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  1. If no one talks about it, how's anyone going to know there might be a problem?
  2. I don't understand why the objection to moving Epic home servers to PVE ? Especially when many Elevation hardcore PvP players have objected to the 'Freedumbers' all along, and wanted nothing more than having them closed or just gone. Well moving the home servers to a small, isolated PVE cluster does exactly that, but preserves the servers, and those who wish to remain living on them, rather than forcing them onto Chaos and losing servers they have been on a long time, with all the resentment and dissatisfaction that entails, Perhaps make them 'hardcore PvE, Keep the Valrei creatures already there, and enable their continued spawning over time, I'm sure there's a niche for a more dangerous server or two in Wurm's repertoire, the present 'wreckage of civilisation' aspect that the ruins and remains of former deeds just add to the post apocalyptic feel anyway. I understand that PVE is not what some people want, they want PvP, they want it fixed, but everyone has different views of what constitutes 'fixed'. Epic does not have to be shut down because the PvP aspect is perceived as broken, or unsatisfying, I see no need to scrap perfectly good servers, Epic has already cost CCAB a lot of man hours of design and implementation, I for one would hate to see all that scrapped, but the present low point in population and interest in Epic PvP cannot be sustained in the long term, so a way to 'save' the servers we have might be to simply reuse the Epic concept in a different way.
  3. This is something I actually do when generating server maps for WU, so it wouldn't be impossible to incorporate in Wurm, the terrain textures are already available, they're just not used. And yes, it does add atmosphere. Make it so.
  4. As far as it goes, a simple skills transfer would be easy enough, since the effective skill curve is derived from the numerical skill of the player anyway, and only on Epic server, move the character to a freedom server and effective skill does not apply anyway, just the base numeric skill of the character. The effective skill curve is not an issue, it only applies on epic servers anyway, if the reverse were true, and an average freedom player were to be given a 1:1 skill transfer to Epic their effective skill levels would be boosted the same way every other player on Epic is. For instance, if my digging skill were 60, my effective skill would be about 80, on epic, on freedom it would be 60.If you look at your skills on Epic it shows your numeric level, with your effective skill in brackets, it's a mechanism applied by the server settings, it has no actual effect on skills, other than to actually slow down skillgain in some circumstances My preferred solution would be to simply switch the home servers to Freedom settings, and set them aside as a seperate cluster, similar to the way Pristine and Release were initially, with a view of opening connections to the rest of Freedom after time had passed and the servers were more settled, this has the advantage of allowing deeds to remain as they are initially, with less need for compensaton for deeds and items, because after all this time some people have hoarded a lot of stuff. It was certainly possible to do that when Wild became Chaos initially, since it was reopened for a time as a Freedom server, before reverting to PvP, I see no technical barrier to doing the same with the home servers at least, single kingdom servers are relatively easy to switch to freedom, it's just things like guard towers that present any issues, and those issues were worked on and fixed on during the Wild/Chaos hiatus. It's more a question of should it be done, rather than can it be done, because it certainly can be done, it's been done before.
  5. I don't recal it damaging Freedom population when it was good, the first year or two population was high on most Epic servers, as it was on Freedom. The ability to portal between the two may hae helped that of course, but my Epic character began on Exodus, before joining Epic at the start, while I continued to play my main on Freedom. I think the hope is that changes to EPic will bring back some of those who have left Epic, and Wurm completely, rather than siphon off the freedom playerbase to bolster Epic's population lows. At least I hope that's the thinking....
