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  1. what is that wagon, and how much?
  2. ty scooter for an answer - Accepted a 30s offer due to low response's
  3. BUMP.. PLS i need to know value.. if no reasonable offer comes ill prob just read it myself
  4. The servers are dying.. we need better trade..... time to let old friends who left return and new adventures to begin! What is the general consensus of having all the freedom isles linked now?
  5. You have stollen my time on the shytter I want it back
  6. was anyone injured? OMG the recklessness !
  7. play now, its already more complete than many games that get released and it just gets better month after month
  8. if anyone wants to try Star Citizen its free next 2 weeks... see these links
  9. the way i see it is the market is RUINed, wipe ALL priests and delete all enchanted item or put back the long standing ways and let everyone use the "exploit" goes and plays dual universe and forgets about this crappy game
  10. Lost dragon

    oh so thats where my dragon went.. ill come collect it!