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  1. 1s=$1USD Paypal Friends and family only payment please 45s avail currently
  2. *Starting a petition to get Retro to go back to his old "Im So RETRO" avatar Gratz Wulfgar BTW
  3. did a good tutorial ever get made for regualr random map making with like good sudgested numbers for ore generation etc? also any huge maps with the moon metals about?
  4. NOTICE: i realized after i was getting argumentative earlier i had forgotten to take my mental meds a few days and was going psychotic.. so i logged off the forums and took my meds Don't go insane kids, it sux
  5. I guess by your reasoning the game should just be trashed and given up then cuz the kids today want flashy particles, twitch combat and flashy smooth graphics and wurm is looking as old as dinosaur turds
  6. My statement it looks old and crappy still stands
  7. i do agree changes should be made, i just hope they dont dumb down wurm for the quick cash
  8. My personal opinion is Wurm 2 is needed, wurm 1 is dated and old looking, the kids don't like that these day's, Only us old farts EDIT _ I thought LIF:MMO might be wurm 2 but it turned out to be a pvp gank fest
  9. Yes, that is THE REALITY of this situation!
  10. PLS don't make it less grindy and 4 or 5x exp.. it will ruin the game.. if people want to be instantly OP go play WU
  11. I think the real announcement I am looking to see is Wurm Online 2.0 has begun production
  12. i'm personally glad they bann hackers , moders and afk macroers....
  13. if you think freedom of speech exists in america your wrong, try saying in a public forum your gonna shoot up walmart
  14. you quitting gofs? Sorry i kind of fell off the earth, lots of stress and bad med change for me ATM
  15. no transfer if faith of another god is needed its easy to get it to 100.. i'd do it for you if payment is right
  16. he is currently a Mag and path of love (can enchant grass) comes naked with a statuette on a coastal pickup spot Price checks PLS NO TROLL POSTS No Rude Comments PLS
  17. prefer Euro equivalent of 400E in USD Paypal Friends and family payment