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  1. We're making good progress on the walls considering the IRL stuff, that's all over with though so back to work. The walls are all mostly done now by the main gate and I'm moving onto the rest of the perimeter walls now. We are now able to start taking in normal residents of the town and we have plots of land within Pentos that they can use. However, as this is still main development we hope that any citizens will help in some way with the project. Contact me about joining Pentos, we've always got room for more people as long as the max stated on the op isn't filled. Both premium and non-premium players are welcome, new and old. Contact my main, ninjanomnom, about any questions you may have.
  2. As I said both in my response and in the op(EDIT: guess I forgot to put it in the op), I haven't dropped a settlement token yet for precisely that reason. Nor will I be setting up one until we have a much more defensible position. It's going to be at *least* another week before I consider it.
  3. You can really see the progress of Pentos

  4. I'm not too worried about a raid atm seeing as how we won't be having anything valuable at the city until it's defended more. The settlement token also isn't set up yet so that we don't get those kinds of raids before we're ready. It's probably going to be another week before we even think about setting up and storing things which raiders would want. I mean i guess you could come steal our tons of abandoned stuff all over the ground but honestly that's just helping us clear the place up. (Yes, if you want to drop by and grab a cartload of stuff we can happily load it up for you. Though it'd be nice if you don't just take random stuff since we might be using it for a project (Bricks etc.)) I guess griefing the place up may be a problem, but in general I'm not too worried. The risk vs gain for this settlement just isn't worth it yet I don't think. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. All of the pre-building clearing is done, and now removing abandoned structures and items is in progress. Repairing the walls is also part of this stage. As soon as this part of the building progress is done I'll remove the limit for citizens and place the settlement token. We still have slots open, feel free to msg me in-game. Once the city is open to the public there will be enough room for anyone who wants to join. Newbies and non premium players are perfectly welcome.
  6. We're getting close to finishing with landscaping and clearing out the old stuff. Soon we will be working on workshops, item, houses, and all kinds of other things in preparation for the opening of the city. It's gonna take a good while before we're finally open, but progress is going steady. The next and last big thing on the clearing list is to take down all the furniture and other such things not owned by a current citizen. If you know anyone who used to live here, have them come by to pick up anything they want while they can. (I *think* that this settlement used to be called Dorkas Palace. Not sure in the least about that though) (Nevermind that, Kern says the settlement was called Daggerport when it was active) We still have slots open, feel free to msg me in-game. Once the city is open to the public there will be enough room for anyone who wants to join. Newbies and non premium players are perfectly welcome.
  7. Update: Decided on final name for city Posted an example of services we will provide Updated member list Updated Goals We still have slots open, feel free to msg me in-game. Once the city is open to the public there will be enough room for anyone who wants to join. Newbies and non premium players are perfectly welcome.
  8. Seats: Seat of Council - Ninjanomnom Seat of City Development - 1 in consideration Seat of Defense - 1 in consideration Seat of the Treasury Members: Ninjanomnom -alt- Fionavar Vitols Jacemon Kemolian Inactive: Aeflux Defiantmiscreant Septem
  9. The Land and the City Pentos is built around a small bay. We have forests, ocean, and a mountain all nearby. The landscape of the city tries to make it so you can see the ocean as often as possible. There is a lot of room to expand in the easterly direction but right now we're focusing on developing the land around the bay. Pentos is being built on an old settlement. we are currently working to build basic infrastructure and generally clean the place up. The plan for this town is to be a provider of all kinds of goods and services. Vynora is the major religion in Pentos and her influence is throughout the city. Services: (I'll be sticking ideas for services in a settlement only document. Actual ongoing services will be put here soon) Notes if you plan on becoming a citizen: All areas close by the city core are organized to be easily navigate-able. Consider that before building and double check if the area you are building is right. People to ask would be Ninjanomnom (Alt Fionavar) or [seat of city development].Telling us what your specialty is, or what you plan on it being would be a great help for our record keeping.We will be doing public projects reasonably often, I won't go into details here.We do not have a settlement token yet.Current Info:Progress Until Completion: 70% Positions Filled: 7/12 Citizen max will go up based on room in residential areas To-do list: Building homes (Later), storage, and farms ----------------------------- 35% Rebuilding walls --------------------------------------------------------------- 50% Removing unusable things from the previous settlement ------------- 55% Generally cleaning things up ----------------------------------------------- 99% - Random items all over the land Getting a surplus of raw materials ----------------------------------------- ??% - Storage needs to be done first Repairing infrastructure ----------------------------------------------------- 90% Greenery ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 0% Scouting the nearby area for notable locations ------------------------ 100% - Up to around 50 tiles away from the edges Connect to the main road system ----------------------------------------- 100% - Will make road nicer when public Terraforming ------------------------------------------------------------------- 100% City Sectors: Central Square ---------------------------------------------------------------- 33% South-West Residential ------------------------------------------------------ 80% East Residential --------------------------------------------------------------- 80% Docks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ??% - Vitols is in charge of this, I'll have to get his estimate My in-game name is Ninjanomnom, post here or msg me in-game if you have questions.