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  1. 99 med maul on both clusters would be nice this year.
  2. Way ahead of you here, have already (tastefully) fenced the site in, and added some signage. No, it won't prevent someone determined to remove the Hotas, or break the fences, but it at least serves to imply that the site is at least important enough to fence in. It should at least give anyone else time to contemplate why the colossus and statues are there. I don't want the site artificially protected, I agree with Zeke, that starter deeds, as well as the rest of Epic, home servers or Elevation, should not be subject to artificial protection. With regard to the players involved, I do believe that these statues were just grabbed 'on the run' as it were, that their intent was not malicious, and that if it been the case that the site was fenced in, as it is now, they'd not have bothered, seeing that it was fenced they'd have had time to wonder why, and realise that perhaps they should just leave it and look for easier, and less controversial, loot. Perhaps the fact it did last as long as it did made me, and others, a little complacent, coupled with the previously low population we got lazy, so I hold my hands up to that.
  3. I'd like to draw a line under this incident, I've accepted that the statues were taking in ignorance, and not with malicious intent. As can dimly be seen, the statues have been returned, and are now back much as they were, work will be done on the memorial itself to make it more obvious that it is a memorial, and not just some weird HOTA dispenser Thanks to the honesty of those involved, and the cooperation that is sometimes possible between enemies, this incident can now be regarded as closed.
  4. @nicedreamsThank you for your honesty, I'm prepared to accept the explanation you offer, and will accept your offer of return of the items taken, if you wish to PM me, or Jahpeople to arrange safe passage for the exchange I'm happy to facilitate that.
  5. They know who they are, I don't see the need to name and shame people, it's not as if they'll be selling Hota statues on Epic, and they can't exactly run off with their loot to Freedom. It's not about what was taken, I don't see it as a theft, it's a pvp server, people are able to take items such as this, even when secured, if they are from enemy kingdoms, . No, my point is that this was a senseless act, each of the items was clearly renamed as a tribute to the player the memorial was in honour of, Hota statues are not exactly rare or even very desirable on Epic, they were not locked away behind fences or walls, there was no conquest here, no spoils of war or loot from a dead enemy, they were taken because they were there, with no thought to why they were there, or for teh lulz. I don't want memorials like this protected as |Heritage areas, that's not the point, it's not what I or many on Epic want, or generally approve of, No, for me this is a matter of honour and respect, we don't have to hate our enemies, we don't have to grief their deeds, drop dirt on their fields and slaughter their horses, the memorial was doing nothing other than honouring a player and friend to many on Serenity, ther was no reason to take those statues, other than willful ignorance, or deliberate malice, I prefer to err on the side of ignorance and lack of honour and respect.
  6. I can confirm that no one of the same kingdom can take them, or any other object planted by the same kingdom, even empty bsb's cannot be removed if planted, deeded or undeeded, only enemy kingdom players can.
  7. I'm not proposing restrictions, there are already restrictions on anyone from JK removing planted objects on home servers anyway, which is why I believe it could only have been a group of enemy kingdom players. Deeded, or undeeded, JKH could not have removed them, since they were planted. And as for keeping staff out of this, I'm also a player, I've played on Epic since November 2011, I knew Paul, I planted a HOTA statue as well, but this is not about statues, it's not about memorials, for me it's about the type of mentality that assumes that taking things of no value is somehow something to do with PvP, it's not. I don't want such memorials protected by rules, only by a sense of decency and honour, it seems that this is lacking in the individuals, and the Kingdom they represent.
  8. While I'm sure not everyone will be interested in the goings on of PvP servers such as Serenity, it is with heavy heard, and not a little sadness that I found today that all the HOTA statues left in memory of a Wurm player who was well known and respected on Serenity have been removed by another kingdom. The Paultrw Memorial has stood just north of Strongbox for quite some time now, in memory and respect of Paultrw, Wurm player, JK and all round nice guy, who passed a few years ago. Now I know very well who visited the area recently, And those who took these tokens of respect and memory also know who they are, given the number of statues taken, it could only have been a group, and given that all statues were planted, it could only have been an enemy kingdom. While I'm aware, and accept that on PvP servers items such as these can be taken as prizes, I personally would not have stooped as low as virtual desecration of a memorial of another player, be it same kingdom, or enemy, there are some things I consider beyond the pale in any game, and this sort of behaviour is just the sort of thing that I cannot stomach, nor I suspect is it something any player with the slightest sense of honour and decency will condone. I'm not asking that these items be returned, I doubt those who are so bereft of honour they would do such a thing will feel any pangs of remorse, rather they'll look upon this post as reason to celebrate, to crow and strut that they upset someone who cares about things like this. Yes, I'm deeply annoyed that such things as memorials to players who have passed away can be so easily and thoughtlessly vandalised, for a few HOTA statues that have no value to anyone on Serenity, other than the significance to those who planted them to honour and remember a fallen player. You can't replace things like this, some of those who planted them no longer play, the respect they paid gone now with the messages they left for their friend and fellow player. The Colossus remains, probably because it couldn't be taken, But the respect and honour shown cannot be replaced. Congratulations, you've completely lost any claim to honour and respect your Kingdom could have made, there's no honour to be had in robbing from the dead, only a stain that time will not erase.
  9. Hello good sir!


