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  1. no transfer if faith of another god is needed its easy to get it to 100.. i'd do it for you if payment is right
  2. he is currently a Mag and path of love (can enchant grass) comes naked with a statuette on a coastal pickup spot Price checks PLS NO TROLL POSTS No Rude Comments PLS
  3. prefer Euro equivalent of 400E in USD Paypal Friends and family payment
  4. WTS Ancei: Master Weaponsmith and 15th Hierophant POK Has 25% Exp Bonus for all skills + and additional 10% for being a follower of Vynora with 20+ Faith Ability to Recall Home, Get Info, No Skill loss 90+ Weaponsmithing, 90+ Meditation, 90+ Mining, almost 90 HFC... the whole sha-bang! Skill dump: Will let her go for 400s or send me a reasonable offer via PM. Thank you.
  5. Yeah I would love to see it also at night in a photo
  6. top offer is 60E I really need to get 90S or 90E tho..... This toon has super nice stats and skills and also a transfer to any faith.. anyone able to give this toon a good home and make a better offer I have him at a sermon group ATM and his faith is up to 89.65 ATM
  7. you cant buy a euro on paypal for that. when i buy a euro to pay people on paypal it usually cost more like $1.35=1E and my american customers know its cheaper this way then converting into euro's to pay someone in EU
  8. 65s avail 1s=$1.20 USD Paypal friends and family payment only please verified user In-game on Psmaster ATM
  9. i have a couple people interested... Hit me up in a PM with an offer or post one here guys to make it more transparent!
  10. sorry , fell asleep last night before i made it there.... Anyone awake for a summon?