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  1. If you'd be so kind: Maul - Iron - Q 81 - NIM 78 (+2 CR) - LT 87 - COC 80 - 2.80 Silve C.O.D Zenity
  2. Restoring Tundra Project - Mt Tundra

    My Epic character, Jahpeope was created specifically for the initial land rush on Exodus, and We lived there in a small and unassuming deed on the West side of Mount Tundra, in those days it was magnificent, a great dazzling white expanse to log into on a Wurm morning, to watch the giant Technicolor Unicorns and the packs of lake dogs, while my stiff puppet wife and I stood on our horses. Back then there was a community pact to have as low an impact on the environment as possible, roads were kept to a minimum, and usually gravel, we took only the trees we needed, and only those we could replant, life was wonderfully rustic, then of course Epic opened, and Jah went for a first day visit, and never really returned to Exodus until quite recently, it came as a great shock to log into the old and long abandoned little pond I lived at, and almost nothing but roads met my view, the few patches of tundra I could see looked lost and forlorn, and I frankly barely recognised the server at all. So , thanks, to everyone who's been involved in the retundrafication efforts, it brings back the old spirit of Exodus, as it was in the beginning.
  3. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Which is what Valrei mobs are, or rather were, for me on Epic, a step up from trolls, I'm not top tier on Epic, but the lack of Valrei mobs has put an additional damper on my Epic adventure, they added some extra danger and excitement over the 'normal' mobs I hunt on Freedom, why they ceased spawning on Epic is actually a bit of a mystery to me, I can see a certain argument that they were possibly an added disadvantage to new players, but along with the lower population, the lack of Nogumps and spirits has sucked the last vestiges of uniqueness from Epic, it's pretty much a cluster that apart from action timers, effective skill and skillgain is no different from Freedom. Not all of us want life easier, sometimes a 5 minute running battle with a nogump is far more fun than a 1 minute massacre of a troll. I suppose Rift mobs might be considered as high end, but those are confined to single restricted spawns, and generally are wiped out in a couple of hours, (though on low population Epic servers they can be there for months), but if you want more widespread, and persistent middle tier mobs, Varei mobs probably fit the bill.
  4. Hide Yo Gems! Guess Who's Back!

    Oo, A genuine blast from the past, welcome back!
  5. Permissions issue with mine door

    The doors are not on deed at all, they are used for secure access at either end of a cave canal, so permissions restrictions are important in that respect. One of the doors was on deed for a short time, as a temporary deed was required to remove a reinforced wall section in the cave, however the problem affects both ends of the tunnel, or affected, since giving an other player control of the doors meant they were able to set alliance permissions correctly. The problem has been worked around, but the cause still remains unsolved, I posted more as a heads up, and to suggest a possible solution should others find the same issue in future.
  6. Recently had an issue with mine doors on Epic. The issue is that despite setting the mine doors to allow alliance members to pass they could not do so, despite removing the door and replacing it, the issue was only able to be resolved by passing ownership to another player, who could then set the permissions for the door. I set to mine door to Kingdom access, and that worked, it was only alliance access that would not work, no matter what I tried, there were no error messages in events, just the expected confirmation message that the permissions had been changed, even though an alliance member still could not pass through. This did not affect just one mine door, but two, either end of a cave canal, neither would function until ownership of both was changed to the other player. Note: I have over 30 mine doors under my control, with various settings, most are only set to allow me, village members or alliance to pass, so far only this pair of doors has exhibited this issue, so it may be a one off glitch, (or two off), or it may be related to the number of mine doors I have under my control.
  7. Since the anniversary event has just closed, I have seen a number of people questioning the end time, I feel a simple command that returns server time would be beneficial for occasions like this. Something simple like /stime which simply returns a "Server time is HHMM" in events. It would certainly save confusion, and some angst, when events beginning or ending at a certain server time are missed by players who live in different times zones are concerned. Especially since CET is not always the same even in Eurrope, due to some countries using, or not using summer time corrections. Simple to code, simple to use, why not?
  8. Future of Wurm

