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  1. Ash is already easier to get than it was, with the introduction of the clean action on furnaces, ( forges, ovens, smelters, kilns ), it’s never been easier to get good ash, clean produces 3 ash an action, a regular cleaning of the forge and oven before lighting means I often have a surplus of ash.
  2. Having gotten a rare 5 copper just yesterday on Indy, I can stare quite categorically that kings coffers have not been removed from the game, there is an issue on NFI as far as I’m aware, it’s nothing whatsoever to do with RMT.
  3. Err, Thargoids? They pretty much qualify as aliens, Guardians as well, if they ever turn up, so far only sites where they were tho.
  4. Hi Zenity.... your signature line just introduced me to Sneaker Pimps. 
    so, thanks for that! 

    Have a great day, 
    ~ Amata

  5. Something I’ve always done over the past few years, and I regularly check towers when sailing around coasts I’m less familiar with, just in case any have the coordinates on so I can cross reference with the map and check I am where I think I am. It’s a very useful thing to do, it’s as simple as renaming your tower with you’re coordinates in the name, and I urge all wurmians to do the same wherever possible, knowing where we are is not simple if you’re not decades old and used to the vagaries of wurm navigation.
  6. New: A /balances command has been added. Using /balances in a chat window will display the following balances in your event window: Bank balance Marks balance Rift points if greater than 0 Jackal points if greater than
  7. Well, happy to see the /balances command, far better than directing new players to the nearest deed token to check their bank balances, to be honest this is a command that should have been available long ago, just goes to show, suggestions do get noticed
  8. To put this in perspective, I stumped up for NMS when I had some spare cash to throw at an upcoming game that looked like it might be amazing. At launch, it wasn’t, it had a load of issues, it was not the same as the trailers and demos the layers had seen, but I stuck with it, and over the years it grew into a game that actually surpassed the launch trailers, it’s now pretty much a success story, especially considering the early reviews that followed the pre launch hype. Star Citizen has been in development for longer than NMS, has a larger budget and dev team, and still has nothing that’s truly ready for release, it’s not vapourware, it’s not a scam, it is however costly to invest in a game that has taken so long to get nowhere near the lack of polish NMS had at release. Yes, it shows promise, but it’s already outdated in it’s scope, has competition that has actually released and is still developing and releasing content, so it’s not ready for me to invest in yet. i can get my space simulation fun right now with Elite Dangerous, with it’s 1:1 scale galaxy with more star systems than anyone can possibly visit in their lifetime, or lighten it up with No Man’s Sky and it’s funky coloured backdrops and weird flora and fauna, with it’s 256 galaxies full of procedurally generated systems, or even get into proper space physics with Kerbal Space Program. Star Citizen may be approaching pre beta, but it’s taken so long I’ve frankly lost interest now. Sorry SC, it’s a soft no for me.
  9. @YserinIt would ignore the command line option in steam, since you’re essentially short circuiting the steam client and running the executable directly, so yes, editing the shortcut would have to be done through the shortcut itself. This is one of the reasons why this is not an officially supported method of getting your alt into Wurm at the same time as your main, it’s a workaround for steam’s single client system. @Ephemerali’m not sure why this isn’t working for you, unless there is a problem with the client itself of course, launching via the exe file should be exactly the same as launching it from steam really. I’ve used this same method on WU for years now, since it’s just a tweak of Bdew’s original multi client workaround. Some things to try, as a test, does it work normally if launching from steam? Is it only alts that freeze or is it all attempts to launch the exe? And have you tried verifying the steam files in case it’s actually a corrupted file from an update?
  10. I’ve been a ‘casual’ player for about 10 years now, it’s a great play style if you’re trying to avoid burning out, a very real problem over time if you do decide to push for a particular skill, or get over involved in a particular project, I tend to do the daily chores, then go hunting these days, having reached a point where I have a nice settled deed with all the buildings, tools and animals I’ll ever need. Now that I’m playing from scratch on a new character on Harmony I am trying to limit my playtime somewhat, so getting the chores done, working on a sailboat and doing some imposing and skilling at the forge is most Ethan enough, with an occasional hunting trip to top up the FSB a little, not that many animals are around right now, but it’s good to get out and see the steppes and wave at the unicorns, (yes, I know Uni’s are a decent source of meat etc, I just hate killing them), I have a guard tower now, so sacked the Templar, not that the tower guards do much, apart from the occasional troll we can drag across the steppe. Anyway, keep up the good work, stick to your strategy, in the long run it’ll lead to much more enjoyment of the game, and less like having to work as if it were a job, after all, it’s a game, it’s supposed to be fun, and as they say in gambling ads, when the fun stops, stop playing.
  11. Bagpipes would go especially well with kilts.... just jumping on the bandwagon ....
  12. We had a skills transfer from epic to freedom, giving epic players a lifeboat of sorts, if they wished to transfer to freedom with some of their skills, based on a curve fitting algorithm which meant high skilled, (about 90+) skills transferred close to 1:1 while middle range skills lost more. because of the way the epic skill gain system, and the effective skill curve work, it’s true that the higher your skill gets, the more difficult it is to gain skill, it took me until recently to ge to 99 med mail for instance, given breaks of a year or so in between, since beginning Epic on day one, I lost about 1 skill point, leaving me at 98, while my mining, at about 70 was calculated to be 50 ish when transferred. As for stuff, like gear, tools etc, given the lack of any crafters what’s left is a few players, desperately hoarding as much as they can while staving off decay, sooner or later, it’s all gone, returned to dust. But a reset at this point would be unbearably painful for the few players left, and would probably finish any hope of returning players coming back, resetting Elevation 3 times has done little to alleviate the population problem. in short, Epic’s issues are not going to be fixed by sticking plasters, or drastic measures that may alienate the people most likely to play again.
  13. It does not exist if you are in the wilderness of a new server and don’t have a deed, not everyone has a deed, having a simple command, or button would be available to everyone, regardless of them being part of a deed or not. The reason I a. Requesting this is because it’s not globally available to all players. It’s not repeating an existing function that is available to everyone, it’s a simple function that should be available to all players just like /playtime is now.
  14. they’re all designed in software for a tartan company. https://tartandesigner.com/ My original idea was to design a tartan that represented the 4 colours of the 4 kingdoms, so, azure, for JK, Red for MR, green for Freedom and Purple for HotS, with a dark brown representing the earth we all share. For some reason the purple seems to dominate, but reducing thread count on the that bobbin didn’t look right either. Would be nice to have hunting and dress sets, but probably overkill for Wurm. I also like the last sample, but the blue is lost, and it really needs to be represented for me to be happy it’s really Wurmian.
  15. Correct, but you must have access to a deed token, or be a deed owner to use that, if you’re on a new server, or even an old one, finding a deed you can access the token at is not an easy task at times. I’ve been seeing the question asked dozens of times a day on CA Help, especially the last day or so, by new players, especially those who’ve found a nice spot, and would like the reassurance of knowing they have funds but have travelled far from other deeds. Yes, some ways are well known, but a simple addition of a command, or button, to check bank balance would be, for me, and I’m sure many others, a simple quality of life addition. Even if it was just a line of text added to /playtime, rather than tying players to deed tokens, or tabbing out to browser to check Wurm shop.