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  1. update

    Can you edit this on the map so I can visualize where you are at?
  2. update

    I am working on running the highway south out of Whitefey, first to Chagrijnig then onto Diviner's Keep I would be happy to help Thorin and Dredbanger after I get this section finished!
  3. @Masterentar0@SugarFoxxSaw Masterentari0 looking in trade so I pointed this out to him! GL with the sale folks!
  4. Let me know if you start this back up!
  5. I stated in my Twitch livestream I thought TheWall had stolen a rowboat so I let him go as a villager.. I mention this in passing also to a merchant. I have seen a transcript with the boat owner now giving him his blessing to keep the rowboat also.. also I do believe he found the armor he is selling in a decayed body pile.... Not that anyone knew about this but in case you caught me saying it in my livestream I want to make a public apology..
  6. I have purchased and made agreement's and now own Damine & Loggy to add to my family
  7. Character sold under agreement from Loggy to ME, silver to be paid in payments
  8. Goals
  9. LVL 7 path of love ready for LVL 8 but not the skill yet May sell for the right offer IN GAME SILVER ONLY - PM OFFERS - Or post here (would be naked with a Lrg Axe ql45 or so and a compass at waters edge ocean accessible on Xan)
  10. Made changes to this post.. I moved south and left my partner up north.. Hope to hook the new highway system to whitefey. Please change the name of "Whispering Cove" to the name of my new deed "Chagrijnig" 6613,-4724 I will be getting the highway connected and moving my Public Waggoneer down here at some point (For now its still at Logs Cove) Loggy plans on getting a waggoneer at some point for Logs Cove.
  11. I am mayor of "Ten Boer" EDIT My partner took it over, he renamed it "Logs Cove" (I have permission from Loggy to post this for him) It is at G18/G19 where the old Wonderland Terrace was, same spot 4747,-2210 I have a public Waggoneer! (the public waggoneer may move to my new deed)
  12. how do you get this to save? it don't save my med path question and doesn't seem to save anything when I close it out? It is deff not saving my med last time and my last prayer Yes I unchecked the 2 boxes and checked the box it said to
  13. Out for a week or so -