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  1. Major issue with rude people

    i think i have been ignored a few times cuz this happens to me also LOL EDIT But as I am usually raging and selling out and coming back later and aquireing a new used toon I am never sure if its me or the old user ignored....
  2. ty Joelle! Watching now! EDIT to skip cute cuddly animals
  3. crap did i miss the fishing stream? is there VOD?
  4. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    i think we will get a map dump end of december
  5. WTS Starter priest currently nahjo -CLOSE/sold

    My thinking of offering this up at this point is its still nahjo and its before the priest changes.. maybe someone could use it and get its channeling up and faith and such and use it for a leg up on a start.....
  6. WTS Starter priest currently nahjo -CLOSE/sold

    @LoggyLet me know if you want this before I get an offer.. MY GIFT TO YOU MY OLD NEIGHBOR!
  7. WTS Starter priest currently nahjo -CLOSE/sold

    BUMP- Anyone have a use for Bastian? I will trade for some silver for my deed upkeep
  8. WTS Starter priest currently nahjo -CLOSE/sold

    bump to see if i get any offers
  9. BL depriesting WL priests on freedom

    Did this ever get fixed?
  10. Green dragon hatchling slaying

    going to try to attend TY!
  11. SOLD. WTS Wand of the sea

    im pretty sure it makes an island.... Ive been to one at least
  12. SOLD. WTS Wand of the sea

    pay is a ways away but I am eyeing this....
  13. Unable to login into my character

    Best Advice EVER!
  14. Good Bye Wurm

    Had lunch with envy last month.. was a good time,, Envy if your reading this lets do lunch again!