  6. I think any plans for Epic are probably flogging a dead cluster at this point, the playerbase is generally in the 10-20 range evey single day, and that's the entire cluster, I recently spent a number of hours as the only player on Serenity, ([17:23:22] No other players are online on Serenity (458 totally in Wurm).). The population has passed the point of no return at present, and any efforts to raise the population will indeed have an effect, for a while, but bfore long it'll once more descend to the levels we see now, the new affliction server revived numbers for a time, but those fell off again, the new elevation maps did the same, for a while, yet her we are again. The blame has been placed at many doors, problems with pvp balance, path of insanity, and so on, but adding more content and rebalancing pvp will only delay the inevitable, Epic has stagnated, the home servers are generally deserted most of the time, with one or two players at most on each of them, and a handful on Elevation. Serenity is a ghost town, the few deeds that are left are pretty much deserted apart from maybe a couple of logons per day, it's overrun with uniques and valrei mobs, new players stand almost no chance outside the starter town, the few who have visited of late have logged off never to be seen again, some last more than a week, most last little more than an hour or two, it's pretty accurate to say that Epic died a while ago, it's on life support now, and I honestly don't see any improvement to the quality of the game that will improve the quality of life of new players, because they're almost always cut off from the start, unable to see anyone in local, and frankly unless there's anyone close to the starter towns I can only imagine they assume no one at all is on, I certainly would if I saw local empty, no chat at all and nothing but abandoned and decaying buildings almost everywhere, as far as the client can render. Frankly it's dire, and a little depressing, as a player who was there on day one, and saw how vibrant and lively the server was in it's heyday, to the dead corpse that's slowly decomposing before my eyes.... A merge is not happening, that much has been made abundantly clear, and repeated often enough to simply not even mention it anymore, it's not happening. I'll wait for the changes, see how long the revival lasts, the creature changes I've seen so far are interesting, but the sheer numbers of Valrei creatures all over Serenity make it less fun than it could be, we're not all uber fighters, regardless of the perception that extra skillgain and the effective skill curve make life easier on Epic, it actually doesn't, apart from the early stages, after a while you're actually fighting with effective skill in order to make real skill gains, it's not a rush to 99 in everything, some of it is painfully slow. especially when you're a non-grinder slowcoach like me, who prefers doing stuff rather than sitting in a cave somewher making golves for weeks on end to get 90 tailoring... So yes, a fix would be nice, but I'm losing the will to log on again, even as I spend more time on Epic than my 'day job' on Freedom, but all I'm doing most days is lacklustre damage control...
  7. The whole point of DNPA was to provide new players with some orientation, a little help getting themselves started on servers which can be attacked at almost any time. This, in my opinion, became even more important when new, non premium players joined the server and saw no one in local, due to the anti-spy measures which means non premiums have no idea who's in local at all. This isn't to say that DNPA couldn't or shouldn't have been attacked, it's part of a PvP server, on a PvP cluster, no one is supposed to be completely safe outside Strongbox, nor am I saying that it should have been exempt from draining, as part of the spoils of a PvP raid. I don't blame Rakki for taking advantage of a very low population to pop over and drain a deed or two, it's probably easier to do with no one online to defend... I'm just saddened at the fall of a deed that did so much to try to make new players welcome, teach and inform, help and support, it produced 2 fine CA's and encouraged another to become one as well, all because the ethos of DNPA was that it wasn't about the glory of DNPA, but about the people who made Serenity a large and vibrant community in it's earliest years, it was about helping and encouraging others to play Wurm in a PvP setting. DNPA's decline is Epic's decline, it's a symptom of the issues facing Epic at present, with population so low that today I was the only player on the whole server for three hours, and only 12 on the whole cluster, (The only time I've ever seen the 'no other players are on Serenity' message when using /who). At this point I'm almost ready to give up myself, but I can't, I was one of the first on the server way back when it all began, I'll be one of the last off it if I can help it. I've seen people advise consolidation, banding together to defend at least one well built deed, but frankly, at the moment there's more uniques than players, even if we all lived in one big deed we're all from so many differnig time zones that the same situation could happen again due to low, or zero population. I honestly hope this is rock bottom for Epic, because at the moment it's looking pretty bleak most days, and it'll be a sad day when Jahpeople finally logs off for the last time ...
  8. It did have active players, or at least one, and it's alwyas had around 2 silver, to prevent large losses if drained, 300 silver would not have prevented it falling, the upkeep was topped up to keep it over the 30 days regularly. The problem, and it's a problem for almost every Epic deed, is the low population, especially when raiders deliberately -pick times when population is at it's lowest. I accept that it's demise was inevitable, because no matter how high you build the walls, how strong the token walls and gates are, without players every deed will fall, perhaps we should put them all out of their misery?
