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  1. Digging out the ceiling and then mining the floor down is usually the way giant caverns are created, careful planning is always essential, taking into account Wurm’s unique cave systems, making use of dropshafts. might want to take a look at some of the things players have already done underground. nadroj’s place on Exodus springs to mind. Good luck, and take plenty of screenshots to record your own descent into madness
  2. It’s perfectly possible to run more than one client at a time on steam, players on WU have been doing it for years, it needs one text file and one shortcut to the launcher , that’s all. Should we use alts? It’s been a wurm staple for so long that it’s perfectly ordinary. I use alts, granted I tend not to use have them both on at the same time, but I can do, in wurm or steam, WU or WO, Steam or Wurm client. alts are permitted, they have been for over 10 years I’ve played Wurm. By all means, remove alts, but make sure we remove all of them, restrict accounts to one character only, ever, no more 5 accounts per email, only one email account, or steam account, find a way to prevent simple workarounds to multiple characters on steam, (it’s actually easier to prevent alts in Wurm client than Steam ), but many old players who have more than one high level characters they use regularly will find it hard to continue on with just one. Alts are a part of Wurm now, removing them will be hard, not technically, but in terms of what it will do to the community.
  3. Most have disbanded for better places, which isn't unusual at all on new servers, when land rush fever grips everyone end they throw a deed down as soon as possible, then find a better spot after a few days. For some it's a resource issue, for others it's too many in local, for some others, not enough people in local, not hear many disbanding for lack of interest or finding Wurm doesn't suit them. It's likely we'll see a few upkeep disbands in a couple of months, which is more likely to be those who have left the game, but that's another time down the road a bit.
  4. My latest incarnation in Wurm lives on the west coast, in a little bay beside, yes, steppe, (where else would I settle?), top corner of N9, I’ve now walked on all Wurm servers since I first began on independence, apart from Defiance and Melody now, something I’m hoping to remedy someday, by adding those to my collection. My name on Harmony? Zenjah, a combination of the names of my two main Wurm characters, Zenity of course, and Jahpeople, my Epic player, now retired and living in peace as a priest on Independence, where he practices his maul swing for fun.
  5. Server Merge

    Long ago, Wurm found new lands, Release and Pristine, for many years they were isolated, cut off from the world, Wurmians living their lives in peaceful seclusion, until one day they were ready to decide if they were ready to reach out and join the rest of the Wurm world. So they voted, and it was decided they would join the other servers. The Northern Freedom isles is now in the same position that Release and Pristine were when they were first found, it may be years before they too are ready to join with their Southern cousins, or perhaps other lands will be discovered in the North, and a larger Northern Freedom kingdom will arise, perhaps in times to come they will be asked, and vote to remain happy as they are? Who knows what the future holds?
  6. The Only official method for multiclient is using the Wurm web client, the following method for the Steam client is not officially supported. Having alts is a long time Wurm tradition, but Steam Client does not allow that, or does it? Herein are some instructions on making Steam Client able to run more than one instance without any Multiboxing, killing threads or other messing about, all it needs is one very simple text file, and a new shortcut on your already crowded desktop. Firstly find your Wurm Online folder in your Steam Library, usually in c:\program files(x86)\Steam\Steamapps|common but may be on another drive, depending on how you set it up, long story short, Steam Properties, Local Files should open the folder for you, you should have a couple of folders and an exe file, Make a shortcut to the Exe file on your desktop, since you use that, NOT the shortcut Steam dumped on your desktop for you to launch the game. Next you need to create a text file, so right click in the folder, New text file, rename that to Steam_appid. Now Edit that text file and enter the number 1179680 Save the file. Use the NEW shortcut to open Wurm Online and login your main character, now, here's the magic, Use the NEW shortcut to open another instance of Wurm Online, enter another character name, and behold, an Alt, while your Main is still logged in! What devilry is this? (Disclaimer: This may not work if you have file extensions off in windows explorer and make a file called Steam_appid.txt.txt instead of Steam_appid.txt. Also, this works on Linux too, but you'll have to find your folders yourself, Different distros may do things differently, but the basic method is the same) Also note: This is Multiclienting, NOT Multiboxing. Multiboxing is bannable. Multiclienting is allowed in Wurm.
  7. Wurm Service Announcement
  8. As one of the players with 10 or so years experience, I relish the chance to start again on a new cluster, to discover again that feeling of exploration, watching skills grow as I go, yes i am more experienced, but i'm not more skilled than many after the few days of play we've had, I don't miss the chance to lord over the newbies with my priest and my fighter with skills they may take years to reach, i'm the same as everyone else here, and the sense of community is great.
  9. It does work, it just needs a little tweaking of the gameid number in the Steam_Appid.txt file 1179680 is the Wurm Online gameid. Don't use the desktop link Steam makes, make a link to the WurmLauncher64.exe inside the Wurm Online folder instead I can confirm this works, having used it both in WU, and now in Steam WO.
  10. Just type in a name in the box on top right before logging in, registering an account thru the website means you can't use that account on steam, so avoid the website unless you plan to use the other client, not the steam one. You don't need an email or password for steam, since the steam version of the client uses your steam ID. If the name is already taken you'll get a message when logging in and have to try another.
  11. I feel your pain, while it may be a double edged blade, Harmony has now gone over 500 players, so not everyone is discouraged, I'm just taking a break from Enderal (Skyrim total conversion), and trying again for a while, before finishing off the night with some Euro Truck driving ...
  12. Epic Fail

    Well, that at least answers a question on how we know if the name is taken when we log in using steam client, so, thanks for that information at least. I got in a while back but was frozen while the world failed to load around me, eventually the server just spat me out like a half chewed morsel. I guess we just apply a dose of patience, and put it down to murphy's law.
  13. Sadly the login server is struggling to cope with the number of people trying to log in, as time goes on it should settle down, the staff is aware and working on the problem as best they can. Best advice is keep trying periodically, once the load goes down you'll get in fine.
  14. Epic Fail

    Frankly, I've yet to see a new server, cluster or major feature make it live without some sort of issues, yes, we all want it to go well, but issue come up that were not foreseen, with maybe 500 players logged in on Harmony, about half that on Defiance, that's a great big plus, even if some are like me, players who've been around a while, that still means there's a load of returning or new players, yes, it's a pain not being able to log in yet, but it'll settle down, it may well take a day or more, but it will settle down.
  15. Well, with Niarja reporting over 450 players, i'm not sure it's spooked as many as people think, that a lot for any server, what might it have been if GV had been able to handle more logins?