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  1. If I remember correctly, the CreateSeeds=true setting was used on an early version of WO as the world generation API and server were not creating flower tiles, it was only intended as a temporary workaround and should probably have been removed. I don't think there's a use for the setting now, and it's likely that it might be very buggy now.
  2. My sentimental item is 20 cotton rags, they’ve gone with me everywhere since I first bsb’d them all those years ago when they were a common byproduct of tailoring, just a few, but more precious to me than all the rares I have now, they are a part of my journey through Wurm, a reminder of a past and a place where I began it. Long live Zenadu Reach, NW Indy, source of the last rags.
  3. I still wonder if it’s not just simpler to ‘impersonate’ the king character by replacing the password field with a GM character password, it’s possible to take control of the GM characters on the Adventure server doing this, should be exactly the same doing it with any other server. That way you just log in the character, abdicate and log it off again, keep a backup of the original password and replace that afterward and the original owner could even log in again in the future with no effects whatsoever, other than losing king.
  4. There is a difference between challenging the King for the leadership position, and using the a Kingmaker NPC’s like The Lady of the Lake, or Cobra King, I’ve never used the duel ring to fight for the leadership, but I assume the player would have to actually turn up to be challenged in that case, since challenging is a one on one battle between the two rivals for the position. A king can choose to abdicate, leaving the rest of the kingdom without a king until a new one is chosen by visiting the appropriate NPC and taking the test, or be force abdicated by not logging in for a certain period, or by direct challenge from another player, of the three, abdication and challenge require the king to be logged in, only forced abdication doesn’t, but that means another player must be chosen by the kingmaker NPC. It can be forced by database edit of course, but that may lead to unexpected consequences, I’d consider that a last resort if there’s no other way. It might be possible to edit the absent player’s password to allow another player to log in for them, by copying an existing player password into the field, then they can abdicate or lose the challenge in the absent player’s place, but use that with caution as well. (No, we don’t actually use passwords in WU, but the field still exists and is unique to a players Steam ID).
  5. GMT is a fixed standard time, it does not vary according to where you live, even when you live in another time zone midnight GMT will occur at 00:00hrs GMT. So if you live in GMT+5 then midnight GMT will occur 5 hours before local midnight, or 20:00hrs GMT+5. Or if you’re in GMT-5 then it’ll be 05:00hrs GMT-5.
  6. You can also summon the three kingdom kingmakers using GM powers as well, if the server does not generate them automatically, they need to be summoned because they are not objects, they are NPC's with a single specific purpose, that same as bartender and salesman.
  7. After a kingdom leader has been absent for one month, the server should allow other players to take the test. Yes, you can edit the DBs to change that, but the way to do it properly would be to allow players to go to the appropriate test object, I.E Lady in the Lake or Cobra King, to challenge for leadership. This is assuming those objects have spawned on the server of course. I've not experimented with this yet, so I'm not sure which particular settings need to be active to spawn the kingmaker objects. I would assume PvP settings are needed, to allow multi kingdom, but I'm not certain if Epic and/or endgame items need be active as well.
  8. Tower guards, when created by a GM account, have the same kingdom as the GM, so to GM create a Mol Rehan guard tower you would first have to convert the GM to Mol Rehan, then create and drop the tower, a Mol Rehan tower will produce Mol Rehan tower guards. I'm not sure if this will work on a Freedom server however, I've only done this sort of thing on multi-kingdom pvp servers, so success/failure will mostly be down to the server settings.
  9. I've never seen the end of life as a particularly sad thing, we all die, it's sad for those who are left. I want my funeral to be a remembrance of my life, and music has always been a big part of that. So, Bodies, purely for the irony, and Great Gig in the Sky
  10. This needs to be a continuing thing, seriously, or not, it’s a thing of sublime and unbearably accurate satire, 11/10, world read again for more subtle yet fun digs at everyone and everything Wurmian. Just absolutely top drawer.
  11. I shall send Jah over, and if lucky, I’ll have to name my hat ‘Devin’ ....
  12. While I understand the reasoning, I always deplore removing things from the game, it will always have a negative impact on the overall game, so it will be with the removal of the player gods, something will be removed, and we’ll all be slightly lesser for it. My Nahjo priest will become a Fo priest which gets rid of Strongwall, my primary purpose in having a priest character at all, so thank the remaining gods we’re getting a free transfer again, Magranon beckons I suppose. I’m liking the look of the loyalty system, a bunch of shiny cosmetics and other stuff will be fun to play with, so new stuff as well helps soften the blow on priests to an extent, all I really need this year now is Kilts and Mammoths, and a basket hilted broadsword skin to complete the look, (I can always hope)...
  13. I should bring my old Release alt, Wotsits for the occasion .... Lol.
  14. Either me or Jahpeople will be happy to join in for the sheer fun of it all, I do love a good slaying, thanks for this...