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  1. I’ve wanted a merge of Epic Home servers with Freedom Isles, and moving Elevation and Chaos to a separate PvP cluster, I have commented on this over the years, even before the skills transfer. Both my ‘main’ characters play on Freedom and Epic currently, one normal, and one priest character, roles reversed depending on cluster, (zenity is normal on Freedom, priest on Epic, Jahpeople is normal on Epic, priest on Freedom). I’m no longer sure a merge is viable now, following the skill adjustments, it was confusing enough during the first transfer, but now any transfer would have to take account of skills gained on freedom which had been transferred to epic 1:1 since any simple formula would reduce those skills below their freedom gains, even if those skills were never changed on Epic, the one way freedom to epic skills transfer, meant to boost population, could in fact penalise the freedom character by reducing their skills below their original freedom skills. After all, it’s not as if people have exclusively played characters only on one cluster or the other, it’s much more likely, especially over the more recent years, that many have played, and gained skills on freedom and epic clusters, making clean separation of skills and adjustments for transfer a minefield for edge cases and errors. Any discussion now will get bogged down in the differences between freedom and epic skill systems mixed with historic skill change adjustments and freedom skill transfers, it might be better to either leave it as it is, or simply realise that despite wishing to live in the past, it’s time to give up on nostalgia and realise Epic has failed, and needs closed down, and no matter how much I have enjoyed Epic, and in particular Serenity, without people it might as well be a Wurm Unlimited server run on my own PC…
  2. We had a ‘one off’ skills transfer that used a formula to convert Epic skills to an approximate level on Freedom, it wasn’t perfect, but it certainly wasn’t a 1:1 by any means, I’m not complaining, it was an reasonable compromise for Epic and Freedom, my main Epic character became my Freedom priest, I was personally happy enough with that. Going forward we then had the Freedom to Epic skills transfer which is a continuous mechanic that applies every time any player transfers from Freedom to Epic, and it does leave Epic mainly players feeling a little left out, if we didn’t get the one off transfer we’d probably be a sight more left out, and that does bear on the new players who might want to dip a toe in Epic waters, there’s no incentive to skill on Epic, which leads to a lower incentive to actually play there at all. I understand the whole ‘no 1:1 transfer’ argument, but that’s not what is being asked for. Epic is still on life support, comatose and awaiting either someone with the guts to pull the plug, or with the vision and will to try and revive it. Time to make a decision.
  3. I keep finding them all over Serenity, perhaps due to my roaming habits and the fact that population is low, at a guess I’d say 5 or 6 so far. All have been source springs.
  4. That particular dragon was penned in a shallow mine only just above water level, on what used to be Spider Island I think, I penned that one, it actually popped out a few times, but after it messed up the slope of the mine entrance it stayed inside for a long time. At that time I also trapped a few others, the red and white were especially bad for getting out no matter what. Penning dragons in specially made caves with trenches relies on them actually being in an area where that is possible, they do have a range, and will run back if they reach it, it is however a large range, and for a few uniques it's within wall bashing distance of the start deed, strongbox now has a couple of breaches caused by the Kyclops on Serenity. Giving them a short leash, 5-10 tiles would be acceptable in most cases, letting them roam completely free is a bad idea, especially when keeping them away from inhabited areas is actually impossible at present population levels on all servers. The only other option would be inviting freedom players over for hunts, but then we have the issue of having enough gear for hunts, with low population most of us are slowly running out of decent quality weapons and armour as well ...
  5. Testing with two picks, one with bronze rune of libila, 10% higher ql, was giving me 100ql before patch, using the same pick, on the same vein, after the patch I could only mine a maximum of 71.37, which is my numeric skill on Epic, using another pick without the rune I got 91 ql, which is the same as my effective skill. The difference is that a gathering rune, on Epic, seems to ignore the effective skill curve entirely, and caps ore ql at numeric skill. from additional tests on epic I’m convinced that it’s the effective skill component peculiar to Epic that’s not being checked when mining, if using a gathering rune.
  6. Further to this, on Epic, Zenity was using a runed pick, and rune reduces expected ql to the base skill cap, and ignores effective skill completely, using an ordinary pick on the same vein produces the expected skill cap with effective skill taken into account. With 71.31 mining skill and 91 effective skill with a runed pick I mine 71.37ql max, while with an ordinary pick i mine 91ql max.
  7. If we’re getting Mammoths at last, then I demand mammoth riders get the kilts we all know were worn by all true mammoth riders of yore. I meant it, if we don’t get kilts the mammoth riding will be lacklustre and incomplete. So we’re agreed, we must have kilts, with a selection of different tartans to reflect kingdom of course.
  8. Way back when, when rares were first introduced, my first was a rare tree stump, that’s almost certainly the most useless rare there ever was. (It even glowed)...
  9. Nicely signposted, easy to navigate path, honestly not to many mobs on the way up, hopefully I’ll not doze off and sleep through this one like I did for the green...
  10. Ash is already easier to get than it was, with the introduction of the clean action on furnaces, ( forges, ovens, smelters, kilns ), it’s never been easier to get good ash, clean produces 3 ash an action, a regular cleaning of the forge and oven before lighting means I often have a surplus of ash.
  11. Having gotten a rare 5 copper just yesterday on Indy, I can stare quite categorically that kings coffers have not been removed from the game, there is an issue on NFI as far as I’m aware, it’s nothing whatsoever to do with RMT.
  12. Err, Thargoids? They pretty much qualify as aliens, Guardians as well, if they ever turn up, so far only sites where they were tho.
  13. Hi Zenity.... your signature line just introduced me to Sneaker Pimps. 
    so, thanks for that! 

    Have a great day, 
    ~ Amata

  14. Something I’ve always done over the past few years, and I regularly check towers when sailing around coasts I’m less familiar with, just in case any have the coordinates on so I can cross reference with the map and check I am where I think I am. It’s a very useful thing to do, it’s as simple as renaming your tower with you’re coordinates in the name, and I urge all wurmians to do the same wherever possible, knowing where we are is not simple if you’re not decades old and used to the vagaries of wurm navigation.
  15. New: A /balances command has been added. Using /balances in a chat window will display the following balances in your event window: Bank balance Marks balance Rift points if greater than 0 Jackal points if greater than