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  1. 100 pickaxe title- Mountain Eater

    Pick of the Litter
  2. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Thank you @Sinduskfor everything you've done for Wurm, as a player, and a developer. You will be missed, I've learned a lot from your responses to us players on various updates and patches over the years, and appreciated your candour and communication of some of the underlying mechanisms.
  3. Slaying - Red Dragon

    \o/ Thanks dude, nothing like a nice mass slaughter to get people together
  4. Thank you, easy, fast and satisfactory transaction, would shop again
  5. Fast, and good quality service, highly recommended
  6. Blank plain 90ql leather set and 1x9 slot (90ql) toolbelt, CoD to Zenity when you get the chance please
  7. Please deliver one Wagon and one Tent to Zenity, St Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast, M25 Independence, ( Boat cave entrance by 'Serenity Rising' and Guard Tower, actual deed is on the cliffs above).
  8. Useless christmas gifts

    Every damn year, some grinch whines and moans about what is in fact a free, unique gift from the staff, we're not 'entitled' to anything at all, I actually wouldn't care if we got nothing at all, I don't expect it, I don't ask for it, and I don't criticise it, it's free, it's been thought out, at least it doesn't sing .... We don't even know what this years gift does yet, so the whinging is premature, and frankly childish. I expect more from grown adults, as usual, I'm disappointed ....
  9. Do you like the new fishing system?

    This was why I mooted the point for keeping the old method and simple rods, but having a skill cap similar to archery and fight skill training, to help new players gain initial skill and knowledge but put a cap in place to prevent afk skill gains for higher skills, that still won't please those who wish to simply afk to 100 fishing, but does address some of the concerns that new players may be facing a hurdle in fishing that is not present in other food gathering skills.
  10. Do you like the new fishing system?

    I've dabbled a little in the new fishing system, it's not bad, just different, it does require a lot more attention than the old system, where you either caught a fish, or didn't. Can't say I dislike it, however I have a few thoughts on it, similar to others, on retaining the old method of fishing for new players, and still have the new system for more in depth fishing for when we develop higher skills. I understand that low skill, easier fishing is available using the fishing net, but the old method could be repurposed as a low skillgain early alternative, since new players will find it harder to have access to the tools and skills needed for the new method. I'm thinking mainly of purely initial skillgain, similar to fight skill and archery skill on targets/dolls with an upper cap on skillgain, to prevent afk skilling at higher levels, and can see no good reason why a training system for what is a complex skill shouldn't benefit new players as well. So, TL;DR Old system remains with a skillcap to allow new player initial gains and some food, helps new players, keeps new system as has been suggested, as a sport, rather than a survival skill. for higher skilled fishers. I get the whole bait issue, simply seeding issues, which will repopulate tiles over time, that was my only other caveat on new system, which has been answered.
  11. The building of Haven's Landing

    Makes me want to go see this as a completed work, and as soon as I'm able, that's exactly what I'll do, pretty sure I can manage to find room for another alt
  12. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    Going to take a while to get my head around all this new stuff, but good job, should perk things up, especially priests.
  13. Rift for 04-12-2018 14:47

    Independence Rift for 14:47 on 4th December 2018