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  1. Dear Santa Rolf and Team: This year was my first in wurm and I must say this game is like no other, thank you so much for making wurm what it is today! I am an Anti RPK player on serenity and this summer saved sombodys deed with my tatics of distracting the enemy BL force, special thanks to Arrowhun, Pappa and others on that day, as well as always had fun helping people anyway I can, especially with building homes for new players. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! PS. All I want for christmas is the new wood textures/shaders!
  2. When devs, just when? its been far to long you have bridges and a crafting system coming what about the textures for the new trees that have already been added?
  3. And maybe make bigger trees aswell, so itll be like ents and then pissed off little trees aswell when u cut down the forest lol
  4. cant wait to be able to pick up lrg chests and lrg barrels, life will be so much more organized
  5. so this sux, couldn't get to my bed last night because servers were down and no sleep bonus, so just lost like an hour of sleep bonus I could have got/ playing time last night.....
  6. still down, and I believe so
  7. Fix the issues, address each one throughout the next year, make it viable to have influxes of up to 300 players on each server, (like this scale sandbox should be) AND PUT THIS GAME ON GREENLIGHT ROLF. you will rake in the cash and this game will be completely turned around in the next year or two, I am available for hire:P
  8. damn, just logged out to fix my graphics settings lol
  9. Cant Log In

    any1 else experiencing this?
  10. Lets start posting on the steam forums and get wurm on steam. With the game being out for so long and the free to play side of it I believe steam would greatly increase the amount of players.
  11. so the shaders have not even been tested and you are still looking into creating them. so im guessing 6 months ballparked?
  12. Please can a gm answer the threads question, "WHEN, will the shaders be implemented".