    I'm setting up my own server, and need a map.  I've been trying to use the Wgenerator buddha came out with even had a tech help and it works up to the point I start putting in Tundra.  My ram i'm using is 6144 so more than anyone else says they are using to generate in the forum.  Is that not good enuff for an 8k map?

    Anyways I've seen a lot of you posts and you seem a bit more knowledgeable with map generators.  Is there another Wgenerator you might reccommend?

  10. Given the minor, but annoying, issues over skill transfers, I'm happy to wait for creature crate until they're right
  11. The Epic to Freedom is a one time transfer of skills only, the Freedom to Epic skill transfer works every time the player transfers to Epic, so yes, skills are updated every time a freedom player steps through the portal to Epic, unless those skills on Epic character are subject to the 3x modifier from deaths. Epic skills will only be updated once, based on the Epic players skills at 2nd November, so skillgains since then will not transfer at all from Epic to Freedom at all.
  12. It's a one-time skill transfer, where freedom players skill transfers every single time they cross from freedom to epic. Epic players skills are reduced, and if you know anything about Wurm you'd know that any time any skill is reduced at all you get a 3X, there's very little that can be done about this other than process every single Epic account that crosses individually at the database level. In my opinion every single Epic player deserved a 1:1 transfer of skills, but we accepted the compromise, something it seems other Freedom players are unable to do, an attitude that demotes Epic players to second class players, regardless of how long they have played, or how much they have invested in the game, (and I'm not talking about money here, but time and commitment). We earned the skills we have on Epic, we're accepting a skills reductions well as loss of effective skill to play on Freedom, should we chose to do so, while Freedom players are free to skill in safety and simply port over and skill up their Epic characters, once Epic players choose to play on Freedom they will not be able to transfer their skills again. Tell me again? Why should I transfer to Freedom if I'll be subject to prejudice and ill-feeling simply for being a Wurm player? Because right now you are representing all that is worst and toxic in your community, for no other reason than you think Epic players are somehow getting something that you are not? Meanwhile, I'll continue to help and support the Freedom players who choose to come to Epic, to stay, or just play, because I believe that we're all equally Wurm players, and we all deserve to be treated as we would wish to be treated, they won't be subjected to scorn or accusations they might be gaining skills 'unfairly' because they chose to grind a skill on Freedom and simply ported to Epic with skill intact and unaltered.
  13. best enchanted items

    Cod to Zenity Please
  14. I've played Epic, since Epic began, I've done plenty of missions, Know how many tomes I have, how many I've ever had? Exactly none, no tomes, no keys, no cherries, and you knwo what, I couldn't care less about them. However, after the rank panic that Epic players might have the remotest chance of bringing anything more than skills to Freedom, I read so much bile and hate because Freedom didn't want these things on Freedom cluster, it would unbalance the game, interfere in the markets and devalue all the things. So Epic players don't get to transfer items to Freedom, we don't get to transfer skills except a one-time skill transfer with reduced skills based on a formula, no items, nothing else, you got your wish, be happy with it, and let Epic be Epic, let the benefits of playing on Epic stay on Epic, let the benefits of Freedom stay on Freedom. Personally I'm happy enough that Epic skills transfer, an impossibility mere months ago, is soon to be a reality, For myself, and a number of Epic players, we've accepted the compromise deal, we've accepted that Epic will continue to be separate from Freedom in all ways possible other than players and skills, we've accepted that only Epic players who were playing before the update will be able to transfer skills to Freedom, we've accepted that it will be a one-time skills transfer, and that any skill we continue to gain will not transfer again, we've accepted that Freedom players skills will update every time they transfer to Epic, (other than sensible protections from exploiting the mechanism to avoid skill losses due to death on Epic), we've accepted we won't get to keep the skills we've spent our time gaining on Epic over the past years. So no to tomes on Freedom, total -1 for this suggestion, it's not a good idea to allow tomes on a cluster where there's a direct connection to a PvP server so that tomes can, and likely will, be farmed by PvP players in safety on Freedom. The reason for tomes and other Epic only content should be obvious enough that I shouldn't have to spell it out, as @MRGary already said, if you want to kill Epic, remove Epic only content from it and allow it on both clusters, then there's no more need for an Epic cluster at all. Perhaps that's what some would like, but Epic is there, Epic is different, and that's the way it should stay.
  15. Servers are down fro this update, it will be about 2 hours before they are back online. This update is not yet complete.