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  1. Switched my Shares

    Wurm, by it’s very nature is a process of continual change, not just the game itself, but every aspect of it’s existence has changed over the relatively short time since I began playing, there’s barely anything left of the wurm I began playing. Change is inevitable, wurm changed when Notch left, it changed again when Rolf stepped away from the development process, and it’ll change again. Change has got us where we are today, and change will take us somewhere else in the future. And whatever changes we face, there will be those who embrace it, and those who resist it, and those who simply retreat from it, change is what we make of it, as individuals.
  2. Switched my Shares

    Thanks for keeping the Wurm community informed, I'm sure there will be plenty of speculation and FUD, but I'm just planning to continue playing and supporting CCAB anyway.
  3. Some minor confusion regarding the naming of Mauls and Axes in respect to their respective skills. Maul types available are Small, Maul and Large Maul, skills are small maul, medium maul, and large maul. Axe types available are small, axe and huge axe, skills are small axe, large axe and huge axe. There is sometimes confusion when trying to explain that medium maul or large axe are not named consistently with skills that are associated with them, where the other skills match the items available. Swords are fine, the items match the skill names.
  4. I agree that we're not used to the frankly spiky terrain of jackal, diagonal slope constraints on wetas has caused my death on a number of occasions as well, when we can get into areas we find very hard to get out of, with a mob or two whaling on us all the while, might be something that could be looked at?
  5. As suggested by the title. Wurmians might benefit from finally being able to craft and use large saddles, for Wetas on Jackal, at the moment Large Saddles can still be produced, but have absolutely no use at all, I propose we simply allow Wetas to be equipped with them, with a slot for saddlebags, and perhaps a bridle for leading as well. Why saddles? Well apart from being able to actually use Large Saddles, they could perform the same function as horse saddles, namely keep the animal in place when saddled, since wetas tend to just wander about when not being ridden, a minor annoyance when travelling, a major pain when on a corpse run, just having them stay put would be wonderful.
  6. My character Jahpeople attempted to use the epic portal constructed on Jackal server, knowing there had been issues I asked in CA Help, and then checked in Bug Reports, the bug report I found noted that it was fixed, so I decided to use the portal anyway, on the strength of that report. On porting to Epic I ended up exactly where I should have been, based on the last position I was in when I portalled back to Independence, However I was still Freedom Kingdom, and therefore Enemy and could not use the portal to return to Jackal. Following a Support Ticket, I was able to return to Jackal, but checking with the Lodestone on Jackal I returned to Serenity server, rather than Independence, no other choices were offered, I was once again an enemy, but could port back to Jackal, but once more, no choice of servers, and this is where I am now, I can portal between Jackal and Epic, from epic portal, or lodestone, but always transfer as Freedom Kingdom, and not JK. It appears that my character Jahpeople is now unable to cross back to Independence, from Jackal or Serenity.
  7. Aggroed a rift beast and ran into my mine, which is walled, and gated with a lock, rift beast continued to hit me while inside the cave, on entrance tile. Moving further into the mine stopped it hitting me, but on entrance tile it still hits thru locked gates/walls.
  8. Some questions I haven't seen covered, specifically Epic to Jackal transfers, how would that effect skill transfer? Will skill gains on Jackal be transferred at the appropriate level depending on cluster? Or will Epic players simply get Freedom skill level adjustments on transferring back to Epic? Only seen Jackal to Freedom adjustments mentioned so far.
  9. Right in the middle of a major renovation of my PC.... Still copying partitions to the new HDD..... Damn it guys
  10. As long as they bring Mountain Gorillas with them, I'm good, oh and non aggro, like boars ..... Dang, that's Hyenas I was thinking of ....
  11. Please COD to Zenity when available. RARE Large Axe (Axe) - Iron - Q 90 - NIM 97 (+3 CR) - LT 97 - COC 97 - 7.50 Silver
  12. Just have to comment on the new launcher, as a sometime Linux user I always have some issues installing Oracle Java on Ubuntu based distros, this launcher neatly and wonderfully bypasses that, just did a fresh install of Mint 19 and Wurm works fine right out the box, without all the faffing about uninstalling OpenJDK and installing Oracle Java. So, big bonus points for that at the very least
  13. Any freedom players who went to epic to boost skills must have been rudely awakened when they found out that skills gained on Epic don't transfer back to Freedom then AFAIK many Freedom players went to Epic during the 'Achievements goldrush' to take advantage of the ability to gain achievements they did not have the skill for on Freedom, but that's not quite the same thing.
  14. Idea for those advocating a fresh start, if you truly believe that New Elevation should be 'pure' then why not simply take a new or low skilled alt, instead of your main character, that way you'll start with zero faith, low skills and nothing but plain starter kit, put your integrity to the test. And if you doubt my sincerity, then I'll tell you now, I won't be taking either of my older and higher skilled main characters to Elevation, Jahpeople and Zenity will remain on Freedom and/or Serenity for the foreseeable future, and I'll be using either Gaspode or Cerebus as my Elevation toon, neither are new toons, but both are rarely used alts with nearly new skill levels. I enjoy the first weeks and months of new servers, I especially enjoy the exploration phase with a new or low skilled character, it's as close as it comes to beginning again. Nothing stopping anyone from starting afresh with no skills, all you need is the guts and staying power to do it, and the ability to take the inevitable death and losses that will occur along the way.
  15. I thought you liked the simpleness of Epic when it first came out, and we had no compasses or maps ..... ?