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  1. troll king slapalong

    sorry i missed the event but a contractor showed up at my house to work unexpectedly, i was there, just couldn't play cuz electric kept getting shut on and off
  2. Cateyeing the East Plains Highway?

    but what i ment was we saw options when me and damascus scouted to go WAY AROUND your deed never coming close to it..... but if the highway went over the bridge would cut out at least 1 whole day of work
  3. Cateyeing the East Plains Highway?

    im sorry, i stressed out.. i have a stress related mental disorder and this day has been total crap, so sorry i snapped
  4. Cateyeing the East Plains Highway?

    ...BUT they will when I am done
  5. Cateyeing the East Plains Highway?

    and no they dont run around your deed
  6. Cateyeing the East Plains Highway?

    thats a totally shitty attitude
  7. troll king slapalong

    count me in
  8. Cateyeing the East Plains Highway?

    @Schiann - PLEASE connect the highway across that bridge.. you are holding up the whole SE region from getting connected..... Damascus and i scouted this a few months ago and we have been kind of holding off working on the highway a bit.. we thought the bridge deed was Hughmungo's and were trying to contact him TY TY TY
  9. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    Think I am not gonna make it to the event, i got attacked by a champ Scorp and it put me real far behind today.. Wish I Could Be There!
  10. Cateyeing the East Plains Highway?

    is that your deed with the black bridge where the highway coming south stops just before the deed, scouted it like 2 months ago but i forget what the deed name was (i think we were neighbors way back when indy was the only freedom isle)
  11. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    ill be there! (streaming it on Twitch as usual)
  12. The House of Lords one stop shop-Inde M25

    wonderful trader, used her at least 3 times this week!
  13. Cateyeing the East Plains Highway?

    also if you go though that mountain will need to reinforce that floor
  14. Cateyeing the East Plains Highway?

    Damascus &I were wanting to get it connected I am coming in game on Ancei