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  1. Rift for 04-12-2018 14:47

    Independence Rift for 14:47 on 4th December 2018
  2. You have a moment of inspiration...

    What inspires me? Wurmians, in all the years I've played, it's not the places, it's not the buildings, or the bridges, it's the people who make them, you are my inspiration, you are inspiring, from the new player who just entered the game, to those who survived Wurmageddon, for the stories, the tears and the laughter, to quiet times, and the raucous, you're all my inspiration, and the reason I continue to log in and roam the lands. I thank you all for just being there, for continuing to inspire me to procrastinate and wander, to see what you have built from the rocks, trees and dirt we inhabit, you're all the inspiration this Wurmian will ever need.
  3. Valrei International. 073

    Managed to find some marble shards so I just had to carve a statue to place at the waterside below my deed. Nice update to the horses as well, looking forward to seeing more of them as I ride the steppes in my never ending battle against the encroaching sheep.
  4. Many thanks, didn't expect the pizza and rare, so the walk to the mailbox was full of wonder
  5. huge axe, iron (90N 64LT 67COC 53MS), 2.5 s COD to Zenity please
  6. Public slaying: The venerable black dragon

    I suspect I'll be able to make it, thanks for making it public
  7. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    61x 37y St Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast. Please add when convenient, thanks.
  8. Deeding cost is set off by default, so unless it was changed there is no cost to place a deed, or upkeep costs. Check 'deeding costs' and 'settlement upkeep' tickboxes are set correctly in gameplay tweaks page of the Local Server tab, 'no deeding cost' should be ticked, 'Settlement upkeep enabled' should be clear. Note also, that GM's can place permanent deeds that do not require upkeep, even when upkeep is enabled.
  9. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    My enduring memory of Tich will always come from Test, when I reported a bug with a bed in my little test deed there, Tich showed up, fixed the bed, and spawned a little gift, a Bed Bug, (cave bug). I knew of her work as a Wurm dev, but sadly, rarely encountered her as a player. I know she will be missed, by Wurm, and by those who knew her, my condolences to her nearest and dearest, she's crossed a bridge we must all cross some day, gone ahead, to squash the bugs for us.
  10. Slaying - Kyklops

    \o/ Might even prem Jah for this one, poor guy's feeling neglected. Thanks for the organisation guys
  11. Slaying - Red Dragon Hatchling

    Be there shortly, thanks for organising this