  9. Not quite, DNPA was originally founded by a couple of other players, who's names I sadly no longer recall, Joanavon took it over, and actually moved it to it's present location, the original was closer to the coast, where IRC ended up. I believe the longest continuously deeded village on Serenity is Watzillian Outlawz, but DNPA has always been a very close second.
  10. Sad days, with so few left on Serenity as it is, this will simply reduce the numbers even further. Final drain was less than 64 copper, so much for glittering prizes..... My thanks for DNPA, and it's long history on Serenity, on behalf of those who saw it's rise, and now sadly witnessed it's fall.
  11. When I started playing Wurm, more than a few years ago, we collided with trees, we used trees to rest on to regain stamina, tree collision was actually useful, as well as being more immersive. Tree collision vanished during one of my breaks, and it was a complete surprise to me when I tried climbing a mountainside, and went to rest on a handy olive tree, probably one of the best choices at that time... Imagine my surprise, and horror when I slid right through it ... Well, I was told at the time it was temporary, and that one day it would be the case that I'd have to be more careful when running, riding or indeed driving thriough forests once more, there's a reason why older players hate olive forests, they used to be death traps, because players could find themselves trapped in alleys of olives, in mazes of dead ends and impassable ranks of thick, solid olive trees, while the spiders, trolls and other assorted nastiness clipped right through them... But despite dying in olive forests, and searching in vain for my corpse, only to die again, I still miss that realism, it adds to Wurm, to run screaming through the trees, bouncing off trunks as the trolls close in, we can ride right through those ghost trees we have now, it lessens the experience for me, and makes olive forests a mere visual inconvenience, not a terrifyingly creepy area best avoided if possible. We're risking to much molly-coddling without the dangers that our environment should have. My only request, if we're getting tree collisions back, can we please also have mobs subject to the same problems we have? They shouldn't come sneaking, ghostlike through the very trees we cannot pass.
  12. If it's a custom server, then you'll have to copy wurm.ini from one of the vanilla server folders. There are a number of files needed to run a server, and a number of folders. After I generate a new map I copy the following foldes and files to the new server folder. Sqlite, Recipies, gamedir, and wurm.ini Don't forget to run rebuild_dbs.bat in Sqlite folder to clean the databases also, otherwise a number of things, from the server simply not running, to flying sharks and other animals, as well as other less obvious issues. If you're having this error when tryoing to run one of the supplied maps as a local server, then check the server folders to make sure the wurm.ini file is in fact missing.
  13. I love this tool, and was a tad saddened by the loss of it, or at least the easy to access version of it we had. However, it is possible, (but rather involved and difficult), to run it on your own machine. What you need is a web server, (Apache), Mysql and php, all configured and set up properly. And believe me when I say this can be a nightmare for those not used to setting up something like this. But there is a slightly less involved solution, XAMPP, which automagically sets up most of it for you, and with a little tweaking you too could run this locally, ( you'll likely end up losing hair, friends and sleep, you have been warned ). I'd love to give a tutorial on setting it all up, but other than a bit of hand holding I'm afraid I'm pretty pants at tutorials... What you will need, The WUchar.zip containing the files you'll need to actually transfer your skills, skill dumps, XAMPP installed and running, and the ability to extract files and move folders about, and finally, some knowledge of webpage design, enough at least to build a simple web page, rather than having to enter the address by hand every time ..., It's not particularly hard, but simply typing 'localhost' in the address bar and clicking a link is much easier ....
  14. Totally +1 this. Places like Mouse Hole on Independence, and the Paultrw memorial on Serenity are a nice rememberance of people we knew, or people who were admired and known enough to be commemorated in this way. I've seen similar things in other games, and it's nice sometimes to be able to reflect on the fact that there are real people behind the avatars and text we see in chat windows.
  15. It is related, and now fixed.