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  1. Tower guards, when created by a GM account, have the same kingdom as the GM, so to GM create a Mol Rehan guard tower you would first have to convert the GM to Mol Rehan, then create and drop the tower, a Mol Rehan tower will produce Mol Rehan tower guards. I'm not sure if this will work on a Freedom server however, I've only done this sort of thing on multi-kingdom pvp servers, so success/failure will mostly be down to the server settings.
  2. I've never seen the end of life as a particularly sad thing, we all die, it's sad for those who are left. I want my funeral to be a remembrance of my life, and music has always been a big part of that. So, Bodies, purely for the irony, and Great Gig in the Sky
  3. This needs to be a continuing thing, seriously, or not, it’s a thing of sublime and unbearably accurate satire, 11/10, world read again for more subtle yet fun digs at everyone and everything Wurmian. Just absolutely top drawer.
  4. I shall send Jah over, and if lucky, I’ll have to name my hat ‘Devin’ ....
  5. While I understand the reasoning, I always deplore removing things from the game, it will always have a negative impact on the overall game, so it will be with the removal of the player gods, something will be removed, and we’ll all be slightly lesser for it. My Nahjo priest will become a Fo priest which gets rid of Strongwall, my primary purpose in having a priest character at all, so thank the remaining gods we’re getting a free transfer again, Magranon beckons I suppose. I’m liking the look of the loyalty system, a bunch of shiny cosmetics and other stuff will be fun to play with, so new stuff as well helps soften the blow on priests to an extent, all I really need this year now is Kilts and Mammoths, and a basket hilted broadsword skin to complete the look, (I can always hope)...
  6. I should bring my old Release alt, Wotsits for the occasion .... Lol.
  7. Either me or Jahpeople will be happy to join in for the sheer fun of it all, I do love a good slaying, thanks for this...
  8. Wrapping items used to be a way around volume restrictions for the mail system, with people sending things like entire felled trees through the mail, and probably other items that were otherwise unmailable. But I agree, I think Wurm lost something when we lost those nicely wrapped gift boxes, I still see them around, little unopenable gift boxes, with names from the past still attached like little sad reminders of happier times... By all means, overhaul the system, make sure they take up the same volume/weight as the wrapped item would, make sure that only a single item can be wrapped, make sure normal decay rules apply, and let’s have real parcels under our Christmas trees, let us send gifts to our friends, and let us once more have the joy of opening those neat little boxes to see what’s inside.
  9. I'm still playing on Jackal mostly, I'm an explorer, not a grinder, or merchant, so Jackal satisfies my particular play style. Saying that, I still play on Epic, though a lot less of late, and Freedom is where I am based, I have my deeds there to maintain, and since Jackal is a short term server I'm not about to give those up. Jackal is an intriguing place for me, lots of unanswered questions on how Jackal influence works, how the freedom beacons work, or even don't work, and how players can alter jackal influence to allow freedom influence to spread. Also it's huge, there's so much to explore away from the coasts. Sure it has it's annoyances, the terrain can be a nightmare of spikes and hollows, getting stuck is easy, usually with a bunch of nasties on your tail, getting only one log from a tree slows down the crafting of things if you habitually live in jackal influence, overall though, it's been a positive experience for me, others with different expectations will have different views of course.
  10. The next iteration of Jackal will undoubtedly be different to this one, lessons should be learned, and applied. I have been, and continue to enjoy Jackal as it is now, a fresh start, no items and no skills, but the epic style spilling without the epic style effective skill curve misses the point of the epic system in the first place, the focus on getting new players ‘battle ready’ quicker than the regular freedom system, so why not have a curve, it need not be the same formula as the epic curve, that could be adjusted to favour skill gains in the first days, but dropping off more sharply, or sooner than epic, so that instead of reaching 0 effective at around 99 skill, it does so at 50, or 70, this will boost player effectiveness in the early stages, enabling better gear at an earlier stage. The other mechanics appear sound enough, guard towers are fine, their range is limited and kiting wild rift mobs isn’t as easy as some are making out, rift beasts often stop following, and rift mobs attached to beacons simply go back once they reach their limits for range, guard towers are not a major issue. since we’re starting as fresh players with no skills or gear, why don’t we get the standard benefits new players get? No refreshments from bartenders, and no new player buffs seems a trifle inconsistent, we’re all starting from scratch after all. A two tier server? With new players at an instant disadvantage to older ones? Sorry, that does not work for me, as an older player I find it unfair to new players right off the bat, why should older players get an instant advantage over new ones if we’re all supposed to start from scratch? Where does that get fair? Smells like entitlement to me, and I’m not up for it. By all means, higher initial skills for all, or an altered effective skill curve for all, but having played for years was not supposed to matter on Jackal, other than innate knowledge older players should need no crutches to rely on, it’s just 6 months and has no effect on our freedom characters, so no, I won’t be on board for a two tier player base. Deeds are fine, we all need a base of operations, it’s up to us as players to deed, disband and move ahead if we choose to do so, or simply work in the rear, making the gear to support the invasion forces, as it is Jackal dissuades solo play styles In preference to team work, as a long time solo player there’s no way I could get the skills and gear together myself to continue the invasion of Jackal, so I joined a village, where I specialise, rather than trying to do everything for myself, and that works fine.
  11. Gramuly? Good grief, I still call that sand tower and peninsula in North Serenity ‘Gramuly point’, since I associate it with you. Yes it’s annoying that the sea crossings between home servers and Elevation are closed at present, but the reasons are sound, the prevention of high end tools, weapons and armour unbalancing PVP on Elevation following the map reset, it would have been very simple to have stockpiled vast amounts of items on home servers to import back to the new Elevation map, cutting off the home servers and making players transfer naked between Elevation was the least that could be done to keep Elevation ‘pure’ following the reset. Yes, it’s left the home servers as mainly PvE, with no raiding by other kingdoms possible, see this as a chance to raise a deed and fortify it uninterrupted in the meantime, look for a positive, rather than bemoan the negatives, home servers are rich hunting grounds now, fight and weapon skills are easy to gain in such an environment, when the borders reopen, you’ll be ready, better equipped and more solidly based than if you were getting raided every few days.
  12. Full Steam Ahead

    @Samool Congratulations on the new job, i'm sure you'll do just fine, if the past is any indication. Regardless of my own biases toward Epic, it's probably better to wait on the Steam launch and concentrate on getting that up and running successfully, than taking time out of that for Epic, at present Epic is relatively dead again, for various reasons, not all of which I understand to be honest, but having the Home servers as PvE hunting servers is fine with me, a PvP holiday there won't really affect either Steam or WO particularly, the content that's there is enough to keep me happy for now. Probably a contentious view, but at some point those of us who played on Epic, and continue to visit, have to realise that perhaps there are bigger things in the future than one cluster with only a few players, even if one of those players is me.
  13. Thank you @Budda for all you've done for WO and WU, it literally would not be the same without you. And congratulations @Samoola well deserved recognition for the job you have done, and best of luck in the job I'm confident you will do in future. That's really all I have to say on this, I've written on the Steam launch, nothing so far has changed my mind in supporting it. And the PvP stuff, nope, not with a 10 foot pike, just not going there.
  14. WO Steam Discussion

    Many modern MMO player are used to a certain amount of character customisation before even entering the game, so having a set of 'boosted' skill to begin with would certainly fit in with that, perhaps a pool of 'skill points' to allocate prior to beginning, so that players can set themselves up for hunting, crafting, or whatever. Since Wurm does not lock us into specialised roles this would be merely a head start in certain areas.