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  1. Lol, first mine entrance I make and bam right into a Addy node
  2. Woot doing laundry now so i can work on it
  3. Howdy Aus, Im liking the new map. If you were wondering only reason ive been not in game has been a recent purchase of a cargo trailer to renovate into a camper. Needless to say, I am not as skilled as I thought i was, but its been some serious man hours. When you starting the new server?????!!!????? I dont mind loosing the work so i can loose myself in rebuilding my deed. Maybe i will make another Island muahahahhahha -Drpox the insane pox bringer
  4. Is it just me or is the server not up yet from the downtime earlier ? I wouldnt normally do this but his downtimes are usually less than a minute or so and this seems to be approaching a 30 minute to 1 hour mark.
  5. Hello I am updating this thread, I had to have a long protracted fight and finally Paypal refunded my money. As the result of my paypal dispute claim. I have no idea if Citadel made paypal whole, but i got my money back from paypal not citadel. Very clear distinction. And later on Citadel, made an email granting that my account was one of the legacy accounts before they made other stipulations with regards to canceling. So have a great day yall,
  6. [Released] Wall Panels

    Its a skin you put on after you have built walls. It produces an item that can be loaded into a cart. It does take some practice to get it on right. It uses log +log to create. It uses Logs and Pegs for materials.
  7. Yup positive I had canceled the service even had the email from them
  8. Hello anyone interested in these scammers, I had canceled my service a while ago when my server went defunct. They have chosen to auto renew my server contract despite the cancelation and have charged me fees. They refuse to refund it since they aren't a US company. DO NOT USE these people. They are only looking at stealing your money while not providing decent customer service. Their DDOS "protection" has been utter and complete crap. That's my opinion and I am spreading it to anyone that chooses to listen to it.
  9. Ages of Urath

    They have a pvp cluster called western realm. You spawn into Irata, create a boat, set course to Western Realm, and viola your in pvp lands Or you can set course to Loaks which is hard pve mode. IE i literally have about 30 troll kings wandering around north of my deed, kcklops and a blue dragon to the east of me, Ive heard of a white dragon to the east of my deed, and I saw someone running past the south edge of my deed with a forest giant on them. Makes for some interesting times.
  10. Seriously, you are making more mods? Do you intend on supporting this one in the future? I would like to know before using this on my server.
  11. Request a mod similar to the more recent digging mod that allowed you to dig/level/flatten from a cart and could pull or put dirt into crates inside the ridden cart. So if you don't care about separating the qls of rock shards are what the average ql for a certain marble node or whatever you could stay on a cart and mine away. Or level floors and ceilings away to make room for the new cave home you have always wanted. or dig that tunnel to the other side of the world.
  12. I routinely use 8 slopes or N-S-E-W 8080 or 0808 to create pens that manage to save on the amount of dirt i need in some high sloped areas. Works well for me. I get good farming area that wont have a building in the middle of it.