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  1. It's a compromise, it's an improvement on a straight 'no transfer at all' from Epic to Freedom. It's acceptable to many of the Freedom players, and in the end, it's not like we're being forced to transfer from Epic. Sure, I'd love a 1:1 transfer, but there's already far to much crying over Epic players transferring to Freedom, even when we're losing skills in the transfer, without the possibility we'd actually get to keep all our skills. The fact we're getting a transfer at all, and that characteristics are getting a 1:1 is victory enough for me, I don't feel up to fighting for Epic much more considering the frankly toxic attitude from some players I used to respect on Freedom, it may be mildly unprofessional for me to put it that way, but sorry, I actually feel much more strongly than my words suggest. This is me being as diplomatic and professional as I can manage in the circumstances.
  2. Well, we know that we're not going to be allowed to transfer from Epic to Freedom with items, so I for one will be shopping when I get back, using this thread as a reference I can now say there are some people who won't be getting my business. Perhaps if everyone from Epic who did transfer to Freedom did this it might affect the market for certain players, but that just means others get the business of refitting, retooling and rearming those who do choose to stay on Freedom. Reputations are not just won and lost in the marketplace, not just by deeds, sometimes a few words is all it takes for people to lose respect for players they formerly would have happily gone to for the tools and weapons they need to live. I won't mention any names, but I can read, and decide for myself who does not deserve my business in future
  3. So what you're saying is that anyone, literally anyone, Epic Freedom, PvP or PvE player can buy a skilled toon and sell it for more money later on..... Isn't this exactly what will happen on Epic? People buying highly skilled Freedom/Chaos and selling them later on for profit? One of the reasons highly skilled toons on Epic are selling for very low prices is that they have been 'trapped' on a separate cluster with a low population and not much interest is shown in purchasing these accounts. If this update is successful then the price for accounts at this level will reflect demand on both Epic and Freedom clusters. That's how markets work, prices fluctuate in response to demand and supply. At the moment on Epic, supply is high, demand is low, so prices are low, if demand is raised and supply lowered, prices will rise. Let me make this perfectly clear, I don't like account selling, never have, and I'll never sell any of my accounts, nor will I buy any, but if a six year old account from Epic is worth 300 Euros on Freedom why would I choose to sell it on Epic at a third of the price, especially when the market is so depressed on Epic. If you are fine with buying and selling accounts, then the market decides what they are worth, that's just economics.
  4. As someone who's had a character on Epic since day one, I can only say that this does go some way to addressing the whole skills transfer from Epic to Freedom, as it stands at the moment at least. There will have to be some form of 'compensation' applied to characteristic skills though, since my Epic character will lose a significant amount of skill since the formula is based not only on Epic skillgain, but the effects of the effective skill curve as well, so skills which are 'off the curve' should have a different formula. Overall though, it's a reasonable compromise between a simple 1:1 transfer and a horrible nerf that a simple 2:1 would produce. At any rate, it does give Epic players a similar option to the Freedom players in regard to playing on both clusters with the same account. My only question is, is this a one time thing? Or will it always apply when transferring between clusters? @LorenaMontanaIt's the formula that will be used to calculate Epic player skills when they transfer to Freedom in the great skills update, basically it's not a simple case of halving our skills, so the more skill you have, the less you lose, (roughly)
  5. Your external or public IP address is the one starting with 146, you can ignore that one if you're only running your server locally for yourself. That's the address Google sees when you ask about your IP address. Your Local IP address is the 192 address, this should be the address of the machine running the server. The loopback, or localhost IP address is, and the internal network address of your machine, and reachable even if you're not connected to the internet, or the local network. To be able to connect to your own server, running on your own machine you need to know your Local IP address, the full 192 number, probably 192.168.0.X, is usually the router. To find your local IP address you need to open a command shell, how you do that depends on your OS version, I'll assume Windows 10 for the moment. To open a command window on windows 10, right click on the start button, and choose 'run', then in the dialog box type cmd and press enter. Then when you get the command shell, type ipconfig, and look for the !Pv4 address. the IPv4 address is the number you need to have in the 'Server External IP Address' box in Local server tab. in fact it's the only IP address you need to know to run a Local server, you only need to know the Public IP address if you plan to allow anyone else to connect to your server from the internet. The server internal IP address is, but you shouldn't have to change that for any reason. You shouldn't need an exception in any firewall to run a server on your own machine, but it shouldn't do any harm unless the server address is wrong of course. What does confuse me is that you speak about a loading screen, the server itself has no loading screen, only a command window once you start the server from the server launcher. The client can only find the server when the server is running, otherwise there will be no entries in the LAN tab of the client to launch the client to connect to. So, after checking the server external IP address, start the server, and make sure that is running before trying to connect the client. If all else fails, try uninstalling, then reinstalling WU, in case a file is bad or messed up, this should set everything to default.
