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  1. Tranny rod is gone Farwalker still available pm me with offers!
  2. No need for any of that, i have real life reasons for selling and i would prefer not to have forum wars over it:) if your interested let me know otherwise have a wonderful night!
  3. Ty Egard and rolandt ive already had a better offer than that just on the drake w/o helm
  4. Black Drake set all pieces 80-90ql 72ql seryll helm all has 70-80 WA casts Rare Large axe 75Nim 72LT 87Coc 46MS Rare Large shield 85ql 82Coc
  5. i didnt really know what to price either of them honestly lol i just knew tranny rod was like 50s on trader:P 30s sounds fair for tranny rod and 27 for farwalker maybe that will be a bit better
  6. transmutation rod-45s obo farwalker amulet (34 charges left) make me an offer. Contact via forums or in game as Malyk and Larry thx for looking:)
  7. Clean out sale! is this better?
  8. Clean out sale!

    yea i can do that:)
  9. Clean out sale!

    ill sell ya one brotha just come over here and get it XD
  10. Make offers....yes I know a lot of it is crap but who knows someone may want it:P can pm me on forums comment on post or PM me in game as Larry. thx!
  11. +1 no point in it being nerfed anymore.
  12. I think that this post needs to be more specific as to exactly whats being changed, the sotg however is another story -1 to both of those ideas. Either way it will make sotg basically useless and all of the players who have worked for so long to achieve sotg will at this point have wasted their time. I propose that sotg is weakened a bit as far as damage reduction and something els is implimented for players who have not yet achieved sotg so that they may actually have a better chance in pvp. And whatever this item/action or whatever may be, it should no longer work once sotg has been reached. Same shoukd go for all other paths. They need to be balanced so that every path in the end is equal. At that point it is up to the player to achieve, if you work tword it and achieve it, you deserve to have the benefit, if you havent worked for it than its your own fault that the other player is stronger. Also something needs to be done about meditation in general. Meditation takes way to long to achieve, this is why its such a problem..nobody want to set a timer throughout their day to log in and meditate, once the pathes have been balanced i belive the wait time on meditation ticks should be dropped and it should be allowed to grow as any other skill. The only wait time should be between questions. Hope my thoughs are of some use:) cant wait to see something good become of this!
  13. if i cannot log on and pay prem will it abdicate me from emporer because i cannot log on to do so becouse of this problem
  14. Mine is doing the same thing and i need to log in and pay premium or it will abdicte me as empoer:(