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  1. the COW APOCALYPSE was insane... you could hear the MOOing for miles and miles.... i was visiting Brash when it happened and her farm was sooooo loud heheheheh... But yeah i hate snow too lol ..But i do agree if they could somehow limit the distance you could hear the mooing maybe... ALSO I miss the gnomes song!
  2. also T..Moble in USA is out all afternoon.. it is indeed the beginning of the new dark ages.....maybe the webs is doomed
  3. is there enough for sermons yet? I may try to come
  4. I fondly remember a Godzilla sized troll on the inner sea on indy back int the day in a pen like a lighthouse
  5. instead of wasting your time whining on the forums, get off yer ass and go find a euniqe yourself
  6. OR this the end of you playing?
  7. link it and ill add it to my want list to help out!
  8. You sell out ? haven't seen you on lately ..

    Seen Kniva on 1 week back , not sure if its still you ...

  9. 1s=$1USD Paypal Friends and family only payment please 45s avail currently
  10. *Starting a petition to get Retro to go back to his old "Im So RETRO" avatar Gratz Wulfgar BTW