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  1. Wurm 2016

    I can't say anything bad anymore considering i took 2 major breaks due to life issues. turns out my previus post was probably during the time i got diagnosed with major depression, then i also had just become a father, but im back just like so many others. Wurm never will die in my life. to many happy memories. im in WU right now since i just had my second daughter but after my wife(yes now im also married) and I get our life more stable i plan on once again coming back. hopefully for longer this time. Love always my friends.
  2. Wurm 2016

    ~650 (3/26/2016 21:00EST) players... 3 years i have been here.... down to only 650 players. where are my friends Aeris and Shrimpiie? the old agers fatboy(original) rockybalboa(original) and many more, there is no reason this game should be losing people at such a fast pace, i see so many people playing WU that I wonder, "Why was the 1 thing that was supposed to bring in new players the 1 thing that is seeming to destroy it?" i can't afford the 20$ premium fees anymore and the amount of time it takes to complete tasks is just too far for a father and working man to bear at a competitive pace. but i still enjoy my relaxing farming and fishing(the best thing to do in my book is take a row boat and go fishin ) this is a 50% game. where your the 50% that loves the adventure and true love of the MMO build, or the 40% that wants something different, with a 10% not even really knowing what they truly want. im burned out for now. but that doesn't mean i want this game to die. I hope in a few years my own daughter will be able to have me teach her how to wurm oldschool and enjoy the adventures i have had. but for now, WU is the most relaxing and affordable i can get. Please correct me if im wrong. but is the population dying or just a bad time of the day/year?
  3. Donations; 240kgs wemp 70ql 40kgs 69.9ql steel lumps ? number of 28ql steel lumps 60ql+ hides over 80 items. ----------------------- Now that donation part is outa the way... Loving it! first imp-along in all the time i played since 2013 and it was awesome, i wish i had my old stats then i could have contributed more on the BS and Chain smithing parts. but in any case imping low ql items to help the higher guys really felt good to be a part of that team. Hopefully next time i will have the skills to hopefully make more cordage ropes for those awesome priests that we have going on.
  4. Also, currently in the works on our South farm is a Mill out building, public crop and botany/forage storage, large barrel for storing meals, fish, and water for drinking/flour making, Im working on the 2 ovens and frying pans and bowls for HFC, as well as a kindling bsb. Hope to see you soon at Black Forest Castle! Note for new players/villagers: it may seem as if you are limited in access at first, but trust me, after 1 week of super active (4+hrs a day) or even 1 hour a day playing, you will quickly gain access and learn the game basics in a helpful environment. I personally will eventually be leading Hunting trips that may cause you to encounter Large, Dangerous, Rare, Exciting monsters to face, and the feeling of defeating beasts of this magnitude will leave you with excitement for the next round. Wurm is much more then a skill grind, its an Adventure: Let us guide you to your's Black Forest Nemeton: Legate DocStine
  5. Happy to be a part of this Village, i hope this new adventure suits us well.
  6. Aye, Thank you for the offer, but somebody in-game already jumped to recruit me in northwest Xandu. But i will keep your name in mind if i ever decide to move south. thank you for your time in posting.
  7. You know to be honest our talks and jokes are part of why i can back Shrimpiie and congrats on the lead forum moderator promotion.
  8. Hello, Im DocStine, during 2013 I Was/and hopefully still am known by most veteran players. Shrimpiie, Fatboy(the real one), Emass, GreenHulk, And many from exodus to name a few. I am not as hardcore of a player as I used to be, I will only play about 1-2 hours a day on average, so I mostly bring a humorous but sometimes serious nature, and mostly a social aspect this time around. I Also intend on earning my premium through jobs and chores as i feel this adds a motivating goal to be social in Wurm. I was Also known to play on Affliction under the Horde banner for a while until I disappeared from Wurm entirely for these last 2 years. No skill is a horrible skill to me so any job or service you wish to add to your village/town/city I shall be honored to provide. ////{;;}\\\\ I also bring my pet spider, his name is "ohmygodthisthinghasverylargeteethandmademyheadgonumbwhenitbitme" Thank you "Doctor Stinekrig"
  9. +1 and possibly with a decal of a picture of a bunny.
  10. To think this is what you guys have been up to since ive been gone for only 2-3 months now. sad sad sad indeed, you didn't even get me my key
  11. ASKING PRICE CHANGED TO 100$ FOR THIS MONTH ONLY! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pm ME IF YOU ARE WANTING TO BUY, I HAVE SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL THAT THE MONEY IS GOING TOWARDS TO SOMEONE I LOVE VERY MUCH. i will check as often as i can so if i don't reply right away please be patient as the weather where i live has limited my access to internet. thank you ahead of time to those of you who make an offer.
  12. i will admit im bored as hell without wurm though, so i think a new laptop sounds like a good idea actually.