 'forced disconnect' to avoid death, whether that be PvP or PvE, since lotime is the mechanism that prevents you logging out during a fight in order to make sure you don't die. Just because we don't always have a full understanding of the mechanisms behind the scenes, does not mean those mechanisms need disposed of.
  10. Instant death when logging in

    That would go a long way to explaining the how of the death, yes, still a little baffled as to why the corpse ended up so many tiles from the point of death, but since the corpse was recoverable, I'm inclined to leave that alone, I could have ended up having to mine out my corpse from a nearby set of caves after all. Thanks for joining the dots, I'll send some pottery eventually
  11. Upon logging in yesterday I instantly died, circumstances and conditions are as follows: Logged off as commander in my Knarr in a cave, checked event logs to confirm I did indeed embark as commander, and not as passenger, (relevant extract below). Upon logging in next day I got a very brief view of the knarr, as if I were looking through the walls at it, followed by death popup. red tunnel. I had some issues finding my corpse, which was not in the cave, and did not appear on the surface above the tile I logged out on, I did find it in the end, displaced 3 tiles away from my log off position, above ground, but obscured by trees/bushes. [17:01:17] You board on the "Demented but Determined" as the captain. [17:01:17] The "Demented but Determined" is currently moored and won't move. Logging started 2019-03-21 [15:27:13] You will now fight normally. [15:27:14] You will now fight normally. [15:27:14] Welcome back, Zenity! Wurm has been waiting for you. [15:27:16] You enter Freedom Isles. [15:27:16] You feel the presence of Vynora. [15:27:16] 35 other players are online. You are on Independence (254 totally in Wurm). [15:27:16] Type /help for available commands. [15:27:16] The teleportation target is in rock! [15:27:16] You are not invulnerable here. [15:27:18] You feel rested. [15:27:28] You leave the "Demented but Determined". [15:27:28] The server has been up 1 hour and 4 minutes. [15:27:28] It is 11:23:44 on day of Sleep in week 3 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1082. [15:27:28] Currently Harvestable (from your almanac): [15:27:28] Camellia, season ends in 5 days. [15:27:28] Lavender, season ends in 1 week, 0 days. [15:27:28] Rose, season ends in 3 weeks, 5 days. [15:27:29] You manage to become stuck in the rock, and quickly suffocate. [15:27:29] You are dead. From the look of it I was placed in the centre of a rock tile on logging in, instead of on the tile where I logged off, I'm unsure if my corpse was further displaced after death, before/during popping to surface, or if my character was displaced that far away from the log out point, either way, I luckily was able to find my corpse, rather than have it destroyed in a rock tile.
  12. Slaying - Forest Giant

    Can't make up my mind whether to come as I am, or send Jahpeople, but I'll try to haul one of us up there for the sheer fun of it Let the lag and the flying lessons do what it will !
  13. Thoughts on a new cluster/game mode

    Part of the problem is that players are now spread among two clusters already, OK, it's not that bad that some of the servers have a small population, certainly gets rid of the 'overcrowded' trope that was prevalent 5 years ago. But opening yet another cluster of servers would only serve as a temporary rise in overall numbers, and draw players from the existing clusters, further reducing their population, frankly, at this point half a dozen people leaving the Epic cluster would be half it's average population. Rather than add a new server, we need to consider consolidation of the playerbase, not further fragmentation of it. Yes, there will be an initial jump in player numbers overall, but that will not last, just the same way that changes to Epic boosted the numbers, temporarily, and was followed by a decline over the following months. Adding new servers, no matter how attractive the idea is to me personally, will not do anything other than spread an already reduced population over a larger area. By all means, rethink your idea so that it is applicable to the existing conditions, new servers is not the way to go at present.
  14. 100 pickaxe title- Mountain Eater

    Pick of the Litter