    Yes, for a while Pristine and Release were a separate cluster from the rest of Freedom Isles, they were eventually connected to the rest of Freedom. At that time Wurm had 2 PvE clusters and 2 PvP clusters. Even Xanadu was a new cluster for a time, during the initial land rush stage, before it to was joined to the rest of Freedom Isles. I'm not convinced that more servers, even as a separate cluster, will revive Wurm, unless the new cluster offers something different to the 3 present gameplay styles Wurm offers, (PvE, PvP and Epic), All the servers Wurm has are thinly populated, and more servers are likely to just exacerbate this as inevitably some of the present players will move to the new servers, I'd certainly feel it important to at least explore these proposed new servers, as is my habit with all the new servers Wurm has begun since I started playing. Even when Release and Pristine were 'cut off' from Freedom I played there on new characters, and I'd certainly do the same if that were to be the case for a new cluster, OK so that might add one or more new alts to Wurm, but that'd put my other main characters into hibernation and maintenance mode, while I concentrated on the new ones, I suspect the same would be true of other players. Meanwhile the older, smaller servers would experience a decline in population. It'd be a gamble whether a new cluster would revive overall player numbers, or if it would simply redistribute the present population.

    Cod to Zenity please.
  10. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    [23:45:24] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 4 of the Raven's starfall, 1018. That's 2505 days, 12 hours and 26 minutes ago. Zenity was my first introduction to Wurm, and has been my Freedom Main since then, despite turning up on Epic as my priest alt. [23:57:44] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Awakening, week 4 of the White Shark starfall, 1018. That's 2422 days, 7 hours and 3 minutes ago. Jahpeople isn't quite as old, and was originally made for Exodus opening, but transferred to Epic the day it opened, and has been there pretty much since then, apart from coming to Freedom recently to be an alt/priest for Zenity part time.
  11. WGenerator - Wurm Unlimited Map Generator

    Before running your new map, you must rebuild the databases, this will erase all the databases. Inside your Creative folder there is an sqlite folder, inside that folder you'll find rebuild-dbs.bat, run that before starting your server. It's perhaps wiser to use a copy of the Creative folder to test new maps, rename it to something else, the launcher should be able to find it under that name, (I have about 5 different servers listed on my launcher tab, as well as the Creative and Adventure options), that leaves the creative and adventure folders as a source for the server files, rather than replacing them.
  12. Plans ?

    99 med maul on both clusters would be nice this year.
  13. A Lack of honour and respect

    Way ahead of you here, have already (tastefully) fenced the site in, and added some signage. No, it won't prevent someone determined to remove the Hotas, or break the fences, but it at least serves to imply that the site is at least important enough to fence in. It should at least give anyone else time to contemplate why the colossus and statues are there. I don't want the site artificially protected, I agree with Zeke, that starter deeds, as well as the rest of Epic, home servers or Elevation, should not be subject to artificial protection. With regard to the players involved, I do believe that these statues were just grabbed 'on the run' as it were, that their intent was not malicious, and that if it been the case that the site was fenced in, as it is now, they'd not have bothered, seeing that it was fenced they'd have had time to wonder why, and realise that perhaps they should just leave it and look for easier, and less controversial, loot. Perhaps the fact it did last as long as it did made me, and others, a little complacent, coupled with the previously low population we got lazy, so I hold my hands up to that.
  14. A Lack of honour and respect

    I'd like to draw a line under this incident, I've accepted that the statues were taking in ignorance, and not with malicious intent. As can dimly be seen, the statues have been returned, and are now back much as they were, work will be done on the memorial itself to make it more obvious that it is a memorial, and not just some weird HOTA dispenser Thanks to the honesty of those involved, and the cooperation that is sometimes possible between enemies, this incident can now be regarded as closed.
  15. A Lack of honour and respect

    @nicedreamsThank you for your honesty, I'm prepared to accept the explanation you offer, and will accept your offer of return of the items taken, if you wish to PM me, or Jahpeople to arrange safe passage for the exchange I'm happy to facilitate that.