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  1. Hey Elen- I have an alt on Inoch but only at level 3. Do you mind more company? And do you guys use a ts3 server? Are you aiming to do PVP or just PVE once you're at 50? Email me the info if you are interested.
  2. I'm on Inoch and Enzi. Always looking for company. Can people explain what it is about the Labor system that turns them off? I'm still new and trying to understand everything.
  3. I bought and played the game. Here is my review of the game. Basically, I'm recommending a Don't Buy, despite all the hype and hoopla around it. I've played Wurm for a few years and I think people will be sorely dissapointed by LIF. Not because Wurm is better. But because I see all the challenges Rolf has had trying to develop an open world mmo survival game for both PVE and PVP. And I don't see the LIF dev team doing any better.
  4. Has anyone played this game and have thoughts on it? It's gotten alot of hype recently and the crafting tree and gameplay looks very similar to Wurm. I noticed several of the devs had experience developing for Wurm as well.
  5. What is the logic to adding one more submenu and extra click to this? The original interface seemed fine and I hate having to do one more click just to drop an item
  6. These are all great ideas for pranks. It's too bad somebody would accuse you of griefing though
  7. New Map

    Yep- you're still a troll.
  8. Xanadu Map vC

    nice job. have you considered using a marker that has stronger contrast with the map? i would recommend enlarging the map too
  9. I came back to the game after a hiatus. While my deed decayed and was essentially lost, it made my decision to move easier. However, upon migrating to Xandadu, I realized what I love most about this game. It's not about the perpetual skillgrind or the amount of resources I can hog when moving to a new area. I just love exploring. The area that I live is not populated at all and there are tons of nooks and crannies to explore. The number of craters, valleys to traverse, dense fir forest to cut down, animals to slaughter, mountains to prospect, and lakes to drink from gives me a sense of wonder about the game again. There are many people will often complain about lack of roads, market, and animals. But I am unphased by this lackness and continue to focus on the abundance of other parts of the new server.
  10. Curious to know how you are getting such vibrant crisp colors from your graphics?
  11. Xanadu Map

    Sheriff. Q18. On the coast
  12. Do you not sell your tools via your merchant? I travelled for a few hours to find you but was dissapointed by the lack of stocked items Beautiful deed by the way.
  13. I live at Q17 on Xanadu in the Loremere province . I need someone who can imp my Loom to 60ql or higher. I'm also willing to buy any of these items from you if you come since I know not many people will come just to imp one item; Needle- 70ql or higher Hatchet- 50ql+ Shovel- 60ql+ Mallet- 60ql+ Pickaxe-50ql+ File- 50ql+ Rope Tool-50ql+
  14. Did you enchant my mailbox Ether? I posted at the beginning of the thread. I checked my box but don't see an enchantment
  15. is it 10 or 20 c? and that's just the flat rate ? not per item rate?
  16. Thanks for your generosity. My deed is Sheriff which is at Q17- inside the inlet on the coast. When you see the purple sail boat, you've arrived The mailbox is just outside the gates
  17. 2.5 hours and you're complaining? LOL. 2 years ago, I spent 6 hours traveling from Indy to Exodus. I spent just as much time traveling from Exodus to Xanadu for my newest home. You should've seen this coming when you planned your route
  18. ughh...hate roads. it just urbanizes the wild. trashes what is already beautiful.
  19. I teleported to the Epic Server from Freedom server. I seem to be stuck at the portal and unable to move or do anything including trying to get back to Freedom. How can I fix this?
  20. If you have a merchant you no longer use and want to get back some of your money, I'll buy it off of you. I prefer to pick it up from you at/near Esert or in Southern Exodus. Please PM me for quicker notification