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  1. Hi All existing and returning players! I've been an on-and-off Chaos player for a very long time, and just came back a few months ago to find the entire experience sticking far more than it used to. It's either me being more patient these days, or being too old/no interest in twitch gaming, or the fact I'm working at home and able to push 'mine' a thousand times a day in another window while getting on with other things. At any rate, the pace of the game suits me very well at the moment, and hoping to be around for a while this time. Chaos being dead, I'm currently hermiting in a deed much larger than I need in a remote corner of Xanadu, interesting terrain in that I seem to be building up the side of a mountain, but a rewarding place without too much bother, plenty of ore and plenty of guard towers in the surrounding areas from civilisations past. So without too much ado, if any new or returning players would like to join, don't heistate to get in contact. I always found that joining a village that had too much built already a bit boring, and there's plenty of potential things to do and build around here, whatever takes your fancy. There is no end goal here, just a good place to hermit and build up skills as well as enough deed to make a space for yourself. If you're new, I have enough skillage to ensure you don't starve and have decent tools while you get settled, if you're returning, there's plenty of empty space around to do what you want. I'm in EU timezones, but don't let that stop you if you're not. All easy going and do whatever you like while I keep the deed going. Few pics of what I've done so far and location on Xanadu... (cracking level spaces out of the rock ... fun!), if you're at all interested, let me know in-game or here.
  2. Hello! Returning after a long absence, I used to be in Mol Rehan back when it was enforced by the server, and now when I log in and try to run around my old places I get smacked down by MR guards... currently died about 10 times and now cowering in Gold Coast. Would it be possible to join MR again? Also, if anyone has a village that could use someone with slightly better than noob stats, I'm all for it. Thanks!