  6. I've been holding off commenting on this for a while, more a case of seeing where the discussion went and marshalling my thoughts. I've played on Freedom for a long time, and on Epic since it began, I've played PvE almost exclusively on both, I'm not a dedicated PvP player, never have been, never will be, although I've seen my share of deaths, and the occasional kill on Epic, that's not why I was there, or why I continued to play there, off and on, throughout the years Epic has been in existence. Both my main characters have about the same level of skills, since I'm not a grinder at all, and both are not far off the same age, in time since they were first made, and total playtime as well. In recent years Epic has stagnated, to the extent that at times I was the only person on Serenity, in fact possibly the only person on the entire cluster, ( it's hard to tell, since /who is slightly broken when there is only one person on one of the servers). And yes, I would happily have accepted a one time transfer of my Epic character to Freedom, I still would, but that would not fix epic, that would be yet another player leaving the cluster, it would be a small defeat for Wurm, Epic and me as well, an acceptance that Epic was no longer a place Jahpeople wished to play on, and I'm not sure that's what is best for me or Wurm as a whole. I do agree that there is a certain inherent unfairness in allowing the skills adjustment to work only for Freedom to Epic transfers, but the reasons I see for it are to try to boost player numbers on Epic, not further reduce them, which in some cases is what would happen if the adjustments applied from Epic to Freedom. Will I be likely to transfer my Freedom character with reasonable skills to Epic to take advantage of the adjustments offered? Probably, Zenity already transfers to Epic on occasion already, but has nothing like the skills I've spent years getting on Freedom, and frankly it'd be nice to be able to live on both, without feeling so useless on one of the characters I consider my mains, but Jahpeople will still be an Epic only character unless the transfer is two way, and fair. One of the problems with any sort of fixes or merge discussions regarding Epic has always been the perceived imbalance of skills between the two clusters, the perception that Epic is somehow easier, therefore it'd be unfair to be able to transfer those easy skills back to freedom, that somehow it'd be unfair to those who've spent years building up skills to suddenly be competing with others who got theirs the easy way... But after playing on Epic since the first day, I don't see Jahpeople as any more skilled than Zenity, at least not when plain skill is taken into account, since effective skill only applies to Epic, and those 'high' skills won't transfer to Freedom, for all the years Jah has played on Epic his FS is barely higher than Zen's, weapon skills are also comparable, without the effective skill modifier on Epic of course. And the same applies to most other skills, other than lockpicking and associated PvP skills that Jah has developed more of, at the expense of the likes of farming and other more PvE oriented skills.r Overall, I see the skills transfer thing as a positive step, for Epic at least, it should attract a number of players who's main reason for never trying Epic has been the thought of restarting from scratch, it was the reason I developed two characters after all, since I couldn't develop one character on both clusters. And frankly, it'll be good to see more players on Epic, even if they just visit, it'll perhaps be more like it was in the first couple of years, lively, with plenty of chat, and of course dramas, with more action and perhaps more players willing to repel invaders In the end, as Lisabet says, we're all Wurmians, and we should be free to play on Epic or Freedom, and to grow our characters as we feel we need to. Without feeling we're being forced to conform to others ideals as to how we should play in the sandbox, so I'll go from being near the top of the tree on Epic to an average player, a freedumber, it's not like I haven't been there before, and since I play for me, and not for the expectations or approval of others, that's just fine with me.
  7. Telling someone to use a VPN is in effect telling them to exploit a loophole in a game mechanic. As such you reveal the very real problem here, that this spy prevention measure is practically useless as far as preventing spying, since circumventing it is trivial. It's not a game breaking issue for most players, but for those who have an honest need to have characters online from different kingdoms, it is a major annoyance that shouldn't force them into a situation where they may be in breach of the rules in order to log in. Like other spy prevention measure, it simply does nothing to prevent anyone determined enough to use spies. The 'no local list' is another of these spy prevention measures that does not prevent spies, and is actually one of the reasons for the population decline on Epic/Chaos, since it means that not only can new players not see threats in local, they can't see anyone at all, in fact they assume the server is abandoned and dead, a self fulfilling condition, since most leave shortly after entering from Freedom or Tutorial. Spy prevention has always worked best when the players have the means to detect and neutralise spies, mechanics are either insufficient to deter the determined, or work against new player retention right at the start of their journey.
  8. Wait, what happened to Blaming me on Mondays? I feel a bit deflated now ..... Logging started 2017-08-14 [21:08:02] <Schiann> Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday are Blame Ping, Monday is Blame Zenity, and Friday-Saturday are wildcard days.
  9. Mint is listed on the wiki healing cover page as a potency 4 ingredient, where it is actually a potency 2 https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Healing_cover
  10. If you fancy the more extreme survival style of playing, I can recommend Epic at the moment actually, kinda .... I mean it's not dead as such, I mean, I'm there, right now, and there are a couple of players on, but it is rather underpopulated at the moment. So one thing you won't be short of is animals But truthfully, I'd tend to point you in the direction of a Freedom server, simply because you'll get more ingame help and assistance from the community there, as well as the chance to join a village to at least help get started with skills and stuff. After a bit you can always make an Epic portal and 'restart' your character on Epic, which won't affect your Freedom character at all, since it effectively starts a new character withthe same name, and keeps your premium status, and bank balance as well, (the only things shared between the clusters is premium and money in the bank). So don't let the population on Epic put you off, that can change Plus, we got dragons just hanging around waiting to play on Epic ....
  11. Epic is a PvP cluster, you should expect to be raided no matter whether you are on Elevation or one of the Home server, there is no safety from other players. If you do want to play on Epic you must be prepared for that eventuality. You can of course choose to make a deed as pretty as you wish, since to be completely truthful, it's players who defend deeds, not walls, not guard towers, archery towers or lava filled moats or cunning mazes and tunnels. In the end there have been, and still are players on Epic who are not there for the PvP itself, but feel that the added dimension of danger that being raided and having to fight for your land has an extra something that perhaps Freedom lacks. Yes, I've seen my share of toxic players, raiders, and same kingdom, I can't comment on whether that's endemic to PvP, never mind confined to Epic or not, but I'd be flat out lying if I said otherwise, but they're not the majority, I can't really comment on other kingdoms either, since the vast majority of my time on Epic has been as JK, with very little exposure to MR or BL, never mind the various PMK's. Bottom line, I play Wurm like I play Wurm, on Epic or on Freedom, I tend to be myself in both clusters, generally a nice guy, helpful, and mostly respectful toward other players, even the toxic ones. Others may have a different style or experience, but in the end it's the players who make the game, in PvP or PvE. My time on Epic has seen me raided, killed, chased and left without so much as a carving knife to my name, but whether it's PvE or PvP, I'm big enough, and tough enough not to take it personally, it's part of the game, and accepting that you'll be a killer or a victim is part of playing on Epic, it's best to be prepared to defend what you've built, because on Epic you can deed it AND lose it...
  12. In case you hadn't noticed, I play there, regularly, while I may have a server almost entirely to myself at times, I ain't nobody, and that, by definition, means somebody plays there.
  13. The same can be said of any skill on the curve, you gain skill at the level of your effective skill, meaning lower skill gain than your numeric skill would suggest, I believe that's why Epic has the 2x skillgain in place, because effective skill alone would slow down skillgain overall. But I haven't done the math, so it may just be a feeling without a firm foundation. Either way, I have two main characters, one who's played almost exclusively on Freedom cluster, one on Epic cluster, both have about the same playtime, and both are close to the same skill levels, I'm pretty sure this is due to my more relaxed style of play that does not focus on developing particular skills by grinding, Epic does make it easier to do stuff, because you can craft and gather resources above your Freedom, numeric skill level, but that's not the same as being high skilled in those areas, that's purely the effect of the effective skill curve. But the main point is correct, the effective skill curve does mean players on Epic are faced with higher difficulty when compared with vanilla freedom skillgain, another case in point would be something we're all probably familiar with, mining, we all know that up to 50 skill stone and iron is great for skilling, except, on Epic once you reach 30 skill you need to switch to higher difficulty ores, because your effective skill is actually 50 by then, so your skill gains slow as if you had actually reached 50 skill. Which means that from 80 skill in Epic you'll be mining gold for skill, because everything else is below your effective skill level. It's not as simple as '2x skill gain makes it easier to gain skill' without taking account of the underlying effective skill curve, nor is it just confined to a couple of particular skills either.
  14. Epic is no more grindy than Freedom is, the effective skill curve is a complication, that's all, but without the 2x skillgain it would definitely be more grindy than Freedom, since the 2x skillgain is required to offset the skilling problems caused by the effective skill curve. But it's not something I've ever worried about, but then I play wurm to relax and have fun, so I don't grind anyway, (yeah, I know, not terribly hardcore PvP of me, but I'm not terribly hardcore PvP anyway).
  15. No, you're conflating hide with money. If you sell your hide you have money, but no hide: not gambling. If you keep your hide you have no money, but still have hide: not gambling. If you pay a copper to roll for the loot, you have less money, and a chance of loot: that's gambling. And the rule is not new, It's been around for years, so long in fact I barely remember the post mentioning it, but it was before the new forums...