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  1. Suffering same problem as Reflekted. Before this last update (10th June). Using now preset medium profile but problem is still there.
  2. Highly recommended! Very fast and friendly service!!!!
  3. Just wonder how those guard towers will be marked on NFI and SFI servers , there in a lot without any specific names and also same people have done many towers in same area.
  4. Okay guys , sniper time is over and this auction is closed. Thanks all who participate. Gratz to Synjor. is Synjor your game name aswell?
  5. SUPREME MASK OF THE SHADOW FRAGMENT (1/10) QL 79.54 Starting bid: 5 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  6. Thanks for new information, Keenan. Pease to include all now useless rare rolls, what we get now when we do example, praying or first aid into the actions triggering an exploration event.
  7. Highway which goes to Billy O'Tea Bay is connected to highway between Asgard and Kolberda via tunnel and bridges ( thick line on pic) . South of Asgard is short line "highway" which does not exist. ( thin red Xs ) Thank you.
  8. Blue part is tunnel road . All this is highway, but old highway is bit wrong place so that's why it's not connected on the pic. Red x x , remove that road , thank you. Yellow dot is Spirit gate named Roundabout Wake Cyan dot is Spirit gate named Dreams Shimmer
  9. Community project

    I have Mag priest if you need Strongwall cast in some point. I can't promise any mining help because we have our own highway project ongoing and 3 deeds very much unfinished. But PM in game to Zegrim if need strongwall.
  10. Thanks for map dumbs!! Grats Osentatio and welcome back Budda !!!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks for super cute Stick and Lily !! Very nice person and such a pretty deed she have!
  12. Nvm. I got it fixed. I had to open it from applications , shortcut icon at toolbar made same error than above.
  13. Holy.... Thanks devs!!!!! Bugfix: Guards will only need to be called once, and will leave mines to come help New: Reed seeds can now be planted in shallow water to create natural reed tiles. They require a depth of 29 dirts or less, on tiles with a slope of 20 or less