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  1. How do cattle survive on rock? They order food online
  2. Price Check - Saraski

    in today's current market it isn't worth basically anything worth mentioning..
  3. W. S. A. Independence lag

    I'm having withdrawals! EDIT: jus kiddn, fix it good but don't rush!
  4. W. S. A. Independence lag

    i read this the first time as "Tamed Chimp" wheres my glasses!
  5. W. S. A. Independence lag

    "is we all gonna die?" Jar Jar
  6. Remove the Lag from Independence

    if its this bad on Indy.. how is Xan?
  7. Remove the Lag from Independence

    I agree.. the lagg on indy last 24 hours is making the game unplayable for me EDIT - I don't agree to remove haven, but i agree the lagg has been silly last 24hrs
  8. add kissnorth & nafaflash for the discont price pls
  9. i really just dont know what that 6th thing is to be honest.. so was currious..... let me just pick out a couple then.. can you save heartofgold & goldenstrong for me.. may take a short bit to get there,, is this on indy on your isle?
  10. anyone them that black 6th speed they talk about in GLFreedom? If so save me a couple. will need to make cages
  11. new fresh server

    on freedom the smaller isles are not very populated..... freedom chat did not happen hardly at all when I lived on exodus (luckly i was in an active alliance) xanadu is too laggy to live on and not wanna kill oneself Indy is a good size... lots of open land.. good chats in Freedom I would love to revisit old days of glory and explore a new land..... but in the end I moved back to indy I see lots of good ideas set forth in this post, such as advertising and then refreshing life on the server.. I would love to see a new land indies size with a fresh start with current skills set to explore by boat access... but without a fresh influx of players and no advertising it is probably a very bad idea
  12. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    my first day playing out of the tutorial i died at the gate to Rockcliff.. my first death,, Tich was a great neighbor, unlike Boston.... That was a great time to be playing the game back then
  13. gems, scales & hide

    what would you take for the supreme cart? I can do euro's but have to wait till payday the 3rd (i think its earlier tho cuz of the weekend ill get it that friday)
  14. i had bought EQ1 from gamestop then returned it cuz it wouldnt work (I think the server wasnt up) i worked as a SYSOP on MicrosoftGameingZone and we got notice we could test a new game coming out, AC1... OMG it was soooo good! My first